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Chapter 87 – After Party Finale (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2428 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1154 words
Editor(s): Fire

You say it like it’s normal, but we don’t have a tuner. No, I’ll just try. One bad side of the twelve families is how they think that everyone is capable of doing the same things as they can.

「That should do it.」
「Done here too. We’ll start after three taps. Now then, counting start.」

Honestly, I’m not confident I can play well. In the past I practiced whenever I had the free time, but I haven’t touched a bass ever since becoming Kotone. From my light warm up, my senses aren’t up to par.

「Aya is surprisingly good.」
「It’s my first time hearing her too, but she is surprisingly good.」

We’re talking as we strum, but it’s not like we’re having an easy time. Aya seems to have something to say to our unneeded opinions, but she can’t since she’s singing.

「Still, it’s not enough if she’s aiming to be a singer in the future.」
「Come to think of it, you have acquaintances active in the industry, right? It’s unfair of a comparison.」
「True enough. I wonder what will happen if they learn I can play, though.」

Her eyes are telling us to actually listen, but if you think we’ll back down against a mere glare, you’re hugely mistaken. I haven’t been entangled with trouble for nothing. Rather, I drag others into trouble.

「Listen properly!」
「「Yes, yes. We’re listening, loud and clear.」」

Finishing the song, Aya roared and groaned but we only gave lukewarm replies. Like I thought, I’ve gotten pretty rusty. I don’t have any chance to play, so I might eventually forget how to play altogether.

「Even I thought of asking mama to teach me how to sing better. But she told me to ask again when I’ve graduated.」
「She’s telling you to focus on studying, no? It’s also probably so you won’t think of debuting as a student. I mean, after all, you’re quite reckless and foolhardy.」
「I agree with Kotone. If your mother helps, you’d likely forget about your studies and eventually do as Kotone said.」
「I agree with Mr. Hadzuki and Ms. Kotone too. After all, big sis Aya gets tunnel vision when she goes all out on something.」

It’s the issue of being too enthusiastic. Her parents must be worried that she might even stop going to school altogether. This is likely why they won’t help her until she graduates.

「It won’t hurt to prepare in advance for post-graduation, wouldn’t it?」
「Again, that’s deviating from your duty as a student. Since it’s you Aya, you probably said you’ll live on your own without much thought.」

Nagatsuki also agreed but I’m more like don’t underestimate living alone. I haven’t heard of her having a part-time job nor does she seem to be prepared at all. And it’s less than 6 months from graduation.

「In this case, let me ask you, Aya. Do you have savings? Any prospects of where to live? Can you cook? Where do you plan on studying music?」
「Huh? Why am I suddenly being interrogated like a criminal right now?」

That’s just the flow of things. It’s a sudden change from the boisterous mood of earlier, there’s an air of seriousness in the room. Perhaps sensing this, everyone held their tongues. The only one who can speak in this kind of mood is me and Hadzuki.

「And your answer is?」
「…… I don’t have any.」
「No, you can’t survive with that, okay? Living alone is impossible.」
「But aren’t you living alone?」

Don’t use me as a basis. In the first place, the only reason I managed is because I have livelihood knowledge and the rent is free. And sure, I do have an allowance, but it’s not enough, which is why I’m working part time.

「The only reason I can live alone is because this room is free. I receive an allowance, but it’s not enough so I work. Don’t think it’s simple to live alone!」

I yelled for no reason. While I stood imposingly with my arms crossed, Aya had her head down sitting on the floor. As long as she understands the reality of things, all is well. However, her next words shook me.

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「Then I’ll live here!」
「Look at reality, sis Aya!」

The bombshell she dropped as she raised her head left me speechless. Behind me Hadzuki and Minadzuki are laughing while holding their sides, while the little sister is desperately trying to dissuade her elder sister. The serious mood vanished into thin air.

「I should seriously kick her out now.」
「Time-wise, it’s also best that we go home soon. It’s about time, I suppose.」

It was a real riot of an after-party. I’m really glad that the room has soundproofing. Otherwise, I would’ve gotten a lot of complaints from the neighbors.

「For an acquaintance party, I feel like everyone’s overshared a bit too much.」
「We all had fun, so it’s fine. Personally, I want to hold another party.」
「I had fun too. It’s the first time I’ve gone to a party where I don’t need to keep appearances.」
「Agreed. It might be the first time I could let myself relax.」

Well, yeah, there’s no one tiptoeing around you guys, after all. Today’s goal was to gather people of the same status and just have aimless fun. The only drawback is that we were a bit too comfortable.

「I have some regrets about learning things I honestly didn’t want to know. But more than that, I feel like I’ve gotten closer with everyone.」
「No need to think too hard about it. Learning everyone’s personality is enough of a merit, isn’t it?」
「Your change is the thing that surprised me the most today.」

It seems like Nagatsuki himself has changed a bit. He’s a bit more relaxed and he’s not as wary as before. With this, he probably won’t just randomly flare up at me anymore. In a sense, this might be the greatest merit of the day.

「Now then, everyone, prepare to leave. Make sure you don’t forget anything.」
「If we forget anything, you could just hand it to us at the academy.」
「It’s a bother, so no.」

I immediately rejected Aya’s idea. After all, she seems to be the one who’ll likely forget something. And isn’t the dress the only thing you brought here? Handing that to her at campus would be awkward.

「Well then, thanks for today.」
「Treat us well the next time around.」

I nod at Hadzuki in reply. As everyone left, I finally got to catch a breath. Still, my work isn’t done yet. I still have to clean up the room.

「They left such a mess.」

I’ll do it today without procrastinating. After all, I’d feel exhausted if I saw this mess first thing in the morning. Just a bit more effort.


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