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Chapter 52: Little Nancy

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Author: Nan Sheng’s Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library

After returning home, it was already 1:30 AM. Jenna and Sherry were already asleep, and Nancy didn’t intend to disturb the two girls. After tidying up a bit, she settled for the night on the sofa.


In fact, the words Nancy spoke that night were, in a way, giving Nina an opportunity. Su Xiaoyu would surely relay these words to Nina upon returning home, and Nancy wanted to convey a message through these words—she was serious this time, and if Nina apologized, there might still be room to salvage the situation.

Although Nancy herself didn’t want to accept this sister, the consciousness lingering in this body had complex feelings toward Nina—mixed with love and hate, perhaps even more love. In such a situation, Nancy could only try to accept this sister, provided she was obedient.

But it seemed like Nina hadn’t received Nancy’s hint at all. Over the next week, Nina didn’t even return home, let alone apologize.

After patiently waiting for a few days, Nancy even heard from Jenna and Sherry, who returned from school, that Nina had moved back to the school dormitory.

With this, Nancy pronounced the death sentence on this relationship in her heart. She didn’t want this sister anymore.

After putting Nina out of her mind, Nancy began preparing to train those Basileus slaves.

She wondered if the ice ability user who died that night was some high-ranking officer. Since that night, several groups of people had tried to sneak into that abandoned factory, but they were all dealt with by Hattori, some even including first and second-level ability users—but ultimately, they weren’t third-level, and dealing with them was child’s play for Hattori.

After the loss of over twenty people in that abandoned factory, it seemed that the forces behind them also realized that Nancy and Hattori, these two uninvited guests, were not to be trifled with. There were no more sneaky individuals lurking around that area, and it seemed those people intended to observe for a while longer.

During these days, Hattori was responsible for dealing with those troubles, and Nancy herself was not idle.

She sent two batches of food and water to Hattori, along with some simple clothes, all prepared for those Basileus slaves. As for beds and such… Nancy didn’t prepare those, as it was midsummer now, and the temperature in Tianzhou City wasn’t low. Sleeping on the ground wouldn’t make them sick.

Then Nancy also wrote a booklet, specifically for training those Basileus slaves. The knowledge in the booklet was what Nancy could use in her past life’s work. To be precise, it was the training methods for personal bodyguards.

Bodyguards, that’s the modern term, but in ancient times, they were essentially elite soldiers, and elite soldiers… were tools without thoughts, which was exactly what Nancy needed now.

This booklet was handed over to Hattori by Nancy. With his ability and this booklet, training thirty-odd Basileus slaves would be more than enough, and Nancy wouldn’t need to personally intervene.

But it wasn’t feasible to stay in that abandoned factory all the time. As such, Nancy had already begun arranging accordingly. She believed that she would soon have her own first stronghold.


Today was the day Nancy went to inspect Hattori’s training work. After all, she had handed over the booklet on elite soldiers to Hattori half a month ago. During this half month, Nancy had been busy arranging some small things for her future use, so she hadn’t had time to go to Hattori’s place.

Finally having some spare time today, Nancy escaped from the clingy Sherry and stood on the street, opening her “system” panel.

It had been over twenty days since Candy last made a sound. Nancy was worried that something might have happened to her little assistant, who was also the former owner of this body. But this morning, when Nancy decided to visit Hattori, she discovered some minor changes in her “system.”

Upon opening the system, the panel was still the familiar one, and her attributes remained as weak as ever, pitifully so. But in the upper right corner of the panel, there was now an additional button resembling a small house. This button had appeared last night, accompanied by a countdown of twelve hours. It couldn’t be interacted with yet, as it was grayed out. Presumably, it needed to wait until the countdown ended to become interactive.

Now, with just minutes left until the twelve hours were up, Nancy was about to unveil the mystery of this button with her own hands.

Five minutes, three minutes, one minute…

Thirty seconds, ten seconds, one second…!

Sure enough, Nancy’s guess was correct. At the moment the countdown beside the button ended, the small house button immediately lit up, and without hesitation, Nancy pressed it.

However, what happened next left Nancy stunned.

At first, she had speculated a bit when she saw the button resembling a small house. Perhaps this system had given her a hidden small house in another dimension? It made sense literally! After all, the button was shaped like a small house.

Or perhaps it provided her with a dungeon to explore, unlocking items along the way. It barely fits the symbolism of the small house pattern. After all, secret dungeons and such were common tropes for protagonists in novels.

However, Nancy never expected that the moment she pressed the button, there wouldn’t be a portal to another dimension or a mysterious cave appearing before her. Instead, there was a completely chibi version of herself in her hand!

Why did she call it a chibi version of herself? Because at this moment, lying in Nancy’s hand was a petite and cute chibi-style snow-haired girl, with the same burgundy eyes, delicate features, and that familiar feeling to Nancy…

Wasn’t this a chibi version of herself?

This chibi version of Nancy appeared in Nancy’s palm and immediately fell over upon arrival. As a result, she ended up with a pair of chibi-style mosquito-coil eyes that completely didn’t match the 3D art style! Even bubbles with only gibberish symbols, typical of manga, appeared above her head. Inside one of the bubbles, there was a representation of frustration in the form of chaotic black characters.

Nancy stared blankly at this chibi version of herself for a moment. About three minutes later, this naturally foolish little one finally slowly got up, and when the chibi girl, dressed in a white dress, looked up and saw her giant version—

The mess of bubbles above her head instantly turned into three manga-style exclamation marks❗

It was only at this moment that Nancy reacted, based on the appearance and arrival method of this little one in her palm, she had a guess. Now, Nancy intended to confirm her guess.

“Is it you, Candy?” Nancy asked tentatively.

【(ᗒᗣᗕ)՞】 Upon hearing Nancy’s words, the chibi Nancy in her palm immediately turned into a crying expression.


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