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Chapter 89 – A X̲X̲X̲ Called Field Trip (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2192 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1056 words
Editor(s): Fire

It’s now the day of the field trip. We are to wear uniforms during the daytime, so I don’t have many changes of clothes. I’ve somehow procured a new batch of underwear. And pajamas for the night. Personally, a jersey could’ve done well enough.

「The excess expenses…」
「Keeping up appearances in these times is part of being a woman.」

As I was still moping, Harumi gave her words of wisdom. I don’t think I need to keep up appearances as Kotone at this point, though. Keeping appearances, wanting father’s attention, I don’t need those anymore.

「Considering that, your luggage isn’t any much different from mine.」
「It’s because I don’t need to keep up appearances.」

Compared to the other girls, Harumi and I have smaller luggage. What the others brought with them, there’s no way of knowing. Miyako meanwhile is carrying more than the others. We share a room, so we’ll know what she has later.

「Still, why by bus?」
「Isn’t that the standard? Besides, it won’t take us long if we use the highway.」

That’s true. It’s not like we’re far enough to need a plane flight, the same goes with the train. And if we arrive too quickly, it’ll be tough for the academy to make plans. Particularly, free time.

「You say it doesn’t take long, but it’s still three hours, right?」
「We’re leaving in the afternoon, so we’re going straight to the hotel, aren’t we? That’s it for the first day, huh.」

No, sometimes it’s leave in the morning, arrive in the afternoon, and then straight to sightseeing. I’m pretty sure it went like that during my time. The place was distant, so we went by plane, right? Where was it again?

「Maybe Hokkaido?」
「You went there during junior high?」
「No, the EXIST band members did.」

Even then we were fooling around. When we appeared with large luggages, our classmates were like “Again?”. We were well-known problem children since enrolment, after all. There’s probably no other fools who’d bring musical instruments on a field trip.

「You’re really close with them, aren’t you? Hey, could you get an autograph for me too?」
「The next time we meet, maybe.」

They wouldn’t refuse me if I ask, after all. Though they’ll ask something in exchange. When I bragged about the bass I got, things got really wild. Like “Now you can join us in the band” and “We’re going there right now” they said.

「Still, they really are popular. Personally, I still can’t believe it.」
「They’re pretty popular with young people. I’ve heard that their concerts are showy too.」
「That’s how they operate, after all.」

They probably do a lot of things ad lib, for sure. I feel pretty bad for the trouble and inconvenience to the staff on set as a former member. It was my role to be the idiots’ brake, after all.

「Still, the school life of celebrities, I’m a bit curious about it.」
「I’m sure it’s nothing unusual. Yes, quite normal in fact.」

Sorry, that’s a fat lie. In class, we were lumped together and called Shinsengumi. It’s our dark past now, but for a different reason. Still, my other classmates were pretty unique characters as well.

「Kotone, your face is all scrunched up.」
「Sorry, I suddenly remembered something.」

I remember that we’ve caused even worse problems than what I’ve caused recently. Like, we each had our own weird nicknames, it’s not normal. There’s also those unusual weirdos Actor, Empress, and Hermit mixed in.

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「I don’t know about their private life, but the fact that they’re close with you already makes them not normal.」
「If you say that, that would apply to everyone in here, won’t it?」
「No, from what I’ve been hearing, you’re much closer with them or rather, doesn’t it sound like you’re best friends?」
「They certainly do consider me one.」

In a short span of one month. I’m a hundred percent sure they’ve noticed that it’s me. They just don’t bring it up, so I don’t tell them either. Still, I wonder why they’re not asking?

「Ah, sorry. I got a message.」
『Where will you go tomorrow? For me, I’d love to go to Kiyomizudera.』

Akira has been like this ever since knowing that she’ll be coming along for the field trip. I can barely tell if she’s here for work or play. Mizuki was pretty disappointed to learn that we won’t be in casual attire, though.

「One of your bodyguards?」
「She’s gotten excited, it’s a bit worrying. For them, I feel like they’re mainly coming for sightseeing rather than work.」
「Thinking about it, you don’t really give off the impression that you’re being guarded. In campus, you always seem to be protected by the student council, but outside…」
「I can do most things alone, after all. And I don’t go to dangerous places. My activities are also routinized, so I’m told that I’m awfully easy to follow.」
「I saw your relationship with them at the beach before, but you practically interacted like friends.」
「It’s much easier for me that way. I’d feel unpleasant if they break their backs being formal with me.」

They’re the perfect choice of people only for me. If it was a regular rich daughter, they clearly don’t lack enough patience. To begin with, why did Akira choose this occupation? Kyousuke could probably manage on his own though.

『I’d love to visit Kokuto-Do (Kokuto Donuts) too. I heard that their sweets are so good.』
「You’re really not in a working mood, are you?」
『We’re just relieved because we’re guarding you. The other guys are in low spirits, silent like they’re at a wake.』

The twelve families aren’t the only ones with security. Kirigamine and the other sons and daughters have security too. And for them, this field trip must be quite the ordeal. Mentally speaking.

「Just don’t cause trouble for Gojima.」
『He’s already having a headache seeing who I’m messaging with.』

Being able to easily get in touch with your protectee is an advantage. For the other bodyguards, they can’t make contact, show themselves, and have to rush after in case of emergencies. After all, for the field trip, they have to consciously make themselves invisible to their protectees.


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