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Chapter 51: Then I’m Your Sister

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Author: Nan Sheng’s Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library

Su Xiaoyu remained tangled in those questions for over half an hour, only snapping out of it when reminded by the service robot.

With an awkward expression, feeling the slightly odd gaze of the robot, Su Xiaoyu quickly paid and hailed a taxi home… Although he realized he was being a bit absent-minded; what kind of gaze could a robot possibly have? Sigh.

Although it was already past one in the morning, for Tianzhou City, an international metropolis, this was just the beginning of the nightlife. So, Su Xiaoyu quickly hailed an unmanned taxi.

“Welcome aboard Delaman Taxi,” greeted the taxi’s built-in AI.

“Detecting the user’s subscription of the ‘Excellence’ package, as our VIP user, please state your destination, and I will ensure to deliver you there as quickly and safely as possible with the highest efficiency!”

Su Xiaoyu blinked slightly, then remembered that this was something his family had arranged for him before he came to Tianzhou City. It was his first time using it today.

“West City Rose Residential Area, Villa A012,” nodded Su Xiaoyu, stating his home’s location before reclining comfortably.

Gotta say… this taxi is quite comfortable. This ‘Excellence’ package seems worth it.


Perhaps due to the ‘Excellence’ package, today’s unmanned taxi delivered Su Xiaoyu home much faster than usual shuttles.

As a result, when Su Xiaoyu entered the house, it had been less than half an hour since he left.

“Brother… you’re back? Why so late today?”

Just as he stepped in, Su Xiaoyu, who was changing his shoes, heard the voice of his younger sister, Su Ranran. Looking up, Su Xiaoyu realized that both his sister and Nina hadn’t gone to bed yet and were sitting in the living room.

The table was filled with snacks, and the holographic TV in the living room was playing a movie, so it was unnecessary to elaborate on what the two girls were doing at this moment.

“You two haven’t rested yet? Don’t you have classes tomorrow?” Su Xiaoyu asked with a hint of confusion as he changed his shoes.

Hearing this, Su Ranran chuckled and covered her mouth. “Brother, did you go out for a stroll and get confused? Tomorrow is a holiday.”

Su Xiaoyu blinked, only then realizing that today was another day off. It must be said that the high schools in Tianzhou City are different from those in his homeland. Not only do they not have morning exercises, but they also have many holidays. Even encountering a minor festival from an unknown country could result in a day off… Moreover, even under these circumstances, the enrollment rate at Roland High School is unbelievably high. Su Xiaoyu couldn’t comprehend it.

Perhaps this is what they call ‘joyful education’? Not necessarily.

After changing his shoes, Su Xiaoyu went to the sofa and casually picked up a bottle of unopened drink. Looking up, he realized that the two girls were still watching a horror movie in the middle of the night…

But that makes sense. Both his sister Su Ranran and he are demon slayers, so as mysterious individuals, they aren’t really afraid of ghosts and monsters… even though they understand that such creatures do exist in the world.

“What movie is this?” Su Xiaoyu asked casually.

“It’s a newly released film, about zombies from our region, but it was shot in Japan. It’s the first time I’ve seen a movie with this style,” Su Ranran said with a smile.

After exchanging a few words with his sister, Su Xiaoyu turned his head and saw another girl staring at him intently, her big eyes full of questions and a hint of anticipation.

Su Xiaoyu suddenly realized — he had just gone out to run errands for Nina.

But just thinking about Nancy’s distant attitude, Su Xiaoyu felt a headache coming on. It seemed that Nina’s hopes would be dashed.

“Nina… um…,” Su Xiaoyu glanced at Su Ranran beside him, then looked a bit awkward. “Your sister said that you can stay here for as long as you want. She doesn’t care.”

“And she also said that you and her have no blood relationship, so if you two can’t get along, it’s better to part ways amicably.”

Upon hearing this, Nina’s face immediately turned pale, and the glimmer of hope in her eyes turned into panic.

