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Chapter 70 – School Fest End (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2569 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1233words
Editor(s): Fire

In a negative sense. With Kotone absent up until now, it should have been more peaceful. Since in regards to my parents, they’re not harmful as long as you keep away from them. As for Kotone, she could explode without prior warning.

「They must be trembling right now. Actually, wouldn’t this reduce the attendees?」
「That won’t happen. There’s barely anyone brave enough to refuse an invitation from the twelve families.」
「But there are some.」
「Either self-destructive people or overconfident fools.」

True, they’d be fools. Who knows how much one needs to do to be equal to the twelve families? It’d be impossible outside of an intergenerational effort. A flawless one at that.

「I was once among them, though.」
「In your case, it’s a bit different. You’d attend, but won’t stop causing trouble, making you the most troublesome individual.」

It’s awful how he’s not wrong. Even worse, it’s the common consensus. This is exactly why I don’t want to attend.

「You understand why I don’t want to go, don’t you?」
「Isn’t this just the fruits of your own actions? Simply karma.」
「You’re not wrong there.」

Rather than mine, it’s Kotone’s fault. It’s the result of her twisted feelings, her thinking that if she misbehaves in these sorts of parties, it’ll be reported to her father and her father will pay attention to her. She’s seriously ill at that point.

「Still, I wonder which family invited you.」
「I acquired this information through the principal.」
「What the heck is he doing.」

I was thinking the same thing. Is it just me or has he been turned into a troublemaker lately? I mean, the same goes for this guy in front of me, but there’s too many troublemakers in this academy.

「Protecting the students should be his duty as the principal.」
「Indeed. At this point, with what I got wrapped into, I’ve already given up on that.」
「My condolences.」

It’s undoubtedly because of him that I’ve strayed off from living a normal campus life. If I have to say, I’ve moved further into the same path I’ve walked before I died. Mostly regarding the stuff students shouldn’t be doing.

「Still, there are likely to be some people overjoyed thanks to him.」
「I can somewhat guess who, but if you speak of the devil and so.」

Some time has passed since the president leaked the information. I predict that some people will come here to confirm the truth of the matter. And there’s two people I know who would likely be happy about it.

「I sure hope her mask hasn’t fallen off.」
「Kaoru headed for her after parting with me, so it should be fine.」

So that’s why Kishita isn’t here. She’s the class stopper, so it should be fine, I think. I have a hunch that she joins in and causes a heck of a mess every now and then, though.

「Still, it’s a bit worrying that there hasn’t been any contact from Kishita yet.」
「It’s probably just because she doesn’t have the leeway to do so. Since she seems pretty occupied as the school fest was nearing its end.」
「That’s exactly the case.」

And so the top troublemaker has appeared. She’s breathing heavily, so she probably ran here. I seriously hope it’s not because she’s excited. Her mask seems to be still there, which is a bit relieving.

「What brings you here, Aya?」
「I’ve come to verify the truth of the information. With this person being the source, it’s already dubious. But I want to confirm, just in case.」

You say that, but you’re eyes are saying Just tell me already. The pressure is real.

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「It’s true. The invitation letter hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s practically confirmed.」
「It’s extremely good news to my ears.」

With that smile, I just know that she’s screaming hooray in her mind right now. I’m even wondering if it’s alright for her to be that transparent. While only temporary, she’s probably happy to have more people like her.

「I really can’t get used to you when you’re like this.」
「This is how I project myself, so there’s no helping it. It’ll be troubling if you don’t get accustomed to it at this point.」
「I’m not accustomed to it either, though.」

Her true nature leaves too strong of an impression, so her being prim and proper is the one that’s weird. Even if she wants me to get used to it, I can’t imagine it happening easily. At this point, my brain automatically translates her when she speaks.

「Oh Kotone, whenever will you show me your true self?」
「As long as we’re in campus, never.」

Same with Aya, I don’t have any plan on changing my way of speaking within the academy. Though I do occasionally slip up when talking to the principal, it’s fine in his office.

「I knew it, you too, huh. Seriously, can something be done about the twelve families’ dual sided natures?」
「I think Kotori’s different, though.」
「That family is just special. Since for most of the families, their people are born with two sides to them.」
「That’s true. In my family’s case, ever since we’re young, we can’t help but think that we have to hide our true selves in public for some reason.」

Each family’s defect can’t be underestimated. Maybe it’s a side effect of us having great capabilities. Will Kotori have her own issues after she gets a child too? It’s scary to think about.

「Kotone! There’s something I want to ask!」
「Looks like we’re gathering one after another.」

While I did expect this, the classroom’s big-shot ration has drastically increased. Including Kotori, it’s four people. There’s still others remaining, but everyone won’t be coming here, so please be relieved, my classmates.

「The information is true. Kotori, if you also receive an invitation, I look forward to seeing you then.」
「If it’s a party with Kotone, I’ll definitely attend!」
「Ah, my heart, it hurts.」

Seeing the pure and innocent Kotori, Aya reacted. Slipping out a bit of her true self, she has her hand over her heart. Probably because even though they’re both happy, she’s happy for a different reason.

「Kotone, what about an afterparty?」
「My apartment should be enough for that. After all, over there, there won’t be any issues even if you take your mask off.」

The one next door is just Aya’s brother, after all. Also, Akane is her sister-in-law, so there shouldn’t be a problem even if she comes to crash the party. However, hearing my reply, Aya was dumbfounded.

「Is there any problem?」
「No, I just completely expected you to refuse.」
「We’re sure to be in the mood for some stress relief after this, so I was in agreement but should we not, instead?」
「Nono, let’s do it. How about you, Hadzuki?」
「If it’s fine for me to join, then I’d love to. I also agree that we’ll be stressed by the end ot the party.」
「I want to join too!」

And so, as we started cheerfully making plans for next month, the school festival ended. Why did no one tell us about this? Probably because we’re just intimidating together in a group. Even the gutsy Harumi hesitated, I heard. That’s the right reaction. After all, there’s clearly two ticking timebombs among us.


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