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Chapter 54: The Gratitude of Saving a Life

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Author: Nan Sheng’s Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library

After consoling the somewhat disheartened Candy, Nancy finally began to inquire about some serious matters.

For example: Would Candy’s presence bring her any conveniences?

However, the response Candy gave next disappointed Nancy a bit. She promised to stay, and Skyler did indeed provide her with some “conveniences” in terms of missions, but it was only limited to assisting Nancy in understanding her so-called system. There was absolutely no possibility of any benefits for Nancy.

Seeing Candy crying again because she couldn’t help, Nancy quickly reached out and patted her small head. After a few comforting words, Candy slowly calmed down. However, she raised her small head to look at Nancy, tears still in her big eyes.

Seeing Candy seeming distressed, possibly because she wasted a lot of energy just now with her lengthy explanations, Nancy had to promise to find more things she could sell in the future.

Now that Candy had quietened down because of her words, Nancy finally placed the now calm little fellow back into the system inventory.

Looking at the still empty streets at this moment, Nancy couldn’t help but sigh deeply.

She had originally thought that after Candy’s transformation, it would bring her many conveniences. But now it seemed that not only did she not get any convenience, but she was also forced to drag along a burden…

Well, at least this body still belonged to her; it wouldn’t be right to call her a burden…

Another urgent message came from Hattori on the terminal. Nancy shook her head, dismissing those inexplicable thoughts from her mind, and then she called for a shuttle nearby and headed towards the abandoned factory.


When Nancy arrived here, the outside area was almost unchanged compared to the day she left. However, Nancy didn’t feel anything wrong because Hattori had already informed her of this matter.

Although Nancy had told Hattori that he could lead those Basileus slaves to be resettled nearby in those abandoned factories, after several waves of harassment from unknown forces, Hattori cautiously moved everyone into the underground hall. So, the environment outside had hardly been touched, giving the illusion that no one had ever been here.

The iris sensor of the nanogate had been copied by Nancy through the terminal, and Hattori, who held the terminal code, could freely enter and exit there, while those Basileus slaves had no chance of escaping—this was another consideration.

Opening the nanogate with her terminal, Hattori, who had been notified in advance, was already waiting behind the door for Nancy.

“Miss.” Hattori immediately called out respectfully upon seeing Nancy.

Since Nancy corrected him, not only she herself but even Hattori liked this title. Perhaps this simple assassin also thought that calling her “Miss” was more humane than calling her “boss.”

“Well, this time I brought enough food for a month’s use, but they’re all compressed rations, and the taste isn’t that good.” Nancy half-joked, after all, Hattori also ate and drank with these slaves. Nancy’s current financial resources couldn’t afford any delicacies for her subordinates.

Even the compressed food Nancy brought this time was specially selected near-expiration products. Since it was a month’s worth, the shelf life was only one month.

Anyway, they were just some lowly slaves. Nancy’s attitude towards them wouldn’t change fundamentally until they officially became her subordinates.

“Taste doesn’t matter at all. I don’t even know how those traffickers treated these Basileus slaves before. They would get excited at the sight of plain steamed buns, so compressed food with some flavor is like a delicacy to them.” Hattori didn’t care about Nancy’s teasing tone and reported in a serious manner.

Nancy nodded indifferently, then shifted the topic to the corridor behind Hattori.

“Last time, I asked you to select some slaves according to the training manual’s requirements. How did that go?”

Hattori immediately answered, “Reporting to Miss, according to your requirements, I have selected three good hands from among these thirty-odd slaves, all of them are fellows with good physical qualities.”

Nancy frowned upon hearing this, but she didn’t say anything. Although three was indeed very few, it was still within her expectations.

She then gestured for Hattori to take her to see the selected slaves. The two of them passed through the corridor behind them and arrived at a platform.

Below the platform was a not-too-large underground square where those slaves had been placed by the thugs before.

At this moment, the thirty-odd slaves were grouped together, some discussing quietly, some simply sleeping soundly. However, they all had one common characteristic—the iron-colored necklace around their necks.

