Chapter 2 – Indignant Duckling

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

This idea is really easy to say, but it’s hard to put into play.

Early this morning, I called over the knight captain that had followed me for three years into my bedroom.

As soon as she entered the room, she took off her helmet. Doing so freed her long golden hair from its shackles and her elegant, exquisite features were released from being hidden by the metal mask.

I nodded, then took the initiative to sit on the bed first. Then, I commanded her:

“Sit down.”

What met my sight was her gently wiping away the sweet-smelling sweat on her face and her gaze moving to the ground as she replied:

“This isn’t right, young master, this sort of matter should wait until after we get m-married——”

I angrily pushed her onto a chair.

“I just wanted you to sit, not ‘do’!”

What kind of things fill the minds of little girls nowadays!

This little knight’s name is Aleya and she can be considered to be my personal bodyguard, as well as the only person in this world that I can trust. After I told her a simple run-down of the current situation I was facing, Aleya endured her shock, though her face was clearly a bit shaken:

“Young master, this……sir Overlord shouldn’t be this heartless, right?”

Although she spoke this way, I could see from her face that she already believed 70-80 percent of what I had said.

After all, even if I didn’t tell her about the assassinations geared towards me, there were still too many bizarre occurrences throughout this past year, so she should’ve been able to make out a bit of what was going on.

Aleya started speaking out her thoughts:

“If this is the way things truly are, I can think up a way to assassinate sir Li Yi. This way, sir Overlord probably won’t treat the young master as a sacrificial pawn.”

I firmly shook my head.

“No way. Let’s not talk about how slim your chances of succeeding are, even if you did succeed, the experts by my dad’s side are numerous like clouds and they’ll easily find out that you did it.”

Aleya put her hand on her flat chest and said with a hint of a smile:

“I am young master’s knight. If Aleya can die for young master, it is Aleya’s honor.”

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“Although that’s very touching, allow me to still refuse.”

After unleashing the “touched but still refuse” card to decline Aleya’s proposal, she visibly deflated.

It can’t be helped. Frankly speaking, Aleya’s an idiot.

I mean, swearing loyalty to a bird-and-dog walking young master like me is an idiotic act in itself, right?

Anyway, this world has never had a shortage of smart people, so an idiot like this is quite the uncommon species, so naturally I would hate to see her die.

“Then, how about thinking up a way to make sir Overlord angry?”

Aleya raised up another proposal and even had an explanation for it:

“Sir Overlord wants to make young master and sir Li Yi fight over the position of heir. If young master’s evaluation in everyone’s eyes becomes lower, won’t sir Overlord change his mind?”


This little girl still hasn’t figured out what’s going on.

I shook my head and said with a bitter smile:

“My dad doesn’t really want me to strive for this position. Although it may seem this way, I’m sure that in his heart, only my older brother is worthy of the position of heir. I’m merely a stumbling block; my dad doesn’t care if this block was excavated from the mountains or picked up out of a latrine pit. In any case, it was destined for me to be eliminated by my older brother. And after I’m eliminated, my older brother’s talents will start to genuinely mature and he’ll be able to stabilize his position as Yunyang’s Overlord. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how much disturbance or hubbub I create, my dad won’t even spare a glance.”

Aleya’s eyebrows creased up as she thought hard.

Forget it, I just wanted to let her know what’s going on, the planning will still have to depend on myself.

It was at this moment that Aleya suddenly realized:

“If this is the case, wouldn’t pleading for mercy to His Majesty, the King, work?”

“His Majesty?”

I asked with a sense of bafflement.

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Aleya nodded and put on the appearance of having figured out a great solution to my problems, as she happily said:

“I heard that His Majesty intends to betroth little princess Lan Na to sir Li Yi and should be arriving personally in a few days to escort madam princess over. Young master can think up a way to plead mercy to His Majesty and make His Majesty command sir Overlord to give you a piece of land. Sir Overlord won’t dare to disobey His Majesty.”

En……sounds like nothing’s wrong.

But is there any reason for His Majesty to send me this favor?

It couldn’t be helped that my gaze towards Aleya had a trace of sympathy. This child, aii, she’s still too young, no wonder she’s so dumb.

Don’t tell me this is a case of ‘having big breasts but no brain’……nevermind, she’s not that big.

If the King wants to betroth the princess to my brother, then he’s in the same party as my brother. Why would he pay attention to whether I die or not?

Maybe when my brother succeeds in cutting off my head, he’ll still go drink wine and dance. Or perhaps His Majesty will do my brother a favor and end me, so that when my brother asks the little princess on their wedding night:

“My little brother?”

The little princess will definitely sing with a clear voice:

“My dad just killed him.”

From that point on, the damned dog couple started their shameless life, congratulations, congratulations——nonsense!!

How can things be so unfair??

Still, isn’t my older brother a little too much? He’s better looking than me, more gifted than me, and now he’s even going to marry a ‘Ms Perfect’ and ascend above life’s summit. You’re walking your own path, yet you insist on blocking my path. If not for the fact that I’m a transmigrator, I would’ve died long, long ago.

But His Majesty will be bringing the little princess over……


Seems like I can make good use of this.

I waved at Aleya to make her come closer to me. Then, I quietly whispered into her ear:

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“I have an idea. Go and prepare some things……”

Since my dad wants to treat me as a sacrificial duck to the tiger’s hunting instinct.

Then I grant this plan the name “Indignant Duckling”.


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