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Chapter 87 – After Party Finale (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2548 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1196 words
Editor(s): Fire

We’re practically piles of corpses. I can’t even remember how many rounds we played and it’s no exaggeration to say that we completely missed the chance to stop. The album folder of my smartphone is a mess.

「Enough! We’re done now!」
「Timewise, we do have to end things soon.」

And so, I yelled and announced the end of the program. Everyone except Aya displayed a relieved expression, so they probably wanted this for a while now. Why the heck am I the stopper here.

「I’m still far from satisfied, though.」
「Like I said, we can’t take any more pictures that can’t be exposed to the world.」

Everyone except Hadzuki has lost at least once. Nagatsuki and I had an extra loss. I had to princess carry Kotori for some reason and Nagatsuki is currently in the middle of his humiliation.

「Nagatsuki, you can take that off now.」

He wordlessly took off the groucho glasses and collapsed. Naturally, I have a picture of him saved. When he turned around wearing it, we couldn’t help but laugh. After all, it looked really stupid.

「Perhaps we should settle on when to go home soon.」
「Here, I’m staying!」
「I don’t have extra futons, go home.」

Aya assertively wanted to stay, so I immediately refused. It’s true I don’t have any spare futon. Kotone practically had no decent relationships to begin with, so the family didn’t add a spare futon for my starting inventory.

「Then I’ll get one ready.」
「You’re a real slave driver.」

I forgot, but everyone invited here are people who are one call away from getting nearly anything they want. Still, I won’t allow that. If the Shimotsuki sisters get to stay, then Kotori automatically comes as a set. I have to protect my own peace.

「Rin, don’t you think it’d be better to go home?」
「I don’t really mind either way.」
「You’re going home, right?」
「It’s best to go home, I think.」

Since she was being indecisive, I firmly grabbed her shoulders, locked eyes with her to make her understand what I wanted to hear before asking again. This isn’t coercion, I’m simply persuading her.

「To think Rin would betray me.」
「Aya, just leave it at that. We should be grateful enough that Kotone let us gather here. There’s not many places where we can gather without any worries.」
「Well, that is true. But then wouldn’t it be fine to ask for a bit more?」
「Aya, can’t you be more considerate?」

Do your best, Hadzuki. Since I don’t have the ability to stop her. The only one who can do that here is probably Hadzuki. Me, I’d rather kick her out than try to control her.

「No choice then. Let’s have the sleepover for another time.」

So we’re doing it, huh. Still, it likely won’t happen with the people here right now. If we’re doing it, it’ll probably end up being a girls’ sleepover. In that case, who’ll be joining? The Shimotsuki sisters, Kotori, and maybe we could get Kishita involved. If so, I’ll have to prepare a sacrifice myself.

「Don’t tell me that we’ll do it this year, okay?」
「We’ll decide on the date later. It’ll be a bit hard to call Kaoru for things like this.」

Kishita, rest in peace. It seems like she’s set to be entangled into another ruckus like today’s. Still, she probably won’t go wild like the others, so it should be fine. We should have a sane stopper next time.

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「Still, don’t you think it’s a bit unsatisfying to end with just games?」

I don’t. We spent an awfully eventful time in my opinion. A few of us had our pride ripped to shreds, even. I won’t run out of material for messing with these people for a while. And the opposite is true too.

「In that case, how about this? Hidden talents, let’s show off skills we don’t display much.」

Casually asking for a tall demand, aren’t you. Showing off some bizarre talent is pretty scary reaction wise. I’d feel secondhand shame, after all. And to begin with, I don’t really imagine the people here having hidden talents.

「I don’t have anything like that.」

Minadzuki surrendered quickly. And then Rin had nothing too. The underclassmen are out, huh. I’d love to say I don’t have any as well, but for some reason I feel stares of expectation, so I can’t bring myself to say no.

「The most I can do is dance.」

So Kotori can dance, huh. Still, it’ll be difficult unless we start cleaning and make enough space. She seems to be the type to dance in large strides, after all. For now, let’s hear the others. Specifically the upperclassmen.

「I’ll sing!」
「Then I suppose I’ll play the guitar.」

In Aya’s case, I don’t think that’s a secret at all. Still, none of us have heard her actually sing, so I guess that counts as a hidden talent. Still, to think that Hadzuki can play the guitar. That’s certainly unexpected.

「Then Kotone, what will you be playing?」
「Why are you assuming that I can play an instrument? And what about the instruments in question?」
「Obviously I’ll have the usual people bring them in.」

I pity you, black suits. To think that they’d be working even for this event. Though it’s not like I didn’t expect it. Still, none of the security people have been involved in the end. I kept my promise, old man.

「Then the bass. What about the song? It’ll have to be something all of us know, okay.」
「How about Sherry’s love song? It’s pretty popular, so it should be fine?」
「I’m fine with that. Still, to think that you’re actually on board with the abrupt performance. I’m a bit surprised.」
「I’m good too. Keep your demands reasonable. It’s good that I can play, but what would you have done if I couldn’t play anything?」
「I would have taunted you with ‘You really can’t read the room,’ I guess?」

Awful personality as usual. In the first place, even with the taunting, what’s impossible is impossible. Or did you perhaps expect me to train with an instrument for the next time around? I don’t have an instrument to begin with.

「Sorry for the delay. I’ve brought the requested items.」
「Right, thanks. Now, head back.」

Harsh treatment as usual. On the other hand, it’ll only be a nuisance if he stays. The guy’s got a really imposing presence. I already saw the man before, but he’s well-built and is still wearing sunglasses this late at night.

「Here’s the bass, Kotone. It’s been a while since I last played, so I’m not too confident.」
「It’s been a while for me too, I’ve likely gotten pretty rusty. Rather, isn’t this…」

Upon opening the case, I froze. After all, the bass inside is worth money I can’t even imagine having. Something around the 100,000s I can still understand, but this one’s more than 1,000,000 yens worth.

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「I just had them choose randomly, so they probably got a decently expensive one. More importantly, let’s tune them.」


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