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Chapter 88 – After Party Epilogue (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2819 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1362 words
Editor(s): Fire

Somehow I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve been to the academy. In actuality, it’s not really different from any other day, but I guess it’s a feeling issue. It was a pretty eventful day, after all.

「My exhaustion still hasn’t worn off.」
「The exhaustion from the first event or the second event?」

Kaori came into my classroom awfully interested about yesterday’s happenings, but she’s not proactively trying to ask the dead tired me about it. Seeing a weird dream also played a part in my exhaustion.

「The second.」
「I guess it was tough with those people even for you.」
「There was no stopper. And they aren’t really the type to have working breaks, so everything just went overboard.」
「I personally want to see it, but I wouldn’t like to be there in person.」

I wouldn’t recommend unprepared people to be there. If you go there with regular expectations and impressions, they’d be easily crushed to dust. We can’t let that chaotic scene go public. For various reasons.

「Hey, hey, don’t you have some pictures?」
「It’s top secret, you see? I’m hesitant to show it off.」
「So stingy. It’s not like I’ll ask for copies, okay?」
「I’ll show them eventually. Please wait until I get my emotions all sorted out.」
「Then show it to me during the field trip. Isn’t it the perfect thing to talk about?」
「Field trip?」

Hearing her words, I remembered what I’ve forgotten. I was so occupied with the party and the after party, so the school activities really went over my head. I haven’t prepared at all.

「Don’t tell me you forgot?」
「It’s exactly the case. What do I do?」
「Eh, you haven’t prepared for it yet?」

She’s completely appalled. Well yeah, field trips only happen two or three times in your life. Normally it’s impossible to forget about it. However, it’s my second time experiencing a high school field trip.

「It’s only one week from now.」
「Sorry. The party and after party were the only things in my head.」

It’s after this coming weekend, isn’t it? A 5-days, 4-nights field trip. I’ll have to make preparations during this weekend, but do I have enough money? I’ve been saving so I have some leeway, but it might go poof for this time.

「Kaori, about this weekend…」
「Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ll keep you company, so at least treat me some lunch.」
「I’ll make the effort.」

It’ll increase my expenses, but it can’t be helped. While I have prior experience with field trips, it’s naturally my first time going to one as a girl. I have no idea what I’ll be needing, so I really need someone’s help. For this, it’s a necessary expense.

「Ah~, I’m gonna lose money.」
「Sorry when you’re trying to relax, but your colors are showing.」
「A side effect of the after party. My mask slips off much easier now.」

As I was stumped on my desk, Kaori gave me a head’s up. Right, this doesn’t match the academy’s image of me. It doesn’t fit Kotone’s general image either. People who don’t know about Kotone see me as serious and diligent, after all. I’m just being well-behaved though.

「My public image has changed quite a lot.」
「You obviously act like a different person, so it can’t be helped. You want to be a problem child again?」
「I don’t want to. I really hope the year ends peacefully as is.」
「Will there be something happening?」

Please don’t have such expectant eyes. Besides, this is just a personal prediction. It’s not like something will happen for sure. Still, I don’t believe one bit that Hadzuki and Aya will just keep themselves behaved.

「I can’t imagine those two not doing anything, you see.」
「The top problem child of the third years, right? I don’t really understand why your so afraid of Shimotsuki, though.」

There’s a fixed impression of them in the academy, after all. If someone’s causing trouble, it must be Hadzuki. People think Aya just watches from a distance. Even though she’s an active troublemaker.

「Class should be starting soon. Let’s decide on the meetup time later.」
「Please do.」

Kaori has left and now I remember a different issue. I don’t remember anything about the group I’ll be with. Naturally, I might have to share a room with them. My classmates already have a different image of me, so I don’t really mind that. But I do want to know.

「Miyako. About my group, who is it composed of?」
「You were dozing off, so we just decided on our own. You’re with Harumi and me.」
「Just the three of us?」
「That’s right. Originally it should be four people, but with our class there’ll have to be one group with only three members. And that group is ours.」

I see. In short, I’m with my usual group. I guess I’m relieved, but I also don’t know what to expect for night topics. Rather, I can’t imagine a girl’s conversation.

「Our destination is Kyoto, correct?」
「We’re going to other places as well, but the main destination is Kyoto. The itinerary is still under review, though. Do you have anywhere you want to go to, Kotone?」
「Not particularly. I have no issues if you two decide on it.」

I don’t have anywhere I especially want to see, after all. Most of all, season-wise, the maple trees are probably already withered out. Why are we doing it at such a weird time? Actually, thinking about it, it’s pretty easy to guess.

「Still, why are we doing it later than the other schools?」
「Come to think of it, that’s true. The other schools are generally done by now.」
「It’s likely because of us.」
「What do you mean by that?」

If members of the twelve families are to move, then affiliated people have to move as well. In other words, the bodyguards. In that case, we’ll have more people going and it’ll be best to not have any sort of conflict with other schools. That’s why we’re doing it later.

「As expected of the twelve families. Everything they do is big.」
「The fortunate thing is that it’s me, Kotori, and Nagatsuki, so there shouldn’t be much trouble.」

With the three of us, we won’t be causing huge trouble. As long as Nagatsuki stays behaved, that is. His reaction to seeing acts inappropriate for highschoolers would be a problem.

「Hmmm, if any problem were to occur, I’m pretty sure you’d get involved in it.」
「Stop it, don’t jinx a flag.」

Getting dragged into trouble even during a field trip, I’d hate it. Roughly speaking, getting dragged into a Nagatsuki problem is within the realm of possibility. As long as he doesn’t come near me, it’s not a concern. After all, I don’t have any idea of other students who could cause problems.

「I imagine you’d cause a big ruckus in these sorts of events, though.」
「I’m telling you-…」
「We’re starting everyone, so take your seats.」

Before I could argue, Teacher Kondou entered the classroom with perfect timing. The conversation was cut short, but I really hope that doesn’t jinx it. If anything happens, I’m blaming you for this.

「Now then, I’ll be handling an errand now.」

For our morning orientation, as expected, we talked about the field trip. There’s one week left, don’t be too occupied with the field trip and neglect your studies. The usual reminders and all. I’ll try not to overthink it as well. And as we got to lunch break, I stood up to finish a certain errand.

「An errand?」
「To discuss about a forgotten item.」

Harumi asked about it, but I kept the details vague. What happened back then is generally off the record. Since if it carelessly came out that the twelve families gathered, weird rumors will be flying around. Especially with them gathering in my place.

「Hadzuki, do you have a moment?」
「Kotone, it’s unusual for you to come and visit. Is it about that thing?」
「If you already know, then how did you forget about it?」


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