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Chapter 32 – Chatting Business With Demons

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Early this morning, I got up especially early to observe the scene of Aleya and Felita repelling Demons.

At first, the two of them refused to let me go on the grounds that they felt that I was too weak. If by any chance some Demon shot an arrow at me, what would they do if I suddenly departed to the afterlife? But I certainly wouldn’t listen to them, how could I miss such a good viewing opportunity? Therefore, I, as the City Lord, unyieldingly……alright, actually I ordered them with both statuses as City Lord and their young master and finally obtained a front-row seat ticket.

By the way, this so-called front-row seat is naturally above the city walls.

Aleya and Felita stood in different regions.

Aleya stood below the city wall’s west side while Felita stood on top of the city wall’s west side.

When the invasion first started, I didn’t have reactions. It was only after the west side started to gradually darken did I discover an extra layer of densely packed things. This layer would’ve been very unfriendly to those who have agoraphobia. Fortunately, these waves gradually dispersed like spilling black sesame seeds onto a scale. After they came a bit closer, it could be seen that it was an overwhelming amount of Demons covering the heavens and earth, with a population of at least 1,000.

Felita tightly held the “Worthless Wooden Cane” in her hands as she gulped.

I patted her shoulder and asked:

“A little nervous?”

Felita whispered:

“There weren’t this many Demons in the past.”

I chuckled:

“Revenge. What else could it be. Last time I deceived them by saying we were here to bring just you out. The outcome? Not only did we bring you out, we also killed quite a few of their minions. Wouldn’t you be angry if that happened to you?”

Felita giggled.

She asked me:

“Can you hold my hand?”

I held her hand.

Then, she lifted up the Worthless Wooden Cane and chanted a complex invocation.

This was the first time I had seriously seen magic being used after arriving to this world; it was quite the vast magic.

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A vast and complicated magic circle appeared within the skies and countless flames started raining from down from it. The entire ground seemed to have been scorched and even the soil beneath was starting to melt. The black cloud of Demons that wanted to ravage the city was met head-on with the first wave of flame rain.

Instantly, the flames spread like a wildfire and the black tide turned into a sea of flames.

The entirety of West-Resisting City could clearly hear the anguished howls.

This is what is known as a sorcerer!

Before the goblins were able to even hurl their stone hatchets, their invulnerable skins were covered with a layer of fire.

Horned rabbits directly became roasted rabbit meat.

There were some Demons that tried to resist. For example, Ekans sprayed their prided【Venom】towards the sky, then rapidly slithered over towards West-Resisting City once the flames were extinguished. As for the demonic wolves, they howled and used their superior speed to dodge the incoming flames. Even with the resistance, at least ¼ of the Demons died under the fire rain.

Soon after, lightning and thunder followed.

Soon after, a thousand feet of ice covered the field.

Soon after, boulders tumbled from the skies.

Soon after, a mass of violent wind blades cut through.

Like a child showing off her grades, Felita displayed all the magic she was proficient in.

The outcome? She exhaustedly panted as she weakly leaned on me.

Only a few dozen Demons were able to arrive below West-Resisting City and they were the ones with relatively high levels. Purely depending on Felita’s magic wouldn’t be enough to solve them. Using Darwin’s words, this was what was called ‘natural selection, survival of the fittest’; the Demons that couldn’t adapt to Felita’s magic had already died cleanly. As such, those that lived were the strongest of the bunch.

Unfortunately, before those blood-covered powerhouses could begin their siege on the city, they were cut down by the long-waiting Aleya’s sword.

In simpler terms, this was the strategy of letting the sorcerer(mage) sweep the field first, getting rid of the numerous small fry, then letting the swordsman solo the remaining higher levels. Although swordsmanship didn’t have much to give in terms of AoE damage, they were the absolute kings in individual output.

“So this is swordsmanship……”

Felita acclaimed in a low voice:

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“It was very inconvenient to solve those remaining Demons in the past since it required a bit higher level magic to kill them. But at the same time, it’s also very dangerous to use up a great amount of mana……I feel very relieved with Aleya present.”

That’s only to be expected, you should remember whose knight this is.

I patted her shoulder:

“Aleya’s very strong. But without your assistance, it would be impossible to kill so many Demons. Go back and rest first, I’ll go pick up Aleya.”

Felita breathed heavily as she leaned on the city wall.

With how many more Demons there were compared to the past and how anxiously she wanted to display her magic in front of me, the outcome was most likely that she overdrafted her mana. A sorcerer’s mana wasn’t infinite.

After receiving Aleya, I simply made her return to the city and look after Felita. While she wanted to follow me, she obediently returned once I told her that the vicinity was very safe.

The only thing left to do was to take inventory of the harvest!

I made a circle around the battlefield and what came into sight was a dazzling array of loot. The only thing unfortunate was that these things didn’t directly drop and wait for me to collect them like in a game. Instead, it required me to manually collect the materials from the bodies of the dead Demons. As a result, there was a lot of uncommon material that I wasn’t able to count. But solely based on the common materials, there would be a profit of several dozen gold coins, much faster than the money I made by horse racing and dog fighting in the past.

But this still wasn’t enough. This type of head-giving wave wasn’t something that would occur if one just wished for it.

So the question arises. How do you change this occasional ‘meat pie from the skies’ event into a sustainable new kind of business?

I glanced back stealthily. After determining that Aleya and Felita weren’t looking at me, I stole into the woods, walking towards the depths of the forest.

When I reached a small piece of open space, I stopped my steps.

“Come out, I know you’re nearby. For a Level 6 Spearman to appear within the horde of goblins, you ought to be a commander, right? I don’t have much time; if by any chance my guard notices that I’ve disappeared, she’ll immediately hurry over here. Before that occurs……let’s have a chat, shall we? A human discussing business with a Demon sounds novel, doesn’t it?”

Not long after my voice fell, a tall and sturdy figure slowly emerged from the trees.


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