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Chapter 62 – Chatting at Home (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2775 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: Unknown words
Editor(s): Fire

My job and academy life is doing generally well. My reputation seems to be incomparably better now compared to the first semester. Well, it was pretty much worse than the worst back in those days, though.

「Come to think of it, the registration for the next student council president candidacy has started.」
「That’s a random topic.」

Currently, I’m at home with the usual study group members. This time, I invited Kirigamine for the first time, but she wasn’t particularly surprised. I suppose it’s just the difference of a wealthy person’s sensibilities. The snacks and drinks are regular market stuff, though.

「Since you brought that up, are you interested about it, Kaori?」
「A bit. Our current president is weirdly amusing, so I was wondering how the next would be.」
「He certainly is weird. With the main victims being me and Kishita.」
「Does the current student council always do that?」
「No, that was an exception.」

When Kirigamine came to observe the student council, Kishita and I were cooking lunch. If that was something we do all the time, we wouldn’t be able to bear it, okay.

「The next student council probably, or rather definitely, won’t be as amusing as the current one.」

The front runner is the only registered candidate. At this rate, he’ll probably be elected without any debates or other weird events happening. The last debate seemed to have been pretty popular thanks to our current president.

「As a fellow twelve family member, aren’t you interested in joining the next student council?」

She’s probably thinking Then why are you part of the student council right now? I mean, that was the result of unforeseen events. I didn’t join the student council because I wanted to, you know? Though I do enjoy being a part of it these days.

「It’s unfortunate that the current student council is ending. But I really don’t know what to expect from the next student council, you know? 」
「Umm, is Nagatsuki that bad?」

What are you talking about, Kirigamine? Isn’t it obvious that he’s a world of difference compared to the current president? Comparing them would be rude. While Nagatsuki might be more decent personality wise; ability wise, who knows? Since for some reason, the current president is pretty excellent.

「Hmmm, he’s not very interesting, I guess. He’s pretty straight-laced, so he likely won’t do any events like this year’s.」

Also, him being extremely prejudiced is a problem. He still sees me as the Kotone from last year. There are other problems regarding him, but I don’t need to talk about it.

「Kotone, you’ve met with this Nagatsuki guy?」
「A bit, last year.」

Kaori’s question is reasonable. Our families have zero relations and we’ve only interacted within the academy. Moreover, it was the troublemaker Kotone. That’s exactly why he’s got a preconceived view of me.

「That’s why there’s no chance of me getting chosen for the next student council.」
「And if I can get in instead…」
「Yup. But I think the tough part will start after you’re in.」
「Why is that?」
「At this rate, we aren’t going to get any studying done, so let’s have a short break.」

With all this talking, they aren’t exactly focused on studying. It would be different if the topic was about what we’re studying. But it’s completely unrelated, as evidenced by how all of their pens have stopped moving.

「So, what exactly is the tough part? In our case, we don’t really know what the student council does to start with.」

It’s normal for Kaori and the other students to have no idea about the student council duties. Even I only learned what their activities were after joining.

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「Generally, it’s paperwork. When I joined, we were making financial statements and organizing budget reports. It was surprisingly hard.」
「Even for the current student council?」
「Kirigamine, you’ll know once you experience it. Since you definitely won’t have enough people to handle it.」

Oh boy, she’s speechless. It’s true that the current student council is a gathering of excellent people. So hearing that there still isn’t enough people regardless must have been unbelievable.

「The reason why I joined the student council was because two of the officers were down from stomachache and work wasn’t making any progress, the plan was for me to assist for only that time.」
「And then they took a liking to you?」
「By some twist of fate, yup. As you might know, they caused a lot of commotion until I officially joined.」

The president did what he could all over the place. Miyako is giggling, perhaps recalling those times. Right now we can laugh it off, but those days it was a real headache. Like, What should I do so I don’t join the student council?

「Back then I couldn’t understand why the president was so infatuated with Kotone. Now I can understand it, though.」
「You’re not alone there, Kirigamine. Most of the students probably thought the same. As Kotone’s classmate, I was personally excited to hear what she did this time.」

I deliberately don’t ask what exactly she means by that. I’m fully aware that I’m originally a troublemaker. Whether it’s good or bad aside.

「I knew it wasn’t like the ones in the past. I thought you pulled something amusing, in a good sense, and it was the consensus of the whole class.」

Right, my position within the class did change around that time. But that doesn’t excuse that line of thought. What were you guys expecting from me? I’m not your dedicated entertainer.

「Isn’t your treatment of me awful?」
「Hey, it’s better than last year’s. Think about it. Is this year or the previous year better?」

Kaori’s statement left me with no words. If you say that, I’ve got no grounds for dispute. If I was treated the same way as last year’s, I’d be all alone regardless if I’m not causing trouble. I know full well that this year is a blessing.

「Um, this is a different topic, but I wonder how Nagatsuki will chose his officers?」

Hearing Kirigamine’s question, me, Kaori, and Miyako started mulling over it, but the other two quickly gave up. They don’t really have much interaction with Nagatsuki, after all. I can somewhat imagine it.

「He’ll likely secure members of the twelve families. Outside that, those from wealthy families with good grades. Well, he probably wouldn’t choose any common folk.」

What’s most important is the pedigree. He only looks at the surface level, so he can’t see people’s true nature. If Udzuki was still here, it would probably end up being a real disaster. Considering that, I’m seriously glad that she changed schools.

「How do I say this… Is that really alright?」
「Probably not. There will be a handing over process from current student council, but even with that, who knows?」

Miyako’s concern is understandable. From a work point of view, it’d be preferable to have someone with experience. Even if they can use computers, that doesn’t equate to them being capable of using spreadsheets. Will there even be someone who can use functions among his choice?

「Kirigamine, how much can you do?」
「After hearing from Kotone, I studied about it a bit, but I’m not confident about being able to actually perform.」

Well of course. After all, it’s just stopgap knowledge. For this, I honestly don’t have the time to teach. For now, I’ve recommended that she read an easy to understand reference book.

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「Well, it’ll all be for nothing if you can’t get within the top 20 in the coming test, though.」
「I’m asking for your help again so that doesn’t happen, aren’t I?」
「Still, I want you to understand that even this isn’t a perfect solution. It’s only enough to give you a sliver of hope. 」
「I-I know, alright.」


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