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Chapter 53: Adorably Cute

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Author: Nan Sheng’s Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library

Nancy looked at the little one jumping in her hand, her face showing a puzzled expression.

“Are you really Candy?” Nancy confirmed again.

By now, Nancy had left the street and entered a small alley. After all, she wasn’t sure if others could see the little one in her hand, so it was better to be cautious.

Just now, the gentle female voice who claimed to be Skyler during the lottery appeared again. She told Nancy that the little one in her hand was indeed Candy. Skyler also revealed some other things to Nancy.

Firstly, the reason the original Nancy, now known as Candy, could transcend the game’s essence of this world was because of the mysterious organization to which this inexplicable Skyler belonged. Let’s leave that aside for now.

Next was about the truth of this world.

Let’s rewind time to ten minutes ago.

“Come to think of it, I’ve never asked, why did you choose me?” Nancy curiously inquired, asking about the truth of her transmigration.

“You died suddenly from staying up late. Originally, you should have been handled as a wandering soul, but at that moment, the original Nancy emitted a prayer, and her powerful wish obtained our approval,” Skyler looked at Nancy and said, “It was at that moment that I sensed you, and then, you know the rest.”

“Meaning… my transmigration happened because of her?” Nancy looked at the little one in her hand, somewhat incredulous.

“But why… would she possess such a powerful wish?”

Nancy could grasp the term “wish,” but precisely because she understood the meaning of this term, she didn’t understand why the original owner, as a cannon fodder character, summoned her here.

“Whoever it is, when she knows that the world she’s in is constantly in a pending loop, when she knows that this world is just an inconspicuous game, when she sees her own ending countless times… in such a situation, the sincerity of the prayers she emits may surpass anyone else’s,” the girl said softly.

“……” Nancy was thoroughly astonished this time. So, does that mean the original owner knew the truth about this world?

“No… you’ve misunderstood,” perhaps sensing Nancy’s thoughts, the woman shook her head and continued, “Before you came, this world wasn’t like this.”

“At that time… this world was dead.”

“Nancy would send Jenna to hell that night, and she would also be judged by the so-called protagonist’s justice that night, because Nancy was just cannon fodder.”

“All of this was constant and unchangeable. The dialogue between two characters, how many people would pass through a crossroads in an hour, all of it was fixed.”

Before each small world welcomed a new change, it would develop according to fixed rules, with no one to change it, and everyone was a puppet. That was the woman’s explanation.

“Until one day, the original Nancy awakened in the endless tragedies, emitting cries of endless cycles. Among many puppets, she was the only one making sounds.”

“And then, you came, and this world began to be endowed with life, it started to operate.”

After Skyler finished speaking, Nancy finally understood. It was like a script, a script that was always dead. But one day, a famous director came with actors and turned this script into a work, bringing it to life.

The original owner lived in the script, unable to change anything, and Nancy’s arrival brought this “script” to life. And Skyler… or whatever was behind her, was the director.

“So, do you understand now? She sacrificed her own soul to pray for change, and you came because of her prayer…” The girl’s whisper drifted into Nancy’s ears, hitting her still lively mechanical heart.

“So, that’s the truth of the matter…?” Nancy murmured to herself, head lowered.

【(っ﹏-) .】 Just as Nancy muttered to herself, another bubble popped up from Candy in her hand, with a little expression inside, immediately causing Nancy to be at a loss.

“Come to think of it, can’t you speak now?” Nancy said speechlessly.

Actually, this matter was explained by Skyler just now.

Before, Candy could speak in Nancy’s mind like a real person, but that was because Candy hadn’t completely left yet. Also, Skyler needed Candy to stay behind to help Nancy adapt to life, just like a beginner’s tutorial in a game.

Now, Nancy’s “beginner’s tutorial” was over, so it was time for Candy to leave.

However, due to Candy’s insistence, Skyler finally agreed to let her stay by Nancy’s side to see how she would change this world, but she had to exist in a “very energy-efficient” way…

And now, it was obvious that the chibi-version of Candy was such an energy-efficient existence. Didn’t you notice that she couldn’t speak anymore?

【…(。º̩̩́⌓º̩̩̀).゜】 At this moment, Candy sent another chat bubble, causing even more sweatdrops on Nancy’s head.

“I mean, can’t you communicate normally through text?” Nancy said speechlessly. What’s the point of just making cute faces?

After hearing Nancy’s words, Candy hesitated for a moment, then lowered her head, lifted her skirt, and came to Nancy’s wrist, extending her chibi hand to grab the button on Nancy’s sleeve.

Nancy: …??

Perhaps seeing Nancy’s lack of reaction, Candy finally became anxious. She murmured something, and after a moment, a new bubble popped up.

【Typing consumes energy… need for energy conversion…】

Candy said as she hugged the button on Nancy’s sleeve. The meaning was already clear—she actually wanted to sell the button on Nancy’s sleeve?

“……” Seeing Candy crying because she had no money, Nancy fell silent. At this moment, she couldn’t help but think of a possibility—could this so-called mode that doesn’t consume too much energy also reduce a person’s intelligence?

After all, at this moment, Candy looked silly, easy to fool into bed.

But Nancy would rather deceive Jenna than deceive Candy at this moment. After all, she couldn’t possibly have any thoughts about a chibi-version character.

“Alright, stop thinking about these crooked ideas. If it doesn’t work out, you can sell my two unused pistols first. Should be enough for you to type, right?” Nancy said speechlessly.

Who knew that after hearing Nancy’s suggestion, Candy would be excitedly stomping her feet again? It seemed like she hadn’t thought of this method just now. If you don’t have money, just sell unused things, right?

“……” Nancy had a few more visible veins bulging on her head. This kind of Candy really looked like she deserved a beating! Who knew if she could still give herself some reasonable advice like before.

What? You say Candy, who is cute and silly, can be a mascot? Nancy felt like she could die from laughter.

After all, although Candy had shrunk, she was still shrunk in the original form, which means the current Candy was actually a chibi-version of Nancy.

Who would think that their tiny self was cute?


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