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Interlude – First Time Shopping as Kotone (Part 3)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2360 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1158 words
Editor(s): Fire

「I’ve had enough. I’ll have this one and this.」
「That’s some random choices there…… Wait, are you really sure you’re fine with these sizes?」
「Eh? Yes, since they’re the same size as the one I’m wearing right now.」
「Woah, that’s bigger than I thought. Haah, what do you even do to get that big?」
「Please stop staring at me.」

I’m currently hiding my breasts while holding some underwear, what kind of situation is this? And upon realizing this, my face went beet red. Glad to see you’re enjoying my suffering, Akira.

「You’re not trying them on?」
「You think I would?」

I know it’s impolite to answer a question with a question, but I don’t care. Being inside an underwear shop is already enough of a humiliation play and now you’re upping the ante, you think I’m some m̲a̲s̲o̲c̲h̲i̲s̲t̲?

「You should at least try them on. It’s your first time buying those, right? Then you won’t know if it’s a good fit unless you try them. If it turns out that they aren’t comfortable, then you’ll have to buy another pair again. 」

Hmm, she’s presenting a valid point. If only she didn’t have that wide grin.

「Let’s see, the fitting room is there, huh. Come on, let’s move.」
「Wai-, don’t push me!」

And so I was shoved into the fitting room. I shouldn’t be visible from the outside. Even if the door is slightly ajar, it’s facing away from the aisle, so the other customers shouldn’t see me. Still, there’s a mirror in front of me that’ll show my whole body naked. What kind of punishment is this?

「You don’t particularly need to try the bottoms. It’s just for the best if you at least check the top fitting. Based on prior experience.」
「Did something bad happen?」
「It chafed so much it hurt.」

I see. That certainly is a bad experience. You thought it was alright but then it didn’t fit with your skin at all. Hearing that now, I really should at least try it on once. I guess it’s time to brace myself.

「I’ll stay outside, so you can relax, alright?」
「I trust you. We’ve somehow been together for roughly half a year, after all.」
「It hasn’t been that long since we first talked face to face, though.」

That was when I talked to her about the twins’ birthday. Still, more than that, she’s worked to protect me as my bodyguard, so there’s no way I don’t trust her. They never tell me if there were ever some close calls, though.

「You likely know from the beach, but you’re pretty popular among our folks.」
「Because of the café?」
「Part of it, but it’s because you’re not high maintenance. Our company gets complaints all the time like it’s natural. Even with things that aren’t related to us. On the other hand, you’ve never filed any complaint, right?
「Never had.」

I’ve never felt particularly hampered by them, so there’s no reason to complain. They don’t intervene too much and the only time they approach me is when they’re close to losing sight of me.

「You even give food sometimes.」
「It’s better than throwing the excess away.」

In particular, I’ve given snacks made of dinner leftovers to the night shift pair. I made some rice balls with the leftover rice, if I’m right. I’m not that pressed for food since I receive some food money from the neighbors, which is why I don’t mind that much.

「You think any rich girl that would do that?」
「Likely not.」

The snacks might become a cause for complaints. Moreover, if they’re not allowed to turn it down, it’s just a cause for trouble. Anyone would get stressed.

「Because of that, there’s a lot of people who want to be assigned to you. As for me, they’re just a nuisance.」

I can easily imagine her eyebrows scrunched right now. And her mouth formed a smile despite that. She’s probably thinking how good she’s got it compared to them.

「What was your first thoughts after getting assigned to me?」
「Ah, it was Time to find a new job. Nowadays, I don’t think of it at all. Having an easy job is really nice. 」

Yup, if it had been the old Kotone, she might have actually done that. Gojima probably would be ill with anxiety. Mizuki would have reached her limits too.

「Originally, we shouldn’t even be talking like this, right?」
「Well, yeah. Being silent is part of the job, after all. In cases of emergencies, we’re allowed to talk and limit your actions, but as a general rule we’re not to interact with you. That’s why as your bodyguard, we generally don’t pay attention what you’re doing.」
「That makes things a lot easier for me, so I appreciate it.」
「Thank you.」

Being next to a bodyguard that would constantly escort me would be so intimidating that I’d probably get nervous even when I’m not doing anything wrong. So the sense of distance we have right now is good for me.

「So, you’re done?」
「I’ve also finished changing back. I’m glad you didn’t peep.」
「The door is locked so there’s no way I could’ve peeped. If it was Mizuki, she might do that, though.」

If it was her, I feel like she would have entered with me. Ever since the incident at the beach, I’ve chatted with her but when the topic is about clothes, her personality completely changes. I try to avoid that topic as much as possible, but the worst part is that she brings it up.

「They seem to fit well. I’ve decided on this.」
「Then good. It’s close to that time anyways, so why don’t we get lunch before going back?」
「The underwear costs more than I expected, so I’ll politely decline.」
「It’ll be Kyousuke’s treat. As they say, treating a woman shows a man’s resourcefulness.」
「They don’t say that.」

That “saying” just makes me feel bad. Still, underwear is pretty expensive. Men’s underwear doesn’t cost that much though. I guess the difference in material plays a big factor here.

「Ah, Kyousuke said OK.」

It seems like she contacted him while I was at the cashier. Kyousuke is pretty soft on her. Still, since we got his agreement, then there’s no reason to decline. I’ll gladly feast.

「Now then, what do I get?」
「Don’t choose something too expensive, okay? Since Akira knows nothing about restrain.」

As we left the shop, Kyousuke was there waiting. Since we’re eating together, I guess there’s no point in staying apart. Rather, they really aren’t acting much like bodyguards right now.

「You two really don’t act much like bodyguards.」
「「I don’t want to hear that from you.」」

When I said that out loud, the two of them immediately quipped. Right, I don’t act much like a rich girl either.


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