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Chapter 49: Tracking

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Author: Nan Sheng’s Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library

After leaving the abandoned factory, Nancy returned to her apartment near the Philo district.

She didn’t intend to go home immediately. The firearm permit the shopkeeper promised her a while back had been sorted out. She needed to pick it up first.

Though Nancy was now considered a “dangerous individual” due to her possession of numerous lethal weapons, as long as she planned to continue operating openly in this city, a firearm permit remained essential.

Hmm… But she remembered that a firearm permit below Level Three wouldn’t allow her to possess smart firearms. What a hassle…

However, it was still something she had paid for. Waste not, want not. Besides, even if she couldn’t use smart firearms, she could openly wield her “Sudden Inspiration” — after all, the appearance of that system item was just that of an ordinary firearm. A Level One or Two firearm permit would suffice.

Yet, as Nancy obtained the firearm permit and prepared to head home, she sensed that something was amiss in her surroundings.

Pausing for a moment, Nancy pretended to tie her shoelaces and crouched down. Then, through her peripheral vision, she noticed someone seemed to be following her.

Nancy’s shoelace-tying motion was quite abrupt, and the person clearly didn’t react immediately. After a momentary daze, they ducked behind a nearby utility pole — it was already nighttime, and there weren’t many streetlights around. The person probably thought Nancy hadn’t spotted them.

“……” Nancy couldn’t help feeling a bit absurd. In her previous job as a member of the national security guard, she could tell that this person’s tracking skills were amateurish… No, they were downright clumsy in Nancy’s eyes.

Curious about who this young amateur was and why they were tailing her, Nancy turned and swiftly slipped into an adjacent alley. The person tracking her followed suit without much hesitation.

However, just as the figure at the mouth of the alley was peeking around for Nancy’s presence, a hand suddenly reached out from the side and grabbed his collar!

Of course, it was Nancy. She intended to find out who was targeting her today.

What? What if the other party was a good person? Well, tracking a young girl late at night… no matter how you looked at it, they couldn’t be up to any good, right?

The person clearly had some skill too. Just as Nancy’s fingertips were about to touch his collar, he abruptly sidestepped, simultaneously reaching into his sleeve as if to retrieve something.

Nancy didn’t care what the person in front of her was about to pull out. Most likely, it was either a dagger or a pistol. She had always been inclined to speculate about others with the utmost malice.

Therefore, in the next moment, Nancy swiftly stepped back, then spun around at the fastest speed she could muster, delivering a spinning kick!

The person probably didn’t expect Nancy to launch such a fierce attack out of nowhere, so he hesitated for a moment. Then, he hastily raised his arms to block across his chest.

And then…


There was a crisp sound, and the figure in front let out a muffled groan. But he didn’t have time to react further because he saw the girl in front of him already preparing for a second kick.

Just as Nancy was about to raise her leg again, the person in front removed his mask and let out a tender voice—

“Nan… Nancy! Stop, it’s me!”

The voice was all too familiar to Nancy, and she had just seen this person not long ago — wasn’t this the protagonist, Su Xiaoyu?

Although she didn’t plan to have any interaction with the protagonist, she definitely couldn’t continue with this kick. Nancy turned around and released the force, retracting her leg gracefully.

Seeing Nancy stop attacking, Su Xiaoyu let out a sigh of relief, but then he gasped in pain — it was his arm that had made the crisp sound just now.

“Gah… You, that was quite ruthless…” Su Xiaoyu complained helplessly.

Nancy shrugged indifferently. In a place like the Philo district, lacking a bit of capability meant not daring to step out, especially since the original owner was a girl with not-so-bad looks. One should be cautious in any case.

Of course, Su Xiaoyu understood this principle too, so he wasn’t angry. After all, he had brought this upon himself… If only he hadn’t played at tailing. When fighting alongside Nancy the other day, Su Xiaoyu had assumed she could only use a gun, but he hadn’t expected her hand-to-hand combat skills to be this good.

There was no way around it; this arm needed treatment, but there was no need to see a doctor. Su Xiaoyu had his own way.

So, before Nancy could suggest finding a doctor, Su Xiaoyu took out three green talismans from his intact arm and promptly applied them to the spot Nancy had kicked, without hesitation.

Then, an incredible scene unfolded. As soon as the three green talismans were applied, they emitted a green light. In less than three seconds, Su Xiaoyu’s slightly distorted arm was restored to its original state.

Facing this scene, Nancy was naturally very curious. Although the original work mentioned Su Xiaoyu’s miraculous talismanic power, it mostly manifested in combat. In the original story, it was with a few explosive talismans that Su Xiaoyu killed Hattori.

However, Nancy had never seen this type of auxiliary talisman before and didn’t know what other types of talismans there were besides healing ones…

Seeing Nancy’s curious gaze, Su Xiaoyu revealed a slightly smug expression. His sense of superiority as a demon slayer mainly manifested in these talismans. After all, these were secret techniques passed down only within the Eastern Demon Slayer lineage.

Then Su Xiaoyu gave one to Nancy — reasoning that he noticed she was injured.

Nancy was slightly taken aback. Su Xiaoyu’s mention of the injury was probably about the arm injured by the ice ability user earlier. Although the ice spikes that pierced her skin had dissipated on their own after the ability user died, the resulting piercing wound was indelible. Though Nancy had already applied basic bandaging, further treatment would certainly be better.

With this in mind, Nancy took the talisman and applied it to her wound. As expected, she only felt a cool sensation on her arm. When she checked again, the pain and itchiness were gone, and even the wound had disappeared, as if she had never been injured.

“These are our demon slayer’s talismans, impressive, right?” Su Xiaoyu boasted proudly.

Nancy immediately nodded. This stuff was indeed impressive. She needed to find a way to obtain some for research. Of course, if she could duplicate it, that would be even better.

However, she was just considering it. After all, it was said to be a secret technique, so concerns about piracy were inevitable. Moreover, this was something from the protagonist’s side, which added even more uncertainty.


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