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Chapter 86 – Fate of the Defeated (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2203 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1060 words
Editor(s): Fire

I do plan on giving some to the people I’m indebted to. But I don’t intend to give a special one to the opposite sex and I don’t have anyone I like anyways. It might be a major event for others, but it’s minor for me.

「Personally, I’m more worried that you might have a scheme in mind for graduation, Hadzuki.」
「Well, even I won’t cause a ruckus that’ll engulf the whole student population.」

I can’t trust those words one bit. Still, what kind of problem can he cause at a graduation ceremony? He’s someone who can exceed my expectations with ease, after all. And he isn’t the type to be teary eyed.

「Why don’t we have a drinking party out when you come of age, Kotone?」
「There’s no reason for me to decline, so why not. Still, isn’t that a bit too early?」

It’s still three years away, so why is he inviting me now? It’s not like I have a tight schedule. If there’s any issue, that would be my status after I graduate from the academy. I can’t even imagine my future.

「Rather, just how long will she be out of it?」
「I suppose she’s just that affected. Seeing how she isn’t joining the topic.」

I was sure that she’d be on board for a drinking party. The timeout was just that effective. I would’ve been so happy about getting a skip, though. After all, I’d avoid any punishment.

「Now then, let’s decide on the next game. Since we’ve already set up, why not another video game?」
「How about a puzzle game? Like tetris?」

Some other linking puzzle would do good too. Doing a 4-person player versus player would make deciding rankings complicated and we don’t have enough people. Having one more person would give us enough players, but calling someone this late isn’t really a choice.

「Since Aya’s out, we have just enough people. In that case, let’s draw lots again.」
「Next time I’ll definitely take you down, Kotone.」
「Yeah, yeah, be quiet non-participant.」

I hear some unrelated audience talking, but it’s just a loser’s whining. Besides, it’s not like Aya can assure a win with me getting last place. As long as I have a hand in making the rules, I’m going to give myself some advantage.

「Now, let the 4th round begin.」

Surprisingly, I had a hard time this round. The biggest miscalculation was who I was up against. My first enemy was Hadzuki and after eating consecutive chains, I easily lost. Brainy guy was seriously overpowered. Still, why’d you lose the finals?

「How did you make such a simple blunder?」
「It was a misinput. I’m not a hardcore gamer, so it can’t be helped. But to think that I’d give Kotori the win this time.」

While the misinput did ruin his careful planning, I think the main reason he lost was because Kotori unfortunately had a major chain set up. That likely put him beyond recovery.

「Now, let’s start the loser’s bracket. Kotone vs Minadzuki, begin!」

We fought during the fighting game finals, but to think we’d be on the opposite brackets for the next game. Rather than being weak at puzzle games, Minadzuki seems to have lost due to misplacements during turning points. Not that I’m any different myself.

「How about that!」
「I concede.」

Both of us were aiming at making our tower as tall as possible for a big chain combo, but I finished mine faster. Like I thought, experience gives a major advantage in these kinds of games. Still, it was seriously dangerous. Had I lost this, there’s no telling what Kotori would have me do.

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「Now then, as before, let’s hear the punishment from Kotori.」

Hearing that icy tone and seeing her chilling gaze, I couldn’t recognize her for a split second. It seems like she’s quite mad. I can tell that everyone’s frozen right now. The one who’s got it worse is Minadzuki, though.


She said again after taking a step forward. Minadzuki finally understood what she just told and was about to say something, but he was silenced by Kotori’s glare. There was nothing he could do.

「Please forgive me.」

Seeing that Minadzuki obediently bowing and apologizing was a shock. I completely expected him to talk back, but I suppose he’s judged that she’s not to be trifled with. Even I feel like apologizing from that glare after all.

「Well this is an amusing sight.」
「Just like with Kotone’s, we probably wouldn’t see this happening ever again. I should take a keepsake.」

Hadzuki really is a demon. If a picture of someone from the twelve families ever gets public, there’s no telling what kind of rumors will fly. I’m taking one too, though. Since it might be useful for something.

「Then let me-」
「This is also not allowed, so no.」
「That’s such a tease!」

Rin is taking pictures anyway, so you can just get one from her. Taking pictures has slowly become a part of the punishment, but isn’t this pretty bad? In terms of common decency.

「This isn’t a keepsake, it’s an unwanted record, isn’t it?」
「It’s a battle we can’t afford to lose now. I guess I’ll have to go full force from here on. And I’ll have to keep away from you two, Kotone, Aya.」

It might be for the best that I don’t imagine what Kotori would have demanded from me had I lost. For me, the most dangerous ones are Aya and Kotori. As for Hadzuki, he’s a guy so he probably wouldn’t risk demanding anything that could be sexual harassment.

「How about we just end the games here?」
「Nope. I won’t let this stop when I had to rest!」

So she’s not going to quietly let this happen, huh. Still, Aya is ignoring the risks to force a continuation. Just when I’m starting to think that we have to stop the others soon. Turning to Rin, she quietly shook her head.

「Gotta swallow til the last drop, huh.」
「I sure hope it’ll end with the last drop.」

It feels like we might have to swallow our dignity too, though. This probably won’t end until Aya is satisfied but can anyone stop this, please?


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