This iron-colored necklace was the means by which those thugs controlled the slaves. As long as they found something wrong with these slaves, they only needed to gently press on their terminal, and these seemingly ordinary necklaces would immediately explode—the connecting segments of the necklace were installed with small amounts of explosives. Although the explosives were small in quantity, a close-range explosion could still accurately shatter the heads of the slaves.

Anyway, they weren’t people from her own homeland, so Nancy felt no emotion towards the tragic fate of these slaves. At this moment, she only cared about those who could be useful to her.

“Let those three come over.” Nancy nodded towards Hattori.

As Hattori operated on the terminal a few times, Nancy saw the three slaves on the square all look up towards the platform simultaneously. Then, they all stood up and walked towards this side.

During their approach, other slaves also noticed Nancy and Hattori. However, their expressions were uniformly numb, with only a few showing restrained resentment or anger, though very faint, Nancy still noticed.

Before Nancy could note down these abnormal expressions, the three slaves had already arrived in front of her.

“Stand properly. If Miss chooses you, it will be the day you leave this misery,” said Hattori.

Nancy turned to look at the three slaves who might become her subordinates. She noticed a hint of excitement and suspicion on their faces upon hearing Hattori’s words.

However, what surprised Nancy was that these three slaves seemed to be dressed in a dark blue uniform, not the old clothes she had left behind.

Sensing Nancy’s inquisitive gaze, Hattori immediately answered, “These three were all part of the same organization before becoming slaves, which is why they refuse to change clothes.”

Nancy frowned but didn’t comment. “The same organization” could mean many things. Combined with the physical qualities of these three, it could be soldiers or mercenaries, or even police, basically some violent organization.

“Do you all speak the common language?” Nancy asked calmly.

The Eastern superpower in this world was called Shenhuan, a behemoth that unified Asia, so Chinese was much more marketable than English in this world, which was why Nancy asked this question.

Nancy wasn’t disappointed. As soon as she finished speaking, one of the apparent leaders among the three slaves spoke up in fluent Chinese:

“Miss, are you also affiliated with Greedwolf?”

“I don’t know what Greedwolf is. I only work for myself,” Nancy said calmly, then continued before the slave could respond, “It’s good that you know Chinese. I wonder if all thirty-something… people here know Chinese?”

The speaking slave and another one nearby exchanged glances before turning back to Nancy and answering, “Miss, we all know Chinese.”

“Why won’t you change clothes? Are all three of you from the same organization?” Nancy continued.

But upon hearing Nancy’s question, the slave seemed visibly resentful, as did the others nearby.

“We are all Andas security officers! Attacked by these despicable thugs…” the slave began but couldn’t continue. It was clear what happened next—they all became slaves.

Security officers, probably some sort of law enforcement, hence the disciplined look. Nancy nodded to herself.

“Pardon my presumption, Miss… But do you have a decision on how to deal with us?”

Seeing Nancy lost in thought again, the now calmed slave couldn’t help but cautiously ask.

After all, they had indeed been rescued by the girl in front of them from the clutches of those thugs. But instead of freedom or abuse and auctioning, they were met with captivity here…

They had food and drink but no freedom. Wasn’t this just another form of imprisonment?

Nancy glanced at the slave negotiating with her. “What’s your name?”

“If it’s before becoming those b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲’ slaves… Miss, my name is Blanco.” The gray-haired old man who had lost an eye didn’t expect Nancy to ask for his name. After a moment’s pause, he answered.

“So, Blanco, I saved you all, and now I need you to serve me. Fair, isn’t it?” Nancy cut to the chase.

Blanco hesitated, “Let us be your slaves?”

“No, not slaves, subordinates,” Nancy corrected.

“As far as I know, you’ve been slaves for five years. Before being sent to Tianzhou City, you were forced to mine magic crystals in Basileus for three years.” Nancy’s voice was light and carried a hint of coldness.

“And at the same time, your family members who were also slaves were mining with you…” Nancy looked towards a woman in old work clothes in the square as she spoke.

“If there’s anything, come at me! Don’t involve my family…” Blanco immediately became agitated.

“I’ve heard that the people of Basileus always repay kindness. I wonder if the gratitude for saving your lives is enough for you to serve me? Or… perhaps it could include stable employment and residence for your wife?” Nancy glanced around the entire square casually.

“There are many people here, Hattori, but I only need those who are useful.”


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