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Chapter 3 – Target Appeared, Prepare to Make Contact

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Anyone who’s ever studied history knows that if a dynasty has strong individual regions, then the central government is unstable.

A feudal system harms people.

Eternal Heaven State’s 36 Overlords make up the overwhelming majority of the state’s territory, leaving the remaining bit for the royal family’s flag. Like now, for example, the grand and magnificent King actually wants to personally come with the little princess to visit, all in order to betroth her to an Overlord’s son.

Of course, this isn’t to say that every Overlord’s power is so strong. In order for the royal family to maintain power and prevent the Overlords from joining forces, they carry out some roping-in and suppression tactics. You can see that over here at Yunyang, the royal family intends to rope us in with them.

My dad doesn’t dare to neglect this favor. Since the royal family decided to select him as an ally, it is his good fortune, otherwise he couldn’t even imagine getting the little princess as a daughter-in-law with how many people want to propose to her. The King coming over to find him is called ‘respect for the wise’ and will become a story that will spread throughout all ages. If my dad still dares to put on airs, then that’ll truly be ‘refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit’. When that time comes, His Majesty will leave with the little princess and my dad won’t even have a place to cry.

So from what I can see, it will truly be a great show of extravagance this time.

In the place we live, Lingyun City, we opened wide the north gate and cleared out the crowds three days in advance and prevented carts from passing through. Sprinkled all over the road was red paper and red lanterns hung on buildings on both sides of the city’s main street.

My dad brought my older brother, me, and several of my younger brothers outside the city gate in wait to welcome His Majesty.

The King’s show of extravagance is even more excessive!

Six flying dragons carry a carriage bedecked in gold and jade, slowly descending from the skies. If you didn’t look closely, you would think that the King tore a piece of his palace and pushed it onto a dragon’s back. Let’s not talk about how the carriage was inlaid with gold and jade, there were even more of the purple agates and rubies, which cost even more than gold and jade! Heck, this was a case of wishing to, but not being able to write the words “I have money” on their faces!

Still, the one who was even more excited was my older brother.

He was just like a nutcase; he was obviously extremely excited, yet he still pretended to be nonchalant. As he sat on the horse with his hands folded in front of him, he was incessantly trembling from head to toe. When he saw that I was looking at him, he deliberately coughed and said:

“My good little brother, have you ever seen this kind of magnificent dragon carriage? Did you know that it’s way, way, waaaaaay better than those childish carriages you usually sit on? If you want to sit on that carriage, I can put in a word with madam princess and bring you to experience it.”

Didn’t your ‘cheap person’ face come out a bit too quick!?!

Don’t you know that people like you only live for three episodes??

Older brother Li Yi pretended to be calm as he said:

“Aii, my good little brother, it is said that His Majesty dotes on princess Lan Na a lot. Not only does she possess the looks of a celestial being, she is unbelievably skilled in chess, the guqin, poetry, painting and calligraphy! She is truly a good wife that is hard to come by! As your older brother who is living in this dream, I want to ask why the heavens cares for this older brother of yours and why it isn’t willing to grant a bit of this luck to you?! That’s it, it must be because this older brother of yours is too outstanding, there’s nothing that can be done about this situation. My good little brother, your older brother has advice for you: the ancients say ‘those who help themselves will be helped by heaven. How come you aren’t learning from this older brother’s example?”

Hold on a second, this person doesn’t seem to be like your typical everyday villain.

H-he’s a honest-to-goodness narcissist, holy crap!!

She still isn’t your wife, is there a need to brag about her like this?!

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What good is the royal family’s unmarried maiden, her identity is much higher than us Overlord children. When her bossy young lady disposition relapses, will you be able to contain it? At the very least, I don’t envy you on this bit. In my opinion, my cute and obedient Aleya is much, much better than that princess.

If you don’t believe it, then how about you let the princess stay by my side and watch me take five years of abuse?

She’d have choked me ages ago, alright?

I didn’t bother bickering with my older brother, instead giving him a sympathetic glance.

This child probably still doesn’t know that after today, whether or not he’ll be marrying the princess is still unknown.

As I was standing there inwardly plotting, my dad was already calling us from the distance:

“Li Yi, Li De. Come with me to greet His Majesty the King and Her Highness the princess.”

My older brother shook the horse reins and loudly shouted:


I also obediently rode over.

The dragon carriage landed 500 meters outside of the city and the two mahogany doors opened slowly. My dad and my older brother had long since dismounted and half-kneeled on the ground. I also had no choice but to do the same; what else could be done with the King inside?

It was at this point that I heard an aged voice ring out:

“Come, be obedient Nana, this King shall carry you down.”

Soon after, a silver bell-like voice said:

“Wuuu~~ Flying high~~”

I stealthily raised my head a little and what met my sight was an old man wearing a red gown, holding a little lass down from the dragon carriage by her armpits. That little lass must’ve been princess Lan Na, but after a glance, my heartbeat seemed to have sped up.

Although on the surface I say “I don’t envy him”, “I don’t envy him”, god damn, I really do envy him!!

After all, it’s basically my first time seeing such an adorable little loli.

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As little princess Lan Na was brushing the hair on her temples to the side, she blinked her rich blue eyes and looked at me in curiosity.


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