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Chapter 73 – Preparation Chatting (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2272 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1117 words
Editor(s): Fire

We’re traveling in a car Misaki’s father is driving, but Kaori’s having a tough time. I understand the feeling, but there’s no choice but to get used to it. After all, it’ll be even harder to prepare a different car immediately.

“Uh, umm. This is my first time riding a car like this, though.”
“I’m sure it is. You don’t need to be so nervous, okay? No matter what happens, you won’t be asked to take responsibility.”

It’d be weirder if Kaori was used to riding a Benz. Still, I feel like it’s my first time seeing her react like this. I feel nervous myself, but since I’ve inherited Kotone’s sensibilities, it doesn’t affect me much.

“Saburo, it’s been a while. Have you been doing well?”
“I’m doing fine. It appears that you haven’t changed… No, you’ve changed quite a lot, Lady Kotone.”

After all, it’s not just externally, but internally as well.

“I’ve caused you quite a lot of trouble in the past. I’m, well, as you see, so I might feel somewhat strange, but best regards.”
“I’ve heard about your situation from my wife and daughter. At first I doubted my ears, but from the madam’s behavior, I was convinced.”

Anyone who knew the previous Kotone wouldn’t believe it, after all. But since there’s a lot of witnesses at the Kisaragi mansion, there’s more credibility there.

“The madam’s aura has changed quite a bit, and the twins have also begun talking about you more.”
“Kotone, it sounds like you’re been a big influence to others.”
“I didn’t expect that to happen either. Since my family was originally like that.”

We were originally on a terrible path. At that rate, there’s no telling what we would grow into. No, in the twins’ case, they should be fine. But for Kotone, she’d be nothing but a problem.

“Sounds like there’s a lot of trouble at home.”
“There’s one that hasn’t changed, after all. In that one’s case, there’s probably nothing that can be done.”
“That appears to be the case. The master will likely stay the way he is.”

He’s so beyond helping that not only the family, but also the servants have the same opinion. If my change would be enough to affect him, then my grandmother would have long done something about it. There’s no helping anymore.

“I’m getting scared of meeting your father now.”
“Don’t worry, I have zero intention of letting him meet you. Before that ever happens, there’s a high chance that I’ll punch him the moment I see him, so mother is being careful about it.”

I’d hit him with a fist. Since things might get stormy, mother also avoids meeting him. And I don’t want to meet him either, so I make sure to know his schedule.

“Kotone, you’re so manly.”
“Ughhh, I kinda have a tendency to be one track minded towards people I see as enemies.”

If I ever encounter my number one enemy, that hag, I’ll probably end up punching her before we can even speak. I’ve never spoken to her after all, and I only know her by face, but according to step-mom, I’ll know her when I meet her.

As the four of us continued chatting, we quickly reached our destination. It’s a shop that’s not too showy, but has real class.

“Now then, I will come to pick you up as soon as you’re finished.”
“See you then. Now, Misaki, Kaori. Let’s go in.”

Seeing the shop, Kaori froze. She’s looking at the dresses at the show window, but there’s no price tags. After all, those are strictly for decorative use.

“I’ve seen this shop in a magazine before, it’s famous all over the globe…”
“Oh, really? I remember always coming here to buy things, though.”
“Indeed. You have come to this famous store numerous times to find faults.”

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Like the design isn’t good, or I don’t like this, most of the complaints are based on Kotone’s sensibilities, so there’s nothing that can be done. Like, she doesn’t feel satisfied without any sort of complaint. I really can’t understand that feeling.

“I really caused a lot of trouble that time… I’ve seriously reflected on it.”
“After all, while Lady Kotone’s sense of fashion was previously trash, she was under the impression that she’s correct.”

I’m pretty sure I’m still trash in that regard. I can’t help but feel that I’d buy something weird when I’m alone, so I always shop for clothes with someone else.

“The interior hasn’t changed, huh.”
“””Welcome to our shop!”””

Shut up! And I forgot. Forgot that Kotone was the one who told them to greet like this. Getting greeted by every employee is honestly too noisy.

“Manager, it’s been a while. Also, it appears that there are other customers, so I don’t mind having only one staff entertain us.”

It seems like she found it anticlimactic. A customer who’s always so self important suddenly became normal, after all, I can kinda understand. And the other customers seem quite used to it as well.

“I shall be assisting you. My name is Kiyo. I’m grateful to be working with you today.”
“I’m the one who should be grateful, though.”

I’ll leave the choice to other people. I don’t know how to choose after all, and they might get weirded out if I choose something weird.

“Misaki, long time no see. This is the rumored lady, right?”
“Indeed. Presently, she is a master I’m proud of.”
“Considering that, you don’t really respect me like one.”

What does she mean by master? I feel like it’s the pet owner type of master in this case. That aside, do Misaki and Kiyo know each other?

“Kiyo, are you acquainted with Misaki?”
“We were friends during highschool. She had quite the transformations during highschool, so Misaki was quite famous.”

That, right? She got fat, then thin, then fat, then thin, then eventually lost her facial expressions. True, someone who’d change that much certainly would become famous. Mainly for being an oddball.

“So, what sort of dress would you like?”
“One to be worn for a party, please. Anything with colors too conspicuous will be a pass for me.”

No more of the reds and pinks of the past, please. They don’t match my preferences and I don’t believe they match the current Kotone. A completely black dress would be the best choice, but I probably won’t be allowed those ones.

“In that case, how about indigo blue?”
“It seems like you don’t prioritize reading my mood, Kiyo.”


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