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Chapter 74 – Student Council Transition (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2803 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1454 words
Editor(s): Fire

After that, through the phone, I got an apology from mother and questioning from the twins about why I didn’t come stay over. I just replied that I can’t go since father is at home. I left persuading them to mother. And a few days after…

「Do I really need to be there?」
「You’re a member of the student council too, Kotone. It’s your duty to participate in our final job.」
「Kozue, your honest thoughts?」
「It’s a bother, I wanna go home.」

She actually answered honestly, damn it. I do feel the same way though. With the post-school fest work done, the current student council has officially finished their job. In that case, there’s only one thing left to do. The transition process to the next student council.

「I don’t have anyone to hand over my duties to, though.」
「It’s also so that we get acquainted with each other. Also, deal with the president, will ya.」

Why do I have to be assigned that job until the very last moment? Still, I don’t find dealing with the president to be the bothersome part. I just really don’t want to deal with the new student council president.

「Do you have any information regarding the new members?」
「I do, but it’s probably different from the expected composition. It seems like all of the twelve families declined.」

I’m surprised Kotori declined. I had the impression that she’d accept one way or another. Though I do think that this is related to me. After all, it’s common knowledge that the next president and I don’t get along well.

「I wonder why Shimotsuki declined. Is she busy taking care of the older sister?」
「Taking care of the older sister?」

Instead of taking care, I guess it’s more putting out the flames. Or maybe preemptively dealing with her before things get smokey. I can really understand her being worried about that. Of course she wouldn’t have the leeway to join the student council.

「As for Minadzuki, well, he’s like that after all.」
「Did something happen between you two?」

That guy’s flaw is so extreme that even Kotone proactively avoided him. At worse, he could break your spirit. Did Nagatsuki’s will remain unbroken after trying to invite him?

「The twelve families with only flaws are really awful to behold.」
「What’s Minadzuki’s flaw?」
「Oftenly giving his honest thoughts.」
「That’s a flaw?」
「He subconsciously goes out of the way to crush your will, you see. I was nearly crushed previously, you know.」

In everyday interactions though, he’s a well-mannered and kind handsome guy. He just normally trash talks with a gentle smile, so if you’re not careful, you’d be crushed. Like, figuratively torn to pieces.

「The twelve families are really colorful characters.」
「That, I can’t deny.」

How did they end up like this? From the unsuspecting person, they just seem like normal elites. But the more you know their nature, their impressiveness gets overshadowed. Though it’s still impressive in a different way.

「Now then, we’re at the door, but…」
「I don’t wanna go in.」

Agreed. I heard that our ex-president has already arrived, so I’m worried that they might be in chaos inside. Added to that, I’m also concerned that the new president might cause trouble.

「Excuse me, it’s Kisaragi Kotone. Entering the office.」
「Likewise, Saito Kozue, entering the office.」

Going inside, it’s just gloomy for some reason. The previous student council members are as usual, but the new student council just have gloom all over them. In particular, the new student council president Nagatsuki seems the most demoralized.

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「Kotone, let’s play~」
「What about your handover of duties, Hadzuki?」
「Already done.」

Sorry, I know that Kozue and I arrived late, but is the handover really fine when it didn’t even take 10 minutes? I am aware that you did some preliminary preparations, though.

「Also, why the gloomy mood in here?」
「He’s still affected by the rejection, it seems.」

Just get over it already. There might be a part of it that’s on you, but most of the reasons for the rejections aren’t directly related to you, Nagatsuki. In Shimotsuki’s case, it’s just family issues.

「What about the others?」
「Everyone other than me are still busy with the transition, so they might be a bit overwhelmed by the amount of things to do.」

True, it’s likely much more than they expect. I had the same thought, after all. And I’m just plainly surprised that Kishita is teaching Kirigamine. Why did she become vice-president? Are they really that lacking in human resources?

「Let’s play othello, c’mon.」
「Please read the room.」
「But I have nothing more to do. And you don’t have anyone to handover duties too anyways, Kotone.」

I’m not a normal member, after all. It’s not like they’d have a helper like me recruited from the get go. They have a reputation to maintain, too. They can’t be on the ropes much earlier than the previous president was.

「Rather, I really don’t feel like I can win against you even in othello, Hadzuki.」
「Just think of it as a nice way to pass time.」

I can’t imagine how many steps ahead he can read, but I don’t feel like I can win against him in a strategic match. I might have a good chance if it’s a physical sport match, though. Since I haven’t heard about Hadzuki being good at sports.

「Let’s have something to drink while we play. Hadzuki, what will you be having?」
「Green tea. Still, Kotone, hearing you call me by name feels refreshing.」

You’re no longer the president, after all. So I need to change how I refer to you as well. Even I feel really weird about it, but it can’t be helped. Incidentally, I don’t plan on calling Nagatsuki president. Guess why for yourselves.

「How should we decide who goes first?」
「Feel free to decide, Kotone.」

Even though he says that, I really don’t feel like the end result will change regardless if I go first or second. In that case, let’s do that. There’s two surfaces, black and white, after all. I’m aware that I’m being stubborn, though.

「Then, black or white? Which one will you choose?」
「In that case, white.」

I put the disk on top of my thumb and flicked it to the air. And when it landed on the back of my hand, it was white side up. I wonder if there was a force that compelled this result.

「Congrats on going first.」
「Sure, sure~」
「You two are being too carefree.」

Kishita admonished us. I guess their handover of duties is done. I can tell from Kirigamine’s exhausted look. Similar to Shimotsuki, the vice-president is in charge of taking care of the president.

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「I can’t help it, I don’t have anything else to do. There Kotone, your turn.」
「And I can’t just thoughtlessly involve myself in the process. After all, your efforts in the transition will decide the future of the student council. There now, Hadzuki.」
「In one way or another, you two are quite similar.」

It’s fine, I properly listen to people. I’m just focusing on othello right now since I’m not interested in the new student council. If the ex-pres was the same, I probably wouldn’t have any memories to look back on.

「Actually, how long is Nagatsuki going to stay depressed?」
「Why don’t you help him perk up then? If you want my opinion.」
「True, I could certainly perk him up. In anger, that is. And the one that will receive the bulk of it would be me.」

When will Nagatsuki’s impression of me ever improve? I can’t help but feel like anything I’d do will just make things worse, so I don’t even feel like trying it.

「Should we invite him for the afterparty?」
「It might make things troublesome, so I’d rather we don’t. Also, I’ve been warned against it by my bodyguards.」

Don’t add more people from the twelve families, they said. They don’t even want my family members to join in, but it doesn’t matter what I think about it. After all, they just increase on their own. Best of luck, Ms. Supervisor.

「How are your bodyguards related to this topic?」
「It seems like an afterparty with only the twelve families is quite crazy. We don’t really mind it that much, though.」
「Right? There’s no need to be so concerned about it.」
「Even your thought processes are similar.」

Kishita was appalled. I don’t really find myself to be a person of importance and Hadzuki speaks with proper understanding of his position. Kotori and Aya likely don’t think of themselves as that important either.


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