Chapter 4 – Just Like This, My Future Sister-in-Law Is No More

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Damn, this is the feeling of my heart being moved——

That’s weird.

Even though she’s definitely going to be a beautiful person in the future, her current age shouldn’t surpass 12 years old. Compared to the concept of “beautiful enough to move people”, the concept of “cuteness” definitely occupies the dominant position on Lan Na’s attractiveness. That sped-up heartbeat of mine in that instant I saw her was because I remembered that white persian cat I had two years ago.

She’s on about the same scale of cuteness, enough to make people unable to help but bear the thoughts of hugging her and giving her headpats.

Taking advantage of the fact that His Majesty the King still hadn’t discovered my disrespectful actions, I hastily lowered my head.

It seems that the His Majesty has a pretty good relationship with my dad. According to what I know, it should be because they were comrades-in-arms in their early years.

These ‘arms’ that I’m talking about are cold weapons, namely the longspear. It’s said that in those years, the Overlord of Cangzhou gathered soldiers and started a rebellion. My dad vowed loyalty and devotion to the royal family and fought alongside the current King, His Majesty.

The number one of ‘life’s four biggest brotherhoods’.1

Since you helped me put down a rebellion, I’ll gift you my daughter, isn’t this a beautiful ideal?

How beautiful, how ideal, a story that will pass through the ages.

The only problem is that this isn’t very favorable to me!

When we arrived at the Overlord’s mansion, fine liquor and delicious food was already laid out since my dad prepared it in advance. His Majesty naturally sat in the seat of honor, with two rows of seats to the right and left of him. The little princess and the royal family’s other guests sat on the left side, while my mother, my older brother, and I, people native to Yunyang, sat on the right side.

Among us all, little princess Lan Na and my older brother sat on the first seat to the left and right, respectively.

By this time, my older brother’s head had cooled down considerably. After the elders finished speaking, my older brother raised up his wine glass and bowed deep towards Lan Na, saying:

“Princess, Your Highness, this one is the eldest son of Yunyang’s Overlord, Li Yi. This one has long since heard of madam princess’ talents and good looks. Being able to meet you today is this one’s good fortune. This one drinks a toast to respect the princess and wishes her to stay forever young, beautiful, and healthy!”

My dad stroked his beard as he smiled.

His Majesty the King also wore a smiling expression.

On the other hand, Lan Na didn’t seem to display happiness or sadness. Although the corners of her mouth rose, her eyes didn’t seem to contain the emotion of joy.

It’s time for me to get the show on the road!

Just as my older brother sat down, I immediately turned my face and started whispering in a voice that everyone could hear:

“Where on earth would you find someone ‘forever young’. Madam princess is still young right now with looks rivalling those of flowers and the moon, and the number of people who love and respect her are too many to count. Sadly, those people are simply too irresponsible and only like a beautiful outside.”

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That’s right, this is the legendary……devil’s advocate!

My older brother’s face turned ugly, as if he had swallowed a fly. He hastily lifted up his glass towards princess Lan Na again, saying:

“Your Majesty is insightful, this one absolutely did not have this meaning. No matter what Her Highness the princess looks like, this one has always been your faithful admirer.”

My dad’s smile grew even happier.

He gave me a glare, then cupped his hands towards His Majesty, who was sitting across from him:

“Li Yi, this child, isn’t eloquent with his words, but one good point about him is his honesty. This heart of his is like an all-encompassing mirror with no falsehoods.”

His Majesty the King nodded, changing his fury into delight.

The moment my brother sat down, I saw him let out a sigh of relief. I let out a slight chuckle and once again dragged out my voice:

“Aiiii. I heard that when a man and woman fall into the river of love, there definitely must be a reason. The two of you had just met and don’t even know each other, not to mention, you haven’t even spoken to each other. Since you don’t love her looks, then what you love is probably none other than her status as ‘princess’. Sigh, these sorts of people are even more inferior to those who like a beautiful exterior……”

My older brother’s face turned deep red.

What’s the use of that?

You can’t run over here to hit me. What, you want to try killing me with your expression?

In the time before my dad was able to think up something to remedy the situation, His Majesty the King had already turned his head towards me and coldly asked:

“What’s your name?”

Finally, I was waiting for you to say this.

I stood up, left my seat, then half-kneeled and said with a deep voice:

“Your Majesty, this one’s name is Li De, the fourth son of Yunyang’s Overlord, as well as one of the only two contenders for the seat of ‘heir’. As of this year, this one is 17 and because this one is unwilling to see the princess sink into a quagmire, this one is willing to put righteousness before family. I beseech Your Majesty take note of this!”

I heard a “crash!” and knew that it was the sound of my dad dropping his wine cup.

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After I finished talking, I stole a look at His Majesty’s expression. Sure enough, besides the anger I saw on his face, I saw suspicion and bafflement. Furthermore, those emotions weren’t directed towards me, but rather my dad.

Put simply, in His Majesty’s eyes, my older brother is the heir to the position of Overlord of Yunyang.

This is the sole reason he intended to betroth his daughter to my older brother.

But now that he heard that my older brother still wasn’t the heir and also the fact that I was one of the competitors to the position of heir, he started hesitating.

After all, my dad couldn’t exactly go to the public and say heartless words like this:

“Comrade Li De is my sacrifice. In fact, I’ve long since designated Li Yi as the one who will inherit my position~”

These kinds of things might be fine if kept hidden under the table, but there would be heavy consequences if exposed.

It was exactly at this moment that little princess Lan Na gracefully giggled and said:

“I feel like his words have some truth~ We just met and you don’t like my looks, so what do you like about me?”

My older brother was instantly at a loss for words.

Aiii, youngster, you still need much more practice. If you don’t know how to answer in this kind of small situation, then how will you accomplish the task of getting a girl? With your level, you’ll be overwhelmed by the little princess in the future.
Seeings as how both of us brothers are on the threshing floor, I’ll take on the arduous task of helping you screw over this marriage.

There’s no need to thank me.

I felt myself unable to hold back a smile, so I hastily lowered my head.

It was at this instant that His Majesty’s cold voice suddenly rang out:

“Li De, you’ve tried over and over to frame your older brother. For what reason are you trying to destroy the marriage that this King has decided? Could it be that you wish to borrow this King’s hand to clean up your older brother for you?!”

Oh ****, this old man has a clear mind.


  1. According to Baidu, 人生四大铁 which I translated as ‘life’s four biggest brotherhoods’ are things bros do to become bros, basically. Number 1: Fight Together, Number 2: Share the same room, Number 3: Visit prostitutes together, Number 4: Share the loot.

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