On the side, Su Ranran, upon hearing Su Xiaoyu recounting Nancy’s words, also showed surprise. She quickly paused the movie and leaned in.

“Bro, did you say something wrong? Did you anger Miss Nancy?” Su Ranran couldn’t help but ask. After all, her brother’s emotional intelligence wasn’t particularly high, and he wasn’t one to mince words. Moreover, Nancy was reputed to be difficult to get along with…

Nina’s face also showed a skeptical expression upon hearing this. Could it be that Su Xiaoyu had said something he shouldn’t have?

“How could that be? I just said what Nina and you taught me to say.” Su Xiaoyu spread his hands helplessly. “I just mentioned that Nina is staying at my place, but Nancy seems completely unconcerned.”

Su Ranran immediately frowned, looking somewhat disbelieving. “How can an elder sister act like that? Doesn’t she care at all that her younger sister has been away for two whole weeks?”

Su Xiaoyu has always been good to her, so Su Ranran couldn’t understand why there would be such a conflict between Nancy and Nina, who are sisters.

“Anyway, Nancy keeps emphasizing that she and Nina have no blood relation, and therefore, she says she feels nothing towards Nina…” Su Xiaoyu was even more helpless.

Su Ranran’s face showed a hint of disdain at this remark. “So what if there’s no blood relation? After all, they’ve lived together for over a decade. Shouldn’t that bond be stronger than blood ties?”

As they gradually turned to look at Nina beside them, it became clear that the key to this matter lay with her.

“I…” Nina didn’t know what to do at this moment. She hadn’t expected Nancy to be so serious this time, and it seemed she truly didn’t care about her anymore.

In the past, if Nina dared to run away from home, no matter how far she ran, her sister would bring her back. Although the consequence of being brought back was usually a beating and being locked at home, at least it showed that Nancy cared about her… Whether that caring was affection or resentment.

She remembered a time when she felt wronged by her sister and bought a plane ticket with her hard-earned pocket money to leave Tianzhou City and go to Westlake. However, just two hours after the plane landed, Nancy came down from the next flight.

The consequence of that runaway wasn’t just Nancy slapping her in front of so many people at the airport, but also a month of reduced meals afterward—long distance plane tickets aren’t cheap, and after Nancy bought that plane ticket, the family could only afford instant noodles for the next month.

But now…

Nina really didn’t know what she had done wrong. Not this time, not ten years ago.

Ten years ago, it was clearly Nancy’s fault, but she still beat and scolded her; two weeks ago, Nina didn’t know what she had done wrong again, but Nancy ignored her.

Although the feeling of unease in her heart grew deeper, Nina still didn’t intend to apologize—she didn’t know what she had done wrong, so how could she apologize?

Thus, facing the questioning gazes of Su Ranran and Su Xiaoyu, Nina pretended to be calm, and her tone was indifferent:

“What she said is correct. We really don’t have any blood relation, and since she doesn’t intend to acknowledge me as her sister, then I don’t need to call her sister either.”

“Then are you not going back?” Su Xiaoyu couldn’t help but ask, as Nancy seemed serious this time.

“I’m not going back! What’s the point? To get beaten?” Nina said, turning her head away.

“Brother Xiaoyu, Sister Ranran, I’ve troubled you during this time. I’ll move back to the school dormitory tomorrow and won’t bother you anymore,” Nina continued, knowing she shouldn’t continue staying here.

But Su Ranran didn’t mind and directly spoke up to reassure her: “It’s okay, it’s okay. You can continue staying here. If your sister doesn’t want you, then I’ll be your sister, and Su Xiaoyu… will be your brother!”

While Su Ranran comforted the seemingly aggrieved but actually somewhat spoiled Nina, Su Xiaoyu shook his head beside them.

He could see that Nina was still sulking with Nancy, but on Nancy’s side…

That Miss High and Mighty, she seems to be serious this time.

But Su Xiaoyu didn’t intend to continue persuading Nina. What the snow-haired girl said was right; he was meddling too much.


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