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Chapter 61 – Idle Talk at the Café (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2501 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1232 words
Editor(s): Fire

I returned to my apartment and had a quick lunch before heading to the café. While they do offer me meals, I personally don’t think I shouldn’t rely on them too much. Overdependence isn’t good.

「I’ll be serving now.」
「Sure thing. I’ll handle the ones that already ordered, so take charge of the new ones.」

The café itself isn’t that large, so I have a general grasp of the tables and can serve whichever I’m told to, but it’s a division of labor thing. It’s nothing to comment about. More importantly, as expected with the summer heat, the café is pretty crowded.

「You’re here quick.」

Miyako and her friends are already chilling at a table. The opening ceremony might have finished this morning, but isn’t it too early for them to be chilling at a café? The same can be said for me though.

「At first I was thinking of buying groceries, but it was so hot.」
「It’s been hot for the past few days, after all.」

It’s been 30+ degrees Celsius practically every day. Thanks to that, we’ve got a lot of customers coming to cool down. As to be expected, it’s these times when we make a lot of profit. Though since my pay is calculated by the hour, I don’t really get a bonus.

「Still, whenever you’re working, it feels like you’ve been lying about your age. You look like a college student.」
「How rude. We’re even the same age.」

Ever since people who know me started coming here, I’ve been often told that. For some reason, people say that I look older when I’m wearing my on-duty jeans, white T-shirt and black apron. I don’t get it.

「I’m just telling the truth. Right, everyone?」
「Yup. With the composed look and all, you look so used to it.」
「A big part of it is how different you are to your previous image. The extreme gap is probably the reason.」

Miyako’s friends are pretty blunt. They were so tense when they first came here though. But, well, we broke the ice quickly. We can’t have any troubles with the customers, after all.

「If I was the same as before, the café would go under. Ah, welcome.」
「Well that’s a good point. Ah, president!?」

The one who entered certainly is the president, and next to him is Kishita. I don’t know who invited who, but from the way it looks, it seems like the lecturing was all in vain. After all, the president has a great smile on his face, while Kishita looks really exhausted.

「Since it’s a good opportunity, we came.」
「Thank you for visiting our establishment. We will arrange for your table, so please wait for a moment.」

Since a customer just left the cafe, I cleared out the cup and tableware, cleaned the tabletop, and directed them to the table. After giving service water, I wait for their orders. All of this is just common practice, but those who know Kotone always seem surprised about it.

「Have you decided your orders?」
「You’re doing splendidly as a waitress. Yup, that’s a relief to see.」
「Everyone who knows me generally reacts the same way. Is it really that surprising?」
「Knowing that you’re originally from a wealthy family, I think it’s natural to feel some concern. Did you have a rough time in the beginning?」
「How was it, owner?」
「She didn’t act like a newbie at all, and since she familiar with the tasks, there wasn’t much to teach her.」
「So he says.」
「Yup, I can easily understand the abnormality.」

Well even if you say that… I have working experience from my past life, so I just needed to know the job details and the order of precedence. Though I guess that’s exactly what makes it seem abnormal.

「So, your orders are?」
「Unfazed, aren’t you~ I’ll have iced coffee and chocolate cake.」
「I’ll have black tea and a shortcake.」
「Understood. Please wait for a moment.」

Time to prepare it quickly. With summer break done, while there might be less student customers thanks to the heat, there’s a lot of customers lately. And as usual, I’m the only part-timer, so I’ll have to work hard.

「Koton~e, I’ve decided on my order here t~oo.」
「Please give me a moment. You’ll be up next, Tetsu.」

Since I’m the only part-timer, if I’m not careful with the orders, things could get chaotic and confusing. If there was even just one more part-timer, I think it could help out a lot. The café likely doesn’t have the financial leeway, though.

「Kotone, me t~oo.」
「Akira. You’ll be scolded by the supervisor again.」
「It’s fine. This is necessary expenditure, after all.」

You say that, but didn’t the supervisor come to scold you during the summer break? It happened here in the café but there were only regulars that time and they all just laughed. I kept on working that time thinking just how easy the guys laughed.

「Akira, have you had a proper talk with your supervisor? I’d rather not have another ruckus again, okay?」
「It’s fine, owner. It’s not like the supervisor would come barging in again at such a short-」
「I would, you know. Because of this.」

Okay, Akira, you’re out. Considering how she didn’t get contacted by Kyousuke, he probably sold her out. Or maybe he’s just glad that the supervisor didn’t come during his shift. Since he orders a lot too.

「That traitor…」
「Mr. Owner, my apologies for the trouble caused last time. This time I’ll lecture her after taking her away.」
「Ahh, don’t be too hard on her.」

I don’t think you’re in the position to say that though, owner. And so Akira’s peaceful time has ended. This is because the supervisor has invited herself to the seat in front of Akira. Even though the air-con is working, Akira’s drowning in sweat.

「For some reason, a lot of acquaintances are here today.」
「As for me, it’s all good since we’re having a lot of proceeds today. Here, the ordered dishes.」

I receive the president and Kishita’s dishes and serve them. I guess they were being considerate, since they didn’t talk to me much. Well, there are other customers waiting to order after all. Time to go around and collect them.

「Kotone, a lot of your acquaintances are beauties, aren’t they?」
「There’s no need to be so hush about it, I don’t really mind if you speak louder.」
「No no, that’d be embarrassing.」

The beauties you talk about include high school girls, isn’t that a problem? This customer, if I’m not wrong, should be about 30+ years old. Well, if he’s just talking about the bodyguards, then I do agree. That’s if he can keep that impression with the air between them.

「Um, supervisor. This isn’t going to cut my salary, is it?」
「It’ll affect your assessment. To begin with, your pair spends too much money. If you’d like it, I’ll even put a good word for you, so why don’t you try working here?」
「Nono!? If I work here, then I won’t be able to guard her.」
「It’s fine as long as you work the same shift as Kotone. If you need more people, then I could arrange for it, you know?」
「Not even asking my opinion, huh.」


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