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Chapter 50: The Cute Protagonist

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Author: Nan Sheng’s Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library

Concerning the matter of tracking Nancy, Su Xiaoyu actually felt a bit embarrassed.

After all, Nancy herself had said that although she and Su Xiaoyu had only met a few times, their relationship wasn’t so unfamiliar that they couldn’t face each other. So why did he choose to track her today?

Inside a 24-hour fast-food restaurant along the roadside, the cat-eared youth rubbed his arm, his expression somewhat unnatural, as if the pain from earlier still lingered.

“Well, I wasn’t sure if it was you… After all, you were wearing a hood,” Su Xiaoyu offered a rather ‘novel-like’ excuse.

Why was it termed novel-like? Because such awkward and far-fetched reasons only appeared in novels. After all, if you weren’t sure, you could just tap her on the shoulder and ask, right?

However, Nancy didn’t dwell on this issue. Instead, she shifted to another question:

“So, did you have something to talk to me about today?”

Since, as mentioned earlier, she and Su Xiaoyu weren’t that close, it must be something important if this protagonist came to find her today. But what Su Xiaoyu said next caught Nancy slightly off guard.

Su Xiaoyu breathed a sigh of relief at Nancy’s response, perhaps because they were finally getting to the point.

“Actually, I came today because of Nina’s matter.”

Nina’s matter? What could possibly be wrong with Nina? Isn’t she staying just fine at the protagonist’s house? Could it be that the protagonist is unhappy with her and has come to complain to me, her sister in name?

But that doesn’t make sense. In the original story, Nina is Su Xiaoyu’s first harem member and also a character with a “first love” subplot in the harem. Even though by later stages, Su Xiaoyu’s harem includes princesses and empress-level women, Nina still maintains her position as the main heroine because of this “first love” subplot.

With the storyline ingrained in her mind, Nancy didn’t even consider the possibility of issues between Nina and Su Xiaoyu.

“This… Nancy, Nina has been staying at my house. Aren’t you worried?” Seeing Nancy’s apparent indifference towards her sister, Su Xiaoyu couldn’t help but feel puzzled.

Now it was Nancy’s turn to be puzzled. “Why should I be worried about her?”

Nina is perfectly fine at her destined sweetheart’s house. Why should I worry about her? Instead of worrying about that unreliable rebellious sister, I’d rather think about how to pay Hattori’s salary tomorrow.

After all, Nancy is currently broke.

“Uh… Why worry?” Su Xiaoyu also faltered. “That… Your sister spent the night at a stranger’s house, and it’s been a week. Aren’t you, as her sister, really not worried?”

Nancy’s tone remained calm. “Aren’t you two close? How can you call that person a stranger?”

“Well… We are close, but…”
“You admitted that you’re close, so why should I worry?”

Su Xiaoyu fell silent.

Just then, the fast food ordered by Nancy and Su Xiaoyu was delivered by a service robot. With nothing left to say, Su Xiaoyu simply picked up a handful of fries and chewed on them without dipping them in ketchup.

“Do all of you cat-kins eat potatoes like this?” Nancy asked curiously upon witnessing this scene.

Su Xiaoyu didn’t answer Nancy’s puzzling question. Instead, he casually poured the entire container of ketchup into the fry box and then asked helplessly, “Are you two sisters… having some kind of conflict?”

Although it was somewhat abrupt and impolite for Su Xiaoyu to ask this question given their current relationship, he decided to ask directly after some thought.

Nancy’s reaction to Nina had been consistently calm, even cold, throughout, as if she were treating a regular passerby. Add to that Nina’s behavior, which was akin to running away from home…

Su Xiaoyu felt he knew the truth.

“Some kind of conflict?” There was no expression on Nancy’s face. “Perhaps? It seems she’s just sulking with me.”

“Sulking?” Su Xiaoyu scratched his head. “Ranran often sulks with me too. These are just childish tantrums, nothing to worry about. After some time…”

Nancy interrupted him directly: “Su Xiaoyu, if you’re here today to mediate for Nina, it’s unnecessary. The relationship between me and her is over.”

“O… over?” Su Xiaoyu was a bit bewildered. “You don’t want your sister anymore?”

“Heh, what’s the use of a sister who doesn’t even know how to address me?” Nancy sneered.


Su Xiaoyu suddenly remembered that Nina had never called Nancy “sister” from the beginning to the end, always referring to her by her name, even in front of them.

But… this behavior, resembling the younger sister sulking at the older sister, raises a question: if they were truly blood-related sisters, why would they be concerned about such matters?

However, Nancy now appeared completely determined to break ties with her sister Nina. If we talk about sulking, it seems that Nancy surpasses everyone.

Having experienced much in life, Nancy knew what Su Xiaoyu was about to say just by looking at his expression. With a sneer, she spoke again, this time with a hint of disdain in her tone.

“Su Xiaoyu, I don’t care about your family affairs, but please refrain from judging others’ family matters before understanding the situation.”

“Whether or not you take in Nina is your own business. If you kindly take her in, let her stay. If you find her annoying and want to kick her out, that’s also none of my concern.”

Nancy had intended to mention that she would sever ties with Nina once she entered the academy, but seeing Su Xiaoyu’s shocked expression, she simply shook her head and got up to leave.

However, to her surprise, Su Xiaoyu grabbed her hand, but this time, it wasn’t about Nina.

“Um… Can you tell me how you got the injury on your arm? It seems like it was caused by an ability user’s attack.”

Nancy immediately shook off the protagonist’s hand, her face showing a cold and disdainful expression.

“Su Xiaoyu, mind your own business. Don’t meddle where you don’t belong.”

With that, Nancy walked out, leaving Su Xiaoyu alone, awkwardly scratching his nose as he watched her leave.

She’s quite pretty, but her temper isn’t that great…

He just helped Nancy with her injury, but now she won’t even disclose the source of the injury. Su Xiaoyu felt a bit aggrieved.


Outside the fast food restaurant, Nancy didn’t leave immediately. Instead, she stood in a place where Su Xiaoyu couldn’t see her and took out her small handgun.

She had wanted to test Su Xiaoyu when she saw him just now, to see how much impact this “Sudden Inspiration” would have on someone at the protagonist’s level.

Aiming at the cat-eared youth in the fast food restaurant, Nancy pulled the trigger without hesitation.

Then… Su Xiaoyu in the fast food restaurant suddenly felt his scalp itch, and a few inexplicable thoughts came to mind.

  1. Did I lock the door when I left?

Did he lock the door? Su Xiaoyu actually forgot. Today, Su Ranran and Nina went out to buy things together, so there was no one at home. Su Xiaoyu, who was unfamiliar with the place after arriving from Donghuan, didn’t bring any servants, so no one was watching the house. Would things be lost if the door wasn’t locked?

  1. Did I turn off the gas when I left?

Su Xiaoyu didn’t know this either. Su Ranran left before him today, and he didn’t know if they had cooked before. Would Su Ranran forget to turn off the gas? This is quite uncertain, after all, his sister is really a big scatterbrain…

Wait, let’s not talk about the gas. Did I lock the door or not? Should I call a delivery robot to go home and check?


  1. Is the child mine?

I’m still just a high school student, where would I get a child from?

No, why do I suddenly have this question? There must be something in my subconscious mind that reminded me of something I shouldn’t have seen. For example… Su Ranran and I aren’t really biological siblings?

Um… Did I turn off the gas or not…

Um… Uh…


Nancy waited outside the fast food restaurant for ten minutes, but Su Xiaoyu still didn’t seem to realize. She just left directly, without going up to remind him.

It seems that the protagonist’s halo in this world didn’t bless him with intelligence~


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