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Chapter 63 – School Festival Plans (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2063 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1052 words
Editor(s): Fire

For my test results, I got a lower position this time. While thinking “Everyone worked really hard, huh,” I reviewed my mistakes. And seeing that there were sequences of honestly basic mistakes made me feel a bit bad.

「So we’re really doing a café?」
「That was the plan from the start, so there weren’t any other options. Moreover, we have an immediate asset, don’t we?」

Harumi, you’re talking about me, right? While it’s true that I work at a café, it’s not like I managed everything alone. Without the owner’s help, I’d be constantly at my wit’s ends.

「So, what about the details? Are we doing a normal café? Also, what about the menu in general?」
「I was thinking about asking for a professional’s opinion on this. Want to cosplay?」

Who’d willingly say yes to that? Seeing the grins on my classmate’s faces, they’re probably hoping to see me embarrassedly cosplaying. If you’re going to make me do that, then I’ll work behind the curtains instead.

「I guess cake would be the appropriate food to sell?」
「Hmmm, time and taste-wise, that wouldn’t be good.」
「First of all, who’s going to make it? If we’re serving it to customers, then we’ll have to serve something at least above average.」
「Ahh, how pre-made ones?」
「Think about the cost? How many whole cakes do you imagine we will need for this?」

As for making one, we likely don’t have anyone who can actually prepare a cake. In that case, there’s a high chance that we’ll end up making a terrible looking one. I don’t plan on selling something like that. And if we’re going to buy cakes instead, those cakes would have to be resold with a markup.

「In short, I’m completely against it.」
「To think we’d hit a wall this early.」

In the first place, if we’re going with that plan, I’m sure the student council will turn it down. After all, it’s not very interesting. Also, on the topic of cosplay, what do they even have in mind for that? I guess the classic maid outfit?

「Anyhow, let’s start from the menu. No cakes. Considering the ease of preparation, I’d recommend either cookies or cupcakes.」
「I see, I see.」

She’s jotting down a memo, is she planning to just adopt my recommendations? Besides, seeing how Harumi’s not the only one mulling over it, they’re probably thinking about how to mix things up too. They’re pretty enthusiastic.

「Then for the drinks. Let’s say we’ll serve coffee and black tea, do you even know how to brew those?」
「We can’t just serve instant stuff, right?」
「Obviously. Still, the issue of procuring the goods and equipment remains.」

I guess I’ll try talking to the owner. We should have some spares, but we’ll have to consider what to do if we break something. I believe that the academy can cover for some damages, but I’ll need to know the actual details later.

「I’ll try consulting with my boss, but please don’t expect much.」
「Tell us once you get an okay. We can at least help with carrying stuff.」
「To begin with, who’s going to brew the drinks? I’ll have you know, I’m not very skilled at that.」

I occasionally grind the beans I get from the principal, but the feeling of disappointment when you mess it up is awful. Like, it’s such a luxurious product and yet it transforms into something worse than the normal stuff. It’s honestly depressing.

「We’ll entrust it to someone who’s good at it. After all, we can’t just rely on Kotone for everything. 」
「I don’t particularly mind if you relegate me to working at the kitchen, though.」
「We’ll be counting on you to take the floor.」

I’m on serving duty, huh. They’re definitely planning on dressing me up. And they’re not going to reveal it until the day of the event, that’s how I see it. I feel extremely malicious intent, they’re absolutely looking forward to my reaction after wearing whatever it is.

「What are we going to do if we lose the café lottery?」

If there’s too many classes doing the same thing, the president will decide through a lottery. It’s either that, or you just present an event that gets the go sign to proceed. In the first place, ideas that aren’t realistic won’t even make it to the lottery.

「We’ll bet on getting an okay without having to go through the lottery. Still, that’ll be hard. Since we’ll have to spend more if we were to make things more interesting.」

Once your planned expenditure goes beyond the set budget, they’ll automatically refuse it. That’s what makes things complicated. I don’t plan on participating too much. After all, I feel like our event is clearly made to mess with me.

「Is it that fun teasing me?」
「It’s super fun!」

Don’t you smile with a thumbs up! And all of you, don’t agree with her!

「Okay, plan approved.」
「President, at least check the actual details of the plan.」

In the student council office after class, I talked about what my class had in mind and the president immediately gave his damn blessing. I haven’t even elaborated on the details yet.

「Just the fact that it’s for teasing you is interesting enough for me.」
「Ahaha, aren’t you an honest one?」

It pissed me off, so I gave him an iron claw to the head. I’m feeling chilling stares, but I’d like to think that these are pointed not to me but to the president. I’ve slowly stopped holding back when dealing with the president.

「With Kotone as the adviser, it shouldn’t end up too unreasonable, so I approve of it as well.」
「What kind of plan even qualifies as too unreasonable, Kishita?」
「This kind of plan.」

Yup, that’s pretty crazy. The draft she showed me entails plans on drastically reforming the classroom interior to be more extravagant, reception and service by students wearing authentic butler and maid uniforms, and a pastry to be prepared by a patisserie hired exclusively for the event. Are they stupid?

「How much will they even need for that?」
「From a quick estimate, more than a million yen.」


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