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Chapter 70 – School Fest End (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2296 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1178 words
Editor(s): Fire

The family meeting concluded with us only deciding to meet at a later time. I’m sure what happened was a big surprise for my family, and I don’t even know what to do about it, so it can’t be helped.

「Everyone! There’s only a few mins left, but let’s keep it up!」

Hearing Harumi’s encouragement, I checked my watch and saw that it’s only an hour away from the school festival’s end. It seems like I was a bit too absentminded while working, that’s pretty dangerous.

「I feel like the principal just blew everything away.」

It felt like he just took the spotlight as the main event of the school festival, to me at least. The other students have no way of knowing about my problems, after all. This should’ve been a fun little event and yet my sighs just keep increasing.

「It’s really impressive how you never sigh in front of a customer, though.」
「It would be rude for an employee to look and act so gloomy at work, you know?」
「We’re just students, why do you have so much professionalism in you?」

Don’t underestimate a former working adult. Cutting some corners is still fine, but showing these in your expression is the biggest no. You’ll be immediately kicked out in customer service.

「It’s a difference in mindset. Still, the customer flow has decreased quite a bit.」
「There’s only a few people left, after all. It’s good that this year’s ended with no issues at all.」
「I was passed an enormous bombshell though.」

That caused absolutely zero damage to everyone else except for me, like, what the heck. Psychological damage to the boot. Even worse, there won’t be any resolution for me until next month. Please, just hit me in one fell swoop instead.

「I managed to come here in time.」
「What brings you here? President.」
「I don’t think that’s the first thing you should say to a customer.」

I don’t think of you as a customer, that’s why. I’m starting to handle him like I handle Isami, but for the mastermind who made ours a cosplay cafe, it’s only natural. This was my first school festival in a while and yet you damn made it discouraging from the get-go.

「I do believe it’s the superior’s duty to see his subordinate’s work.」
「For take-out orders, we have them prepared over here, so please feel free to chose.」
「Could you not recommend getting take-out first?」

I’m indirectly telling you to leave, though. Still, I do understand that the president’s not the type to back down so easily. With him sitting on an empty table on his own, he’s definitely not leaving.

「Miss, one smile please.」
「Please don’t ask for something that’s not on the menu. Besides, anyone other than me would gladly do so.」

Since while his personality is like that, he’s still good looking. And as for why I’m taking his orders, it’s because the others don’t even dare to approach. Is it that? They admire him so much it’s hard to approach? He’s not even that great of a person.

「As expected, you really are most lively when you’re doing work. You seem to be a bit gloomy today, though.」
「So you can tell.」
「Well, we have been working together, haven’t we? If you feel like it, I wouldn’t mind if you asked me for advice.」
「Unless I’m truly at the point of grasping at straws, that would be unlikely.」

Honestly, I’m already at that point. There’s only a limited few I can ask for advice. Any common person wouldn’t understand why I don’t want to attend the party. However, the president is no good. I’m sure nothing good will come out of his mouth.

「Still, your worries will probably reach my ears sooner or later. Especially when it concerns your family.」
「So you’ve already pinpointed it.」
「For you to get distracted at work, it must be something big. In that case, isn’t it natural to assume that it involves the Kisaragi family? 」

That’s true. If it’s something I can ask others for advice to resolve, or something I can resolve by myself, I wouldn’t be worrying about it this much. I’m distracted exactly because it’s not something I can resolve by myself. The worst part is that it’s not even that grave of a problem.

「So, what’s bothering you? As your senior in life, let me lend you an ear.」
「We only have a one year difference, how would that make us different experience-wise?」
「Just go with the mood, the mood.」

The president and that other person just acts by whim, which makes it nasty. Even worse, he can also make calculated moves. It’s exactly why I don’t want to tell him, but there’s no one else I can confide in. Rather, there’s no one I can confide in that can give a decent answer.

「Well, I agree on the fact that you’ll learn of it sooner or later.」
「If you’re saying that, then it must be something that also relates to us.」
「Since it’s likely you’ll get an invitation letter too. After all, it’s a twelve families matter.」
「By invitation letter, you mean a party, I suppose. Eh? You’re attending?」
「Regrettably so.」

Of course that’s how you’d react. After all, I likely don’t seem like someone who’d willingly attend something like that. If this was Kotori I’m talking to, she’d probably be overjoyed.

「Why, though?」
「Since it seems like there’s one addressed to me. I can’t do anything about it.」
「Addressed personally to you? Ture, that’s something difficult to decline. How do I say this, my condolences?」
「Well, can you think of any solution for this? Like a reply that would make it so I don’t have to go?」

Thanks for answering as I expected you to. Then with his smile exhausted me even more. Glad to see you enjoy yourself definitely plotting something.

「It seems like your academy image improvement is finally extending outwards to high society.」
「I don’t particularly want that. After all, this will be the last time I’ll be attending.」
「Well, hopefully that’ll be the case.」

With how Kotone’s previous public image was, there should have been no way for me to receive a personal invitation. Now if my reputation ever improves, there’s going to be a high chance that I’ll get another invitation. Hell no, I don’t want any.

「So, why are you so occupied on your phone?」
「Well obviously it’s because I’m spreading this information.」
「I knew you were up to no good again……」

I can’t even be angry. After all, from the moment I confided with him, I knew it wouldn’t end up well for me. I resigned myself and sat at the seat opposite of his.

「Who did you send it to?」
「Everyone I know who’s likely going to attend the party.」
「That’s a big nuisance!」
「After all, Kotone returning to high society is a pretty major news.」


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