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Chapter 69 – Family Meeting at the School Fest (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2379 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1153 words
Editor(s): Fire

Had I attended even just a few, then I might have agreed with them. However, since I haven’t attended at all, I can’t even be that optimistic.

「Can you explain how this happened? This should have been extremely unlikely to say the least.」
「If you drop by the principal’s office before going home, I believe he should give an explanation. After all, he’s the culprit.」

I have to touch on the principal’s private life to explain it, so it’d be best to have his permission first. In that case, it’d be faster to just have him do the explaining. Not because it’s cumbersome or anything.

「The invitation hasn’t arrived yet, has it?」
「Let me ask Sakiko.」

Just to be sure. Father seeing it first would be the worst case scenario. There’ll be some explaining to do in that case and no way would it come from my mouth. Mother explaining it is the safest choice.

「I’m surprised it’s Nana who came along. With the nature of this event, I was sure that Misaki would do anything to come.」
「Being in charge of the twins, I had the preferential rights. It was a strange sight to see Misaki scratching the door because she wanted to come along, though.」

Is she a cat? With Misaki, I was pretty sure she’d go as far as to make Nana ill so she can come. I guess Sakiko must’ve anticipated and countered her plans.

「You can bring her a souvenir. We also provide take-out orders.」
「And, um, lady Kotone, about the way you talk…」
「Please don’t mind it. This is how I am at campus, you see.」

Nana probably isn’t accustomed to my current way of speaking. The previous Kotone doesn’t speak like this much, after all. The twins probably feel the same way too.

「Get accustomed to it. If I talk as I do at home, there will be all sorts of inconveniences, alright?」
「If you say so, then alright big sister. However, please talk normally at home.」
「I also respect big sis’ choice.」

Hmm, quite understanding twins they are. If they don’t develop a sister complex, they’d be perfect, though. I wonder if there’s any way to cure it. My grandfather was cured after getting beat up, but I really don’t want to hit these children. I’m not doing it, never.

「It appears that it hasn’t arrived yet. I’ve instructed Sakiko to preferentially bring any mail items to my room.」
「I suppose that’s the only way to handle this.」
「If ever it’s addressed to your father, then there’s no way around it. It’s addressed to you, right? Kotone.」
「According to the principal, that is.」

We can only hope that it’s true. As expected, it’d be bad for mother to hide a mail personally addressed to father. He is the head of the Kisaragi family, after all. Even mother wouldn’t be safe if she went against him.

「Kotone, make sure to come home afterwards. We’re going to need your measurements for your dress.」
「I don’t want to wear one, though.」
「Give it up. For this matter, you have no right to refuse.」
「Umm, how about the dresses lady Kotone had worn previously?」
「Nana, with big sister’s current figure, the old dresses wouldn’t fit her. We’ll have to buy new ones.」

I absolutely won’t wear anything from that time when Kotone only had either pink or red clothes. Besides, it’s just as little sis said. My stomach area has gotten thinner, so the old dresses likely won’t fit.

「I’ll accompany you on the day of the party. That should help lighten your spirits a little.」
「That’s true. If it’s only me and father, I’m not confident I could resist.」
「Resist what? Big sis.」
「Resist just smacking him.」
「Big sis. You’re really the complete opposite now.」

Seriously. Previously, Kotone would have been so excited to be alone with him but with me, I only feel an urge to kill. For some reason my thought process gets violent towards people I deem as my enemy and I’m aware that it’s a flaw of mine.

「Rather than me, will you be alright, mother? I honestly haven’t seen you enjoying those sorts of events.」
「Better than in the past, at least. Since I have been chatting with the Fumidzuki missus.」

They seem to have gotten close since meeting each other at the cafe. While that does make me happy, I really don’t want to learn what they’re talking about. Since I occasionally overhear some ominous things from them.

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「Kotone, what do you plan on doing during the party?」

I’ve talked about my friend groups and acquaintances, but she doesn’t know how close I am with them. So she must be thinking that I might have nothing to do with no one starting a conversation with me. It’s alright, that probably won’t be the case.

「I’m also close with Fumidzuki’s Kotori. She’ll likely approach me normally without minding how I was prior.」
「Well, she sounds quite plucky, doesn’t she?」

I don’t think she thinks about how people see her too much. Though the twelve families themselves don’t really care about the surroundings either. Normally, they just mind their own business regarding who gets along with who.

「With the Shimotsuki’s, one’s definitely going to enjoy my company.」
「Which one?」
「The older sister. Mother, I’ll say it in advance, but-!?」

For some reason, I felt a chill run through my spine, so I stopped. It’s probably better not to say. My instincts are telling me that. Come to think of it, that person’s information gathering ability is abnormal, isn’t it?

「Please forget what I was about to say. Since it seems like I can’t talk about it.」
「Just what did you sense……」
「And so, I don’t think I will have any problem with boredom. Trouble might come my way, though.」

Since there’s a chance that some guy who can’t read the mood comes along. Thinking about this just makes me feel worse. Wherever has peace gone off to?

「I’m back~… That table seems pretty gloomy for some reason, what happened?」
「There’s some problem, it seems. Moreover, with the whole family involved.」

Harumi’s question was answered, but you’re making it sound like I caused the problem, Miyako. I didn’t. The principal started it.

「Well then, let’s continue this conversation at a later time. I have to get back to work soon.」
「Of course, I’ll email you regarding the schedule later on.」
「Please stay over again on that day, big sister.」
「It’s a promise, okay? Big sis.」

Taking measurements for the dress will take a lot of time, so I’m probably going to stay over, yeah. This time, I’ll be actually prepared. Come to think of it, I have to inform the bodyguards about this too. I wonder how they’ll react.


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