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Chapter 64 – Mystery of the Watch (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2126 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1023 ords
Editor(s): Fire

In the end, the day ended without deciding what costume I’m going to have to wear. Honestly, I’m glad they couldn’t decide. If these guys settle on something, it feels like it’ll generally push through and that’s scary.

「Owner, there’s something I want to consult with…」

Anyways, I have to talk with the owner about the school fest. Since if he gives a no, then we’ll have to think of an alternative plan ASAP. At worst, we might have to consider buying a coffee maker.

「Your income?」
「Why do you always assume that when I want to discuss something, it’s my income?」
「That’s just how it is.」

Is it really? No, I’d honestly be happy if I earn more, but I’m not dissatisfied with my current pay. I just need enough for my living expenses, after all.

「If not that, then what?」
「Our class is doing a cafe for the school festival. So I wanted to ask if we could borrow equipment.」
「Like the siphon and stuff? It’s fine if it’s just the spares, but can you use them?」
「That, we’ll have to work on.」

It’s not like I’m the one brewing, so I’ll put my hopes on my classmates’ efforts. In this age, you can search for anything on the net. I’d rather not do much taste testing though. Since I expect them to make it either too bitter or too acidic first.

「So Kotone, what are you wearing?」
「Why are you also curious about that part……」

Who cares about what I’m going to wear.

「Anyone would be curious since you just wear the same thing every time. That’s why I asked if you wanted more income.」

Is it that? He thinks that I can’t buy clothes because I don’t have enough money? Come on, that’s too much. In regards to food, clothing, and shelter, I’m living without any issues with those.

「I don’t have any issues with my lifestyle, so no need to worry. I just haven’t bought clothes.」
「You’re seriously a bit off compared to other highschoolers these days.」
「Like that’s anything new.」

My mental age is beyond 20 years old, so of course I’d be off. And concerning fashion, there’s the difference in sensibilities. To begin with, because of the male and female differences I just honestly don’t know what I should buy.

「Long time no see. I came to visit.」
「Me too.」

My two step mothers appeared. Yup, I froze for a moment, but there’s no particular issue. I already knew that they planned on visiting, after all. I just didn’t expect them to visit together.

「What, your acquaintances, Kotone?」
「Yes, but also Saori’s.」
「Hers? I don’t really like saying this, but her social circle is pretty small, so I generally know the people she knows.」
「Well I’m sorry. For not having that many friends.」

Perhaps sensing something, Saori-san came to the floor with great timing. That’s just perfect. I wanted to consult about our school festival menu, you see.

「Long time no see, Saori. I’m glad to see you doing well.」
「Eh? You’re Sayoko, right? It’s been a really long time.」
「For now, could I take your orders first? Let’s leave the catching up for later.」

Since they probably won’t stop once they start talking, prioritize the job. And then everyone looked at me with a complicated expression. Wouldn’t it be better if you had a drink with your chat?

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「Going at your own pace as usual.」
「That’s nothing new, is it now? Hatsune.」

In the first place, I developed this kind of personality because of the Kondou family’s influence. Being together with unique characters played a part in it, but you don’t get the luxury of being reserved when living with the Kondou family.

「Ah, Kotone. This is my treat this time around. She really helped me in the past, you see.」
「Understood, Mrs. Saori.」

I don’t know what kind of background they had but in that case, I’ll leave the order slip blank. Hatsune’s order is included, right? Can’t take it back anymore, though.

「Still, I really don’t get your social circle, Kotone.」
「There’s just a lot to me, Owner.」

I’ve lived one lifetime more than the average person, after all. My social web is wider in proportion to that. Besides, Kotone’s social circle is pretty small. She only got more friends when I took her place, too.

「Right, right. There’s something I wanted to ask you, Saori. Is it really alright to give that wristwatch to Koto-chan?」

Saori’s pretty shocked. It’s practically only Isami who calls me by nickname, after all. Besides, Saori didn’t really come out to the floor when Isami came by.

「Regarding the wristwatch, it’s alright. Since I won’t really use it even if I have it with me.」
「It’s a memento, though.」
「It doesn’t really have any memories for me. You know what happened, right?」

Master and I were left out of the loop. Anyways, I guess I’ll talk about recent events. Still, not much time has passed since we last met, so I don’t really have much to talk about.

「Koto-chan was pretty curious about it, you know.」
「I learned that it’s expensive, you see.」

I learned it when the principal had it repaired. I was too scared to ask about its exact value, so I don’t know. I’m honestly curious why the kitchen-in-charge of a cafe had something so expensive.

「I got it as an inheritance. Along with some other things. Also, I got quite the money, so which paid off our loan for the cafe.」
「Mrs. Saori, what exactly are you?」
「Some millionaire’s hidden child. Though since I was recognized, I don’t know if I still count as “hidden”.」
「Wait, does that make you eligible for the inheritance?」
「My name was on the will, so there was nothing else that could be done. The other siblings were pretty frantic about it.」
「In fact, they had a big dispute about the inheritance. It was really fortunate that there was a will.」


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