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Chapter 71 – Do Your Best, Bodyguards! (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2430 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1187 words
Editor(s): Fire

After noticing that we went way past the end time, I had the others leave. Apologizing to my classmates, we then started cleaning the classroom and ended without any issues.

「I’d rather not pile up more problems.」

The class wanted to have an afterparty, but I declined. As to be expected, I wasn’t in the mood to have fun. Originally, it would have been fun to think back on the happenings of the day, but today was a disaster.

「Right, I need to inform Akira and the others too.」

I wonder how the security on the day of the party will be. I imagine we’ll need a lot of bodyguards for this case, so I wonder if the supervisor will provide that much.

「Hello, Akira?」
『What’s your business? We’re on night shift today, you know?』
「Thank you for your hard work. It’s still a month away, but I have something scheduled.」
『That’s quite a long time from now. Are you going to leave town again?』

If it’s just that, how nice would it be? Come to think of it, I haven’t heard where it’ll be held. Still, I’m going to be picked up and sent off by the Kisaragi household anyway, so I guess I don’t need to worry about it.

「It has been decided that I’m to attend a party hosted by twelve families.」

Ah, she just choked. Well, I guess that’s to be expected. It’s probably the most shocking thing so far, after all.

『Why did that happen!』
「I don’t understand it myself. Though since the invitation letter still hasn’t arrived, the venue is still unknown.」
『Are you sure about this?』
「I was directly informed by the host’s family member, so it’s confirmed. The letter is personally addressed to me, so I really can’t decline.」
『I’ll have to report this to the supervisor. Hey, Kyousuke, Kotone just informed me about this-』

As expected, it’s getting serious. Kyousuke must be really flustered right now. I can’t hear it from the call, though.

「Will it be alright?」
『I’ll admit that it took me by surprise, but there’s not much actually need to do.』
「Is that so? I was thinking that you might need increased personnel.」
『There should be security at the venue, so the internal security should be fine. What we’re in charge of is the outside security. In short, your security while traveling. Still, it does feel a bit lacking with only two of us.』
「You never know what could happen, after all.」
『I suppose it’d be better to ask for increased personnel. Do you know who you’ll be going with?』
「Probably, only my mother. I think the twins will stay at home.」

Since if those two come along, it might cause some trouble. We can’t risk having them getting upset with how people see me and pick a fight with people. That’s why they will be staying at home, but will it be okay?

『Yup, personnel increase it is. Even the supervisor wouldn’t be stingy in this situation. I guess we’ll have to draft a security scheme.』
「Seems like a lot of work.」
『Nothing to be worried about. This is just normal. Still, current Kotone attending a party, huh.』
「I don’t want to attend, you know? But I can’t refuse in this situation, so I have no choice.」
『Well, I completely thought you’d just refuse. After all, you’ve been doing whatever you want in the past, so refusing it shouldn’t make things any worse for you.』

That’s a valid point. However, there’s another reason why I can’t refuse. If I, their primary target, refused, their next target will undoubtedly be Shizuru. And if she attends thinking it’ll just be a normal party, she’ll have a bad time.

「I have my own reasons. Also, after this, I’ll be holding an afterparty at my apartment.」
『To shake off the stress, right? I’d love to join too. So, who’ll be joining you?』
「Hadzuki, Shimotsuki, and Fumidzuki. It’s possible that there’ll be more, though.」
『Are you stupid!?』

It was a painful screech. Come to think about it, it’s the twelve families assembling at my place, so Akira’s panic is understandable. I really didn’t think about it, after all.

『What’s with the crazy lineup!? Can’t you cancel it!?』
「Everyone’s completely on board with it, so it’s too late. Please prepare yourself.」
『How do I say this, the party was already surprising enough and then there’s the afterparty, seriously, what’s going on?』
「It’s the consequence of Hadzuki spreading the word of me attending. And the result of the afterparty members gathering at the school fest.」

As for who’s to blame, it’s definitely the principal as well as the president who overdid it. And since I took the opportunity as well, I guess it’s basically everyone’s fault.

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『Kotone. We’re heading to your room ASAP, so prepare yourself.』
「Why so?」
『There’s no way the supervisor would believe me if I reported this to her!』

I guess that’s true. Who would have expected that the children of the twelve families are planning an afterparty at my apartment? Even if she reported this, it probably wouldn’t sound credible. I guess I’ll have to explain it myself.

「This time’s lineup is just a bit unique. Besides, it’s not like I plan to have more of the twelve families come.」
『Rather just don’t! My stomach’s not going to last long!』

The people I’m close, or rather at least acquainted with are just those three, after all. I’m not much acquainted with the others. And I don’t think Nagatsuki would come even if I invited him.

『Well then, I’ll end the call now!』

She one-sidedly ended the call. She should arrive at my room soon, so it’s not really an issue. Now then, what shall I have for dinner? Just when I started thinking that, an email came.

「From Aya, huh. And it reads…」

Akira, my condolences. One more added to the lineup. I see, while we probably won’t have people from the other families, the possibility of the current members inviting their relatives does exist. That was a blindspot.

「Ah, she’s here.」

As I was pondering on what to do next, my doorbell rang. Since they should be monitoring my room somewhere nearby, they arrived quickly. I know where exactly they’re monitoring me from, though.

「Welcome. Also, I have some unfortunate news.」
「What? Is there something more?」
「Please take a look at this.」

I showed Akira the email that just arrived and upon seeing it, she froze before falling to the ground. Well, I guess that’s only natural. As for what the actual contents are…

『I’m bringing my little sister to the afterparty.』

It’s that. In other words, there are now two participants from the Shimotsuki family. Well, since their sister-in-law is just next door, there shouldn’t be a problem with this.

「Why did they increase in so little time?」
「It was completely unexpected for me as well. I don’t remember having any interaction with the Shimotsuki younger sister, though.」


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