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Chapter 73 – Preparation Chatting (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2231 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1046 words
Editor(s): Fire

The employees that know Kotone first try to read her expression before speaking, then read her expression once more to see if it’s the color she wants. However, Kiyo doesn’t do that.

“Kiyo started working here only recently, so she does not know how you were before.”
“I see. Then it can’t be helped.”

Since she doesn’t know the previous Kotone, then she can only judge from the other employees’ reactions, but since I’m too different from the previous Kotone, the other employees are confused. Judging from their reactions would be impossible.

“Besides, I have gathered information about you from Misaki beforehand.”
“What are you doing, selling me out on your own?”
“It’s for your own sake, Lady Kotone. I was heartbroken by the current situation.”
“Yup, that’s a lie.”

Definitely not true. After all, I’m pretty sure she’ll sell me out easily in exchange for snacks.

“Ah, Kaori. If you want to touch anything, get the employee’s permission first. It’ll be troublesome if an accident happens otherwise.”

She’s only curiously looking around, but we’ll have to pay if they get dirty or damaged, you see. Should I tell her how much one dress costs? She’d probably shrink back if she knew, though.

“I entrust the color choice to you. Also, ones with little skin exposure are preferable.”
“In that case, I shall take your measurements, so please follow me.”
“Hm? Misaki, don’t you already have my sizes?”
“Lady Kotone, your current figure has changed from the past, so it would be better to retake your measurements.”

I guess it’s because of my current diet and exercise. While I’ve lost some meat, it doesn’t really feel like the other parts changed much.

“Kaori, do you want to wear something too?”
“Nonono, I can’t wear these expensive looking stuff. I don’t even want to know their price either.”
“It’s fine, trying them on should be free. Right, Kiyo?”
“Yes, we don’t mind. In that case, let’s take your measurements as well.”
“Wait! You just want to drag me into this, don’t you!?”

What are you talking about? It’s exactly why I took you along to begin with. After all, you’re going to take pictures of me in a dress and send them to our acquaintances anyways, so you’re coming with me.

“From the moment you stepped inside, you were done.”
“Whaa~, that doesn’t make me happy at all. Even when I should be happy wearing stuff like these.”

I’m not happy about wearing one to begin with. Whether it fits or not, I don’t want it.

“Now then, please remove your top.”
“Eh? Do I need to?”
“They need fine measurements, after all. I’ll just say this, but it’s even more fine tuned for order made stuff.”

Since it’s going to be a dress made from scratch, they need really precise details. This time, it’s a ready-made one, so they’ll choose from those close in measurements and adjust the places that don’t fit well.

“Still, to think that you don’t get embarrassed with this.”
“For this, I’ve already gotten used to it. I’ve done it so many times I’ve lost count.”

Everything Kotone bought was order made after all. Personally, I think ready-made ones are fine enough, but Kotone doesn’t like them. Having said that, she doesn’t do any designing, which is worse.

“I’ve finished measuring. Miss Kotone, you’ve changed quite a lot, it seems.”
“That much?”
“Yes, you’ve gotten slimmer in general. And while only slightly, you’ve also grown taller.”
“Kotone, you’re still growing?”

Yeah, this one’s a surprise for me, too. Though it’s only by a decimal, so it’s barely much. As for my slimming, probably from the loss of flab.

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“Miss Kaori, what color would you like?”
“I’m fine with something matching Kotone’s.”

So you’ve finally given up, Kaori. Knowing when to surrender is a valuable thing. Still, she’s never chosen her own dress before. I don’t know how to choose one myself.

“Now then, Miss Kotone, for you. And for Miss Kaori, I recommend this one.”

I was given an indigo blue dress and Kaori a bright green one. The only similarity the dresses share is how they both have no sleeves. But it doesn’t expose much, as requested. There is a problem though.

“Please choose long gloves for me.”

I can’t keep my wristwatch for this, after all. And this should serve as the best replacement. I shouldn’t need anything more. I don’t really feel like wearing accessories, after all.

“Kotone, won’t you wear some head ornaments?”
“Don’t choose something weird, like a tiara.”

As expected, I can’t just use a common hair tie with this dress, they won’t match. Do I really need to replace everything with a high society version? If I was paying for this on my own, I’d not only be bankrupt, but also in debt.

“Then how about this?”
“Yup, simple is best.”

It doesn’t have any jewels and the like, but I love it this way. It’s a hair clip type that doesn’t attract attention. As expected of Kaori, she knows my preferences well.

“I’ve shopped with you tons of times, so of course I’d know.”
“Thank you for the winter clothes in advance.”

Kaori is probably the one I shop the most with. We often end up not buying anything though. As long as it’s fun, it’s okay.

“We will be taking a commemorative photo, so please look this way.”
“Misaki. I really have no idea what you’re even here for at this point.”
“It was awfully relaxing.”

Well of course, Kiyo did all the coordinating herself, after all. And Kaori chose accessories and stuff. You’re really the only one that did nothing.

“More importantly, how about commemorative photos? Right now, I can take pictures with your smartphones.”
“Then please do.”
“Mine too~”

Really, what did you come here for? Anyhow, this should be enough preparation for the party. For the rest, I won’t know until I do. The original plan was that I would stay overnight at the Kisaragi estate today, but since my father is there, it’s canceled. It’ll spark a family infighting, after all.


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