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Chapter 71 – Do Your Best, Bodyguards! (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2439 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 993 words
Editor(s): Fire

It’s not like I actively took action to widen my social circle. It’s the other party who approaches me and gets me involved in trouble. I wasn’t the one who initiated the friendships.

「The line up is too extreme. It’d be really nice if you could behave accordingly to your standing, you know.」
「I wouldn’t be working part time if I did.」
「Well, true. And admittedly it’s thanks to this that we can have an easy time.」

My standing, I’ve thrown to the trash since becoming Kotone. If I care too much about that, I won’t have a decent living. I’d be different if I was living at the Kisaragi estate though.

「So, don’t you have someone to inform?」
「Oh, that’s right. Akira, you make the call.」
「Why me? Do it yourself. If I call her, she might start nagging me, you know?」

What have you done this time? Haven’t you caused less problems ever since being assigned to me? Or is it still like this even with less problems? If that’s the case, I can understand the supervisor’s apprehensions.

「I get it already. I just have to call, right?」

After arguing for about 3 minutes, it seems like Akira is making the call. Just how much do you guys hate having to contact the supervisor?

「Hello? Ma’am? No, we haven’t caused any issues or anything-」

From how she was immediately suspected, I can imagine just how many times they’ve started trouble in the past. Well, isn’t it great that you guys were assigned to me? For the supervisor’s sake, too.

「There’s something we have to inform you. Eh? Changing assignments? There’s no way we’d ask for that!」
「Does it always go like this?」
「Basically. It’s exactly why I don’t want to call either. Any ordinary staff would be fine for the periodic reports, but it’s different in this case.」
「Your heads will fly if you don’t report this, after all.」

If they don’t report before the party, they’ll probably be changed assignments due to negligence or even fired. Their first priority should be my safety and that would be failure. Still, the conversation is going nowhere.

「Akira, pass.」

At this rate, who knows how much time she’ll be lectured for, so I took her place. Apologizing through eye contact, she gave me the smartphone.

『Everytime, just everytime-』
「I’m very sorry to interrupt. I’ve swapped with Akira. It’s Kisaragi.」
『…… Could you switch back with the idiot for a moment?』
「I completely understand how you feel, but the conversation isn’t making any progress, so please save this for later.」

She must be wondering why they’re with their escortee and why I took the call, but there’s no helping with the current situation. If this doesn’t finish soon enough, I won’t be able to make dinner.

「I’ve already informed Akira and Kyousuke, but I will be attending a party in a month from now.」
『…… Umm, sorry. I might have misheard you. Could you please say that one more time?』
「I have been invited to a twelve family hosted party.」

Ah, she went silent. I added more detail the second time around, so it might have overloaded her brain. It’s beyond unexpected, after all.

『I now understand why you switched with Akira, since I likely wouldn’t have believed it if it came from her mouth.』
「You don’t have to be too formal. Also, from how the two reacted, this is probably important as well, but…」
『There’s still more?』
「I plan to hold an after-party at my apartment with the participants being one Hadzuki, two Shimotsukis, and one Fumidzuki.」

This time I heard the phone hitting the floor. That was painful to hear. She’s probably at her wits’ end right now.

「She’s definitely having a headache. I would have run long ago had I not been assigned to you.」
「I feel the same. I’m already scared if anything ever happens. Particularly to Fumizuki.」

So the information about the father is well-known, huh. The possibility of him going berserk about Kotori must be scary for the company. I can imagine him definitely attacking the company regardless if they sacrifice the bodyguards.

『Any chance you could cancel it?』
「If you’re alright with Shimotsuki running wild, then sure. I’ll honestly tell her than the security company wanted me cancel it, though.」

I can hear the desperation in her voice. If this ever gets canceled, even I don’t know how Aya would react to it. In the first place, I just noticed now, but I really can’t say party canceled to any of the participants. The consequences are too scary.

「I thought that it would be better to inform in advance, but was this a bother?」
『No, thank you for informing us. I still need to mentally prepare and warp my head around all the necessary planning, though.』

I can tell. It can’t be helped, it’s a job that could spell the doom of their company, after all. But what if they worked in coordination with other security companies? Would a failure mean they all fall together?

「So that’s the situation. For the other details, like date and venue, I’ll be informing Akira and Kyousuke.」
『Please do so. I’ll report to my superior now.』

And that ends the reporting. The possibility of the supervisor having an overtime today just spiked, but it’s part of her job. I do feel a little bad for her. Since a casual conversation just caused a lot of stress.

「Now then, time to make dinner.」
「I’d appreciate if you understand the weight of the situation.」

So Akira says, but there’s nothing I can do about it. The most I can do is, I guess, make something for the afterparty. Since I’m going to be myself at the afterparty, the guards will probably have a tough time.


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