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Interlude – First Time Shopping as Kotone (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2321 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1189 words
Editor(s): Fire

Well, whether it fits or not aside, why the heck are you wearing the same clothes as I am? A white t-shirt with jeans, that’s the exact thing I’m wearing. It is true that I always wear this and all, but isn’t that still weird?

「Matching clothes, don’t we look like office workers going home from work?」 (Akira)
「Kyousuke, did you not tell her off?」 (Kotone)
「Well, I seriously thought that you would wear something different this time. You are shopping out today, after all.」 (Kyousuke)

I’m sorry, for not being that attentive and stuff. To begin with, you think I’m the type to dress up every time I go outside? Consider how I dress regularly, please.

「I kind of anticipated it though.」 (Akira)
「Coming here like that despite anticipating this is just nasty.」 (Kotone)
「Well, I thought it would be funny.」 (Kyousuke)

Hmm, still, thinking about it calmly, it’s not like this is causing any inconvenience. And having matching clothes isn’t really a problem either.

「Even with the same clothes, Kotone, I think you’d still stand out more. Mostly due to your figure.」 (Akira)
「Oh my bad, for being the slender type.」 (Kotone)

I don’t think that’s a bad thing though. It’s the combination of height, figure, and facial features that makes or breaks one’s looks. Besides, everyone had different preferences.

「So, where are we heading? All I know is that you two are going out shopping.」 (Kyousuke)
「The objective is to buy underwear, so any place that sells underwear is fine.」 (Kotone)
「Underwear, huh. So that’s why it’s Akira. Right, since if this was with Mizuki, then things might turn out real crazy. The old man is going to have a heck of a hard time too.」 (Kyousuke)
「If you don’t have a particular destination, then let’s just head somewhere good enough. A large shopping mall is fine, yes?」 (Akira)
「I don’t mind.」 (Kotone)

As long as I can buy underwear, anywhere is fine. I should probably ask about colors and stuff though. Since it’s summer, I’m mostly lightly dressed, so some fuller colors might stand out. I’ll have to ask for professional advice regarding this.

「Still, wouldn’t you normally go with friends for this? Why us?」 (Kyousuke)
「Those friends and acquaintances of mine are occupied today. Besides, buying underwear in regular places with Kotori or those from well off families might cause some trouble.」 (Kotone)
「That’s a good point, but…… Ah, sorry.」 (Kyousuke)
「I know precisely what that apology is for, but I won’t touch on it any further.」 (Kotone)

I’ve only got a few friends anyways. I’m aware that my acquaintances are pretty much either the same age as me or older than me. Rather, maybe I even have more from the older side.

「Now then, we’ve reached the place in the middle of our chat, but I’ll be watching not too close not too far as usual.」 (Kyousuke)
「Nothing will likely happen this time, I think. Since there shouldn’t be any idiot foolish enough to attempt a kidnapping in such a populous place.」 (Akira)

There’s no telling how many obstacles you need to overcome, after all. To begin with, trying to kidnap me with Akira always by my side would be a mistake. Well it might work out with enough people, but that’d be the opposite of inconspicuous.

「Well then, let’s go now. Underwear isn’t something to be worried over, after all.」 (Akira)
「No, it is. Particularly price wise.」 (Kotone)
「Say design wise there. I think about this all the time, but you really make me doubt that you’re a member of the twelve families.」 (Akira)

Designs are secondary. Either way, it’s something to wear underneath clothes, so there’s no point worrying about the design. I naturally don’t have anyone to show it off to anyways. Though if I did, that’d likely shock a lot of people.

「I realize that. Still, I’m already kicked out from that world.」 (Kotone)
「The fact that you can calmly accept that is weird, you know? Wouldn’t the normal reaction be to stubbornly cling to your family?」 (Akira)
「I’m at the point where I have not a single scaffold to cling to, you see. Besides, I also know people who can let go with ease.」 (Kotone)

There are people who just leave their families since the high society stuff conflicts with their personality. And aren’t there a lot of people who don’t really fit the definition of normal? Those people too, I’ve seen a lot around me.

「Hmm, I guess it’s just a wealthy girl problem. I can’t really imagine being in that position. Not that I’d want to be.」 (Akira)

I guess that’s because of her being in close proximity to them. Or perhaps dealing with kids with twisted personalities got her thinking about stuff. I guess after all that’s said and done, Akira has been through some hardships herself.

「So, we’re here. This place is fine, right?」 (Akira)
「Well, we certainly are here. Yes, it should be fine.」 (Kotone)

I wonder, is it just me or is it blinding here? Also, as I thought, it’s really awkward to step inside. I know that Akira isn’t stepping forward because I’m not moving, but I have a hard time taking the first step.

「I have no idea why you’re hesitating, but it’s just like any normal place. Though compared to the ones you have previously, the underwear here are of a considerably lower grade.」 (Akira)
「No, it’s not that I particularly worry about that. I’m just a bit nervous about entering a place I’ve never went to before.」 (Kotone)

Both as Souji and as Kotone. Still, there’s no point being frozen at the entrance forever. First, to be brave and take a step forward. Though this is definitely not a place that requires bravery at all.

「Want some really flashy ones? Since you wore flashy ones before.」 (Akira)
「You’re saying that understanding how different I am from how I was before, aren’t you?」 (Kotone)
「I understand that your preferences have changed completely. But just making sure.」 (Akira)

She asked while deliberately showing off a pair of red underwear. If I wear that with my current attire, it’s definitely going to show through. White or beige is good enough. That’s all I planned to buy to begin with.

「Actually, why don’t you try touching it? The tactile feel should be an important factor, after all.」 (Akira)
「R-right.」 (Kotone)

For some reason, even though I should be used to handling underwear back at my room, now that I’m about to touch one in a store, it feels weird. It shouldn’t be any different.

「It’s my first time seeing a woman being embarrassed looking at female underwear.」 (Akira)
「It’s my first time too.」 (Kotone)
「No, I was talking about you.」 (Akira)

Good point. I’m completely aware of the absurd difference in sensibilities. This is the inconvenient part about me being a muddle of male and female. I’m probably the only one who’s so affected by this.


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