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Chapter 55: Blanco’s Objective

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Author: Nan Sheng’s Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library

“I only need those who are useful… So, what about the rest, Hattori?” Nancy’s tone was indifferent, as if she were discussing not thirty living people, but thirty dispensable goods.

Beside her, Hattori understood. He immediately stepped forward to Blanco and revealed a dagger.

“Mr. Blanco, it’s time for you to choose. Two options…” Hattori scanned the people around.

“One, use this dagger to sever the heads of those who would betray us. It will also serve as a gift from me to you.”

“Two, it will pierce your wife’s heart, along with the remaining slaves…”

Before Hattori finished speaking, Blanco had already taken the dagger from him and walked to a corner, where Nancy noticed three or four people in a state of unconsciousness, bound there.

Without hesitation, Blanco swiftly decapitated two individuals and held their heads up. Then, he looked at the remaining two slaves.

Although the two former security officers hesitated, seeing Blanco’s numb expression and thinking of their own families, they approached and, one by one, took the dagger from Blanco’s hand and severed the heads of the remaining two people.

Seeing the three security officers holding the bloody heads, Nancy nodded in satisfaction. At this moment, she looked to Hattori beside her, her gaze questioning.

Hattori immediately leaned in close and whispered, “Those four were intruders who came here before. I kept them alive to ensure the loyalty of the three security officers.”

“I told them that these four were key figures of the local gang. If they were killed, the officers wouldn’t survive in Tianzhou City.” Hattori continued explaining when he saw Nancy seemed perplexed.

Nancy finally understood. The three former security officers had just now made their choice—to pledge loyalty to Miss Nancy.

“In that case… welcome to our group, Mr. Blanco.” Nancy smiled and extended her hand to Blanco, as if she hadn’t noticed the blood staining most of his uniform.

As for the names of the remaining two, Nancy had no need to know. She only needed to know Blanco’s name—after all, at this moment, it was evident that these two security officers would follow his commands.

Blanco hesitated for a moment but then knelt down directly. “You have granted us our freedom. May the God of Basileus bless you. We pledge our hearts and souls to repay your supreme kindness!”

Despite years of war in Basileus, it was also a place with its own beliefs. The God of Basileus was the god of contracts, and repaying a life debt with heart and soul… It was in line with the culture of Basileus.

As Blanco knelt to pledge loyalty, the remaining two also knelt, silently but faithfully.

“Very good…” Nancy smiled. Instead of extending her hand for a handshake, she pressed her hand onto Blanco’s shoulder. Then, with a slight movement of her fingers, the slave collars around the necks of Blanco and his two companions silently unlocked.

“Blanco, go find your wife. I imagine she might be at a loss with this sudden freedom.” Nancy waved her hand after saying this. Blanco pounded his chest with his right hand, then excitedly got up to find his wife.

Watching Blanco’s ecstatic figure, Nancy tilted her head imperceptibly. Then, she looked at the remaining two individuals.

“You two, I don’t need to know your names, but I believe you will be satisfied with Mr. Blanco’s leadership, won’t you?”

The two of them now undoubtedly wished for their families to regain their freedom as well. They nodded eagerly.

Watching the jubilant figures of the two as they left, Nancy turned to Hattori, who had already finished tidying up the four headless bodies.

“Hattori, until I find a suitable and effective means of control, watch over them.”


Sensing the unease in Hattori’s tone, Nancy smiled. This smile, compared to before, was infinitely gentle.

“Of course, this method won’t be used on you. After all… you are my most trusted subordinate, not an unstable slave. Understand?”

Hattori nodded quickly, then lowered his head.

A gentle smile? No, perhaps the smile she had when teasing him with mischief was gentler than the smile Miss had now.

A beautiful and alluring, yet dangerous, smile.


Blanco was a law enforcer in a certain area of Basileus. After his jurisdiction was captured by insurgents, he too became a slave to those insurgents, and naturally, his family was not spared.

At this moment, in this square, Blanco’s family consisted only of his wife. As for his brother and father, they had long been left behind in the magic crystal mine where they were forced to work excessively, and now, only the two of them relied on each other for survival.

As for the remaining two security officers, one of them had only his sister left in his family, while the other was simply a solitary individual. With such three subordinates, they were really easy to manipulate, and controlling them was as easy as child’s play for Nancy.

“Miss, are you really unwilling to take in the remaining people?” At this moment, Blanco, now wearing a tunic suit like Hattori, stood behind Nancy, asking cautiously.

Before him, the beautiful snow-haired girl was leisurely leaning against the railing of the platform, looking down at the numb slaves below.

“Take them in? Blanco, haven’t I already said it? I only need those who are useful to me.” Nancy pointed below as she spoke, “Although I don’t know what you’ve been through before, just look at these people. Their faces show nothing but numbness and despair. How can people like them create any value for me?”

As Nancy finished speaking, Blanco had not yet made any gesture. One of the security officers behind him was about to step forward to say something but was stopped by Blanco.

Blanco stopped his subordinate not because he was cowardly, but because he was indifferent to Nancy’s insult — on the contrary, it was precisely because he took Nancy’s words to heart that he heard the implicit meaning in them.

“Miss, although these people are all slaves, you may not know one characteristic of the Greedwolf slave traders—”

“That is, they never traffic in low-grade slaves.”

Never trafficking in low-grade slaves meant that these slaves were “high-grade,” and of course, this high-grade also meant that their abilities were extraordinary.

Sure enough, upon hearing Blanco’s words, Nancy immediately turned around with great interest — or rather, she had been waiting for Blanco to say these words.

“Blanco, what do you mean by that? These people—”

“Miss, these people were all talents plundered by the Greedwolf from my hometown! Whether they were technicians from the gun factory, senior accountants from the bank, or even local educators… I believe these people will be of use to you!”

Saying these people had no value? Then he would create value himself! Blanco was indeed being clever; after all, roles like senior accountants or educators sounded prestigious, but in reality, the young girl in front of him might not need them at all.

But what did that matter? As long as he could keep these people, that was Blanco’s goal.

However, Blanco guessed wrong. Nancy not only wouldn’t disdain these people as burdens, but at this moment, she actually needed them.


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