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Chapter 72 – Pre-shopping Chat (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2281 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1120 words
Editor(s): Fire

The next day, as decided during the family meeting at the school festival, I head to the designated meeting place. The plan for today is to find me clothes for the party, it seems. Which will probably be a dress.

“A dress for me, huh.”
“I can’t really imagine you wearing a dress, though. Since you always wear that for your casual attire.”
“How do I say this, it’s really nice how I don’t need to choose. Though I do want a bit more variation.”

The said meeting place is the usual cafe. Today, while being a weekday, is a compensatory holiday for the academy, so there’s no class. I originally would have been working today, but the situation says otherwise.

“At least buy some winter clothes. You’re definitely going to catch a cold wearing that.”
“That’s true. I guess I’ll ask you to pick for me then, Kaori. I don’t really have much confidence in my choices, you see.”
“Well, I could help with at least that much. In exchange though, treat me to something.”
“Please keep it economical.”

While waiting for mother to pick me up, I’m chatting with Kaori. When I told her what happened yesterday, her jaw dropped just like the others. I was really surprised to see the Gojima pair pale early this morning, though.

“Still, Kotone, why do things always get out of hand when it comes to you?”
“Like I’d know why. I admit that things went really out of hand this time, though.”
“Mainly with the afterparty, right? Normally, it’s easy to imagine that it would definitely be trouble.”
“Well, I mean, I’ve interacted with them too much, so I didn’t really have them being important people in mind.”

And since I know them underneath the surface, I don’t think of them as being larger than life individuals. If I had to say, I see them as absurd people. Kotori is the only exception. She’s just a normal good girl.

“Just being one of the twelve families makes them big names. Well, which also goes for you.”
“I wonder what the common person would think about a so-called big name working at a cafe.”

It’s already exposed to the academy though. It’s probably hard to believe for the common folk. For them, they must think that I don’t have to work and I’m only enjoying life in luxury. I’ve been doing the exact opposite though.

“Personally, my mental image of you broke to pieces when I first met you. Now, I find you to be easy to get along with, which I like.”
“Thank you.”

It’s embarrassing to hear you say that so directly, though. Moreso since I’m formerly male.

“Still, your mother’s pretty late, Kotone. Isn’t it already beyond the designated time?”
“Maybe something happened back at the mansion. Maybe the invitation letter arrived?”

We planned to meet at 1 pm, yet it’s already 30 minutes past that. Since it’s mother, I imagined her arriving there before then, but maybe there’s some sort of incident.

“Your family’s pretty complicated.”
“It’s honestly a lot better now. Before, it was terrible. Which was due to me and my father, and one of these problems is now resolved.”

Only my father remains, but I don’t think anything can help rehabilitate him at this point. Even going as far as splitting the family. Though it’ll be only him alone on his side. But even with this, it’ll be impossible to win against him.

“Thinking about it, it’s amazing that you’re reformed now.”
“The world works in mysterious ways.”

It’s seriously a mystery. While I don’t think I can just chalk it up to that, it’s impossible to figure out what caused it to begin with, so I’ve already given up.

“Still, she’s really late.”
“By the way, have you asked where you’re heading to?”
“I haven’t, but it’s probably going to be the same place as before.”

Since we’ll probably be going to our usual shop. Kotone really troubled that shop in the past, too. I have memories of giving them unreasonable demands. I know that they tried their all to accomplish those demands. But being Kotone, she still nitpicked.

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“Remembering it, I feel bad now.”
“Did you cause trouble there?”
“That’s about right.”
“Then why don’t you show off just how much you’ve changed today? It’s not like you’re going to be unreasonable this time.”
“Rather, I don’t even know what to ask for. I’ll just leave the choice to the shop.”

I’ve neither gifted any dresses to girls in my past life, nor have I been in a situation where I need to wear one. So I have no idea how to choose dresses.

“I’m pretty curious about how you’ll look in a dress, so send me a picture later.”
“If you promise not to spread it, then sure.”
“I won’t. But if you’re going with the president, then it’s best that you warn him instead.”
“No, it’s useless anyways.”

I don’t imagine a simple warning ever stopping him. Maybe I could just ask him to keep it private? Rather, how do you even make those hedonists behave?

“Rather, soon we can’t be calling him president anymore.”
“Kotone, you’re not joining the next student council, right?”
“I only joined as a helper, so it’s just a one off thing. And even if the principal ever tries to persuade me, I’ll hold this incident against him.”

The current student council saw Kotone not for who she was but who she is now, which is why I joined for a long period of time. However, I don’t think the new student council shares the same mindset. Or rather, they just don’t.

“Lady Kotone is likely the only person who can talk about the Satsuki family in that manner.”
“This maid just casually joined in and sat with us, but do you know her, Kotone?”
“She’s my personal attendant. Don’t feed her any snacks.”

Especially the sweet ones. As for why she just casually joined us, it’s likely because she’s targeting the snacks right in front of us. I guess it’s time to eat them.

“Lady Kotone, please, just a mouthful.”

These are prototypes that could end up on the cafe menu in the future. Kaori and I were in the middle of judging its taste, so we couldn’t just feed it to other people. After all, she’ll definitely gobble them all up and just say it’s delicious.

“I can give one of mine.”
“No. Just as I said earlier, don’t feed her any snacks.”
“Lady Kotone, how demonic of you.”


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