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Chapter 88 – After Party Epilogue (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2857 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1332 words
Editor(s): Fire

The forgotten item was the bass. There’s no way I can bring that large thing to campus. So if possible, I’d rather he come pick it up. Since he’s aware of it and has a provocative smile…

「Don’t tell me it was on purpose?」
「Of course it was. I’m giving it to you as a present.」
「No, I can’t accept such an expensive thing for free.」

Even as payment for the room, it’s too expensive. But if I’m being honest, I’d love to keep it. Besides, it’d be scary if he wants something in exchange. It’s Hadzuki we’re dealing with, after all.

「I believe a time will come when you’ll need it, you see. That’s if you’d agree with my grand plan.」
「What are you scheming now?」
「I still haven’t gotten approval, so it’s a secret. Still, once I get permission, I plan on having you participate.」
「If that’s the price for it, then it can’t be helped.」

Just a hunch, but it’ll probably be an event where I’ll need that bass. Still, I wonder what he needs permission for? Don’t tell me he’s planning on doing a guerrilla live outdoors or something?

「You accepted quick, that’s a surprise.」
「It’s such a great item, after all. Still, I might withdraw depending on the actual activity.」
「Well that’s quite troubling. It’s meaningful precisely when we do it together, you know.」

The only thing Hadzuki and I have in common is being a member of the twelve families. Don’t tell me he’s planning on forming an all twelve family band for pure novelty? You’re going to destroy Aya’s image.

「Then how will I compensate if the permission isn’t given?」
「In that case, why don’t we settle this in advance. Kotone, let’s hug.」
「Excuse me?」

Why do I suddenly have to hug you? That’ll just cause weird rumors. The previous student council president and Kotone, embracing in the hallway in broad daylight. There’d be too many witnesses to snuff it out.

「What the heck are you thinking, you idiot.」
「Kotone, you’re saying your thoughts out loud. Look, you hugged Aya, didn’t you? I feel like I’ve lost a little.」

What exactly are you being competitive about? To begin with, Aya just hugged me on her own. If you were the one who did that, I would’ve slapped you before you could touch me.

「A million yen hug, is it? If feels like I’m being bought out, unpleasant.」
「I’m completely the villain, aren’t I? The bad old man.」

If you’re aware of it, then why even suggest this? Besides, it didn’t sound like a joke to me. Rather, I feel like Hadzuki generally tries to make good of his words. So he’s probably serious.

「Come on.」
「Don’t come on me.」

Stop spreading your arms. The surrounding students are wondering what’s happening, don’t you see? Imagine what will happen if we embrace in the middle of this. Worst case, they might think we’re dating.

「Hadzuki, could you lent me an ear for a moment?」
「Sure, let me also say something to my conflicted Kotone.」
「「Behind you.」」

Saying that at nearly the same time, we started to sprint past each other. No checking what’s behind me. Were an acquaintance or some more troublesome characters from the twelve families witness to our exchange, there’s no telling what sort of action they’ll take.

「There, captured.」
「Incidentally, who was the person behind me?」
「It was Kotori.」

The one behind Hadzuki was Aya, who exuded a weird aura. We were chatting in the third year hallway, so it’s only natural that she appeared. Also, I stopped because my uniform was grabbed. And I’d hate it if it gets stretched out.

「That was a brilliant foot sweep.」
「So that’s why it sounded like Hadzuki tripped over.」

Just when I heard a weird voice, it was directly followed by the sound of someone tripping. Still, why did Kotori appear here? I was sure she wouldn’t have any reason to appear here outside of doing errands.

「So, what exactly led to the current situation?」
「I was asked a hug in exchange for the bass last night.」
「Okay, Kotori. Do it.」

I heard a muffled voice. I was scared to see Kotori’s face, so I’ve yet to turn around. If I’m not careful, I might be targeted as well. I’m sure she won’t use violence on me, but who knows what she’ll do.

「Even looking in as a bystander, it was an amazing sight. Hadzuki with his arms wide open, while Kotone was acting bashful. Just from that, it’s enough for some spicy rumours.」
「I… looked like I was being bashful?」
「It also looked like you were conflicted on whether to reciprocate or not.」

I certainly was conflicted on how to respond. Considering that I can obtain such a good bass with just a hug, I was considering it. But thinking about how much damage it would cause, I was hesitant.

「The correct action would have been to tell him off with zero hesitation. The mere fact that you were conflicted would make the students think that there’s something between you two.」
「Kotone. You should not do such a thing so easily. Bad, Kotone!」

Even Kotori is scolding me. In the end, even I got condemned. Turning my eyes to Hadzuki, he’s helping himself up with his hand on the wall. He doesn’t look too well.

「To begin with, why did you think of doing that, Hadzuki?」
「See, what Aya did at the party made Kotone and Aya’s closeness known to high society, right? So I wanted to show the academy just how close Kotone and I ar-」
「「You’re lying.」」

Aya and Kotori refuted him in unison. On this, I agree. Hadzuki and I being close is nothing new. It’s been known ever since we were in the student council.

「No choice then, I’ll speak the truth. It’s not that I’ve fallen in love with Kotone. But it’s true that I was thinking of deepening our friendship.」
「And your true motive?」
「Well, I didn’t think you’d do it. If you did, I would’ve stopped you. And then use that to make fun of you.」

You can’t call that the truth. If it was, it wouldn’t fit with wanting to deepen our friendship. Then what is his goal? Thinking about it, it’s simple. He wanted to create this situation here.

「Kotori, were you called here by someone?」

It all fits. Seeing Hadzuki’s grin, I’m convinced. In that case, one more guy is definitely appearing. While I don’t think he was contacted, things got unexpectedly chaotic, so he should appear.

「In the heart of the racket is Kotone, huh.」
「Uh-huh, just as planned.」

With this, the 2nd years and 3rd years have gathered. The spectators have also increased. The students in their classrooms are peeking from their doors, in the distance the 2nd and 1st years have also gathered.

「It’s not like I’m the reason for this. The root of evil is Hadzuki.」
「However, you are at the center of it. Rin said it before, but nothing good happens when Hadzuki, Shimotsuki, and Kotone are together.」

I was just dragged into this situation. Still, if the underclassmen come gathering here, things will probably get out of hand. I trust that Minadzuki is watching us from somewhere.

「So, what happened here?」
「It was just an attempted hugging with Hadzuki.」

You didn’t have to facepalm so hard. If that had continued, I don’t think I would’ve gone for the hug anyway, though. I’m careful enough to think about the future consequences, okay. Not that these people would believe me.

「Kotone, bad! Okay?」
「I’m not doing it, honest.」

We’re cheerfully chatting in the middle of the hallway, yet no one’s telling us off. How did my coming here to talk about a forgotten item end up like this? I don’t know myself.


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