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Chapter 63 – School Festival Plans (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2025characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1024 words
Editor(s): Fire

That’s definitely not a budget for a student-hosted event. Moreover, it’s all to be spent on a single classroom. As expected, this isn’t going to get approved. What idiot drafted this proposal?

「There’s also this one plan that would be great outside of a few issues.」

Next, the president showed me a draft for a go-cart event. Our academy has an automotive club? We’re not even of legal age so we can’t get licences, what the heck?

「The fact that Shimotsuki drafted this already gives me unease.」
「She’ll obviously do something not included in their plans, after all. And so Kaoru, is it alright to give this event a go?」
「It should be fine. If she attempts to do something ridiculous, I’ll prevent it with all I have. Still, if she ever gets too carried away, there’s nothing that can be done.」

That’s understandable. Stopping her momentum is generally difficult, or rather impossible. I’ll avoid their place during the festival proper. Since I’m absolutely sure she’ll drag me into trouble.1

「As for the issue of space, we have enough room in academy.」

After all, we have a ton of wide open spaces here. With it being pointlessly big and all. In the first place, I don’t trust the go-carts to just be normal ones. They’re not going to use some weird engines, are they?

「Now then, let’s hear the details of your class’ plan.」

After explaining everything, he’s got a complicated look on his face. There’s nothing special about it, after all. It’s not interesting at all.

「Maid outfits are a bit too clichéd.」
「What are you even thinking about?」

He wasn’t conflicted about approving it, but about the cosplay? I already said I don’t want to cosplay. Still, the frightening thing about the school festival is that my opinion can be drowned out by the majority.

「With everyone wearing a costume, you won’t say that you aren’t dressing up, are you now?」

What an awfully nice smile you have. So nice that any woman knowing nothing about you might immediately fall in love. Though for me, it’s a terribly irritating smile. I’d love to punch him, but he’s presenting a fair argument, so there’s no justification.

「For me, I think being in casual wear is fine. Kotone is currently on the limelight, after all.」
「How could you take away my enjoyment? Do you have some sort of plan, vice-president?」

Support fire arrived at an unexpected timing, causing the president to be a bit displeased. Still, that doesn’t matter to me. I’m cheering for Kishita with all my might.

「It’s nothing complicated. I believe that there are many who are curious about how Kotone dresses in private.」
「I don’t wear particularly interesting clothes, though.」
「That’s a subjective opinion. After all, most people haven’t seen you in casual attire.」

Thinking about it, I’ve only worn my casual clothes in front of my friends. Other than them, the people at the café. Well, the uniform there isn’t really that different from my usual clothes. I’m just wearing an additional apron.

「And most of all, the casual attire of one of the twelve families, doesn’t that sound intriguing?」
「Huh, what about mine?」
「We’re good without yours.」

Interest in other people’s casual look, huh. I personally don’t have much interest in that. Though really stylish people or terribly unfashionable people would catch my interest. But it’s me in this case.

「I’m sorry if you have high expectations, but my casual attire is as you’ve seen previously.」
「Then jazz it up a bit.」
「Not possible.」

I immediately refused. First of all, I don’t have any fashionable clothes to even try on. So it’s not that I don’t want to, but it’s just impossible. And you’re not going to tell me to buy clothes for the school festival, are you?

「See? Cosplaying seems to be the better option, doesn’t it now?」
「She doesn’t want to do it, you know. In that case, we’ll prepare “casual clothes” for you. No, coordinating your outfit myself is an opportunity hard to pass by.」

I’m sorry, but what makes that any different from making me do cosplay? To start with, it should be my class who has the final say for this, not the student council. Do these two understand that fact?

「Enough of this, let’s work already.」

It’s still the first day for submitting the proposal drafts, but there’s already a lot of papers. From what I can see, they’ve been divided between the viable ones and non-viable ones. The president has the final say here, so it’s like a preliminary screening.

「What about a Chinese-style café?」
「That serves cookies? That’s too mismatched.」

Are you planning on making me wear a china dress? In the first place, where are you going to find one? Do you plan to borrow from the theatre club again? Do they have enough for the whole class?

「How about a dress?」
「That is by no means casual wear. Moreover, it’s difficult to work in.」

You guys are still talking about that? To begin with, people don’t normally think of dresses as casual wear. Sorry, now that I think of it, Kotone’s casual clothes are dresses.

「It might end up a bit biassed if I’m the only one coordinating, so why don’t we invite other people?」
「Please stop that. There are individuals who’ll become troublesome once they hear of that.」

If my bodyguard is Akira, then it’s no issue. But please don’t do that when it’s Mizuki’s shift. She’ll definitely forget about her guard duties and come running. Even without that, I don’t want to go. After all, either way, I know I’m going to be dressed up like a doll.

「Rather, please do your job.」
「It can’t be helped.」
「I suppose there’s no way around it.」

Why are you replying like I’m in the wrong here!? I’m clearly the casualty here!



  1. Silva: This is what they call flag ya know?? You’ll definitely get dragged into trouble whether you like it or no.
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