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Chapter 61 – Idle Talk at the Café (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2250 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1145 words
Editor(s): Fire

There seems to be some adult discussion going on, but I feel like it’d be better to have the owner join in. Even if they have their add more workers plan all settled, it won’t really solve the issue of where to find the money to pay for them. Only a rare few would be willing to work for free, after all.

「You can pay them the bare minimum. Since we’ll take care of the main chunk of their wages on our side.」
「Well, I mean, having more people would really help but, when considering the future, I can’t just accept it so easily.」
「The future?」
「Yeah. Kotone, I don’t know what you’ll do in the future but if she ever decides to quit, you folks will be leaving too, right?」
「That would be the case.」

True, there’s no telling what my future will bring. Will I go to college? Will I search for permanent employment? Will I inherit the family? There’s a lot of options, but the last one is the most unlikely to ever happen.

「If we suddenly lose a number of employees, there’s no telling if we can maintain the same service we provide, you know? And even if we can replenish the lost people, it’ll cost us a lot.」

Exactly. The only people that they’re lending are none other than the people assigned to me. Them working would be of real help manpower-wise. But if they suddenly leave, there’s no way that the cafe can maintain their previous operation. I don’t even know for how long I’ll be working here either.

「In that case, how about if we only limit it to one person? If you come to need more people, please contact me anytime. If you even need it now, we wouldn’t mind if you work this one and her partner to the bone.」
「Supervisor, you’re so high-handed.」
「You’ll understand if you get to a higher position. Try dealing with continued appeals for cost cuts and unrealistic proposals for yourself.」
「Was your chief the type to talk about that?」
「It’s the other people, actually. The general affairs department has been annoying about it lately. To start with, our department chief is concealing himself and we can’t get a hold of him.」

Hearing this, it’s hard to tell whether Mr. Kondou is a good boss or a terrible boss. I’ll just have faith that he takes the initiative to act whenever it’s necessary.

「I don’t want to be in a position like that.」
「No need to worry. You’re never going to be promoted, after all.」

Anyone working under Akira would definitely have a tough time. Maybe she’ll develop a sense of responsibility if she gets a high position but as she is right now, it’s unthinkable. Her partner even has a tough time with her even now.

「This discussion has been proceeding without my and the owner’s agreement, but are you planning on increasing my bodyguards?」

Since my hands are free for the moment, I asked. If my bodyguards were to work here, then that inevitably means less people guarding me. Besides, the supervisor also said something about increasing personnel. Am I really worth that much?

「We’re discussing this exactly because we’ve decided that we can allot more people for you. At first we had no idea how many times we might get demands to change personnel, you see. Besides, we also assumed that our work might not last too long.」
「So that was handed down as information.」
「Naturally. It affects our company’s reputation, which is why we assumed your case to be a headache, but it ended up being undue anxiety.」

A protectee who once attempted suicide. Which actually succeeded, but let’s put that aside. With the possibility of a repeat existing, I’m impressed they even accepted. I guess they really couldn’t decline a commission from the twelve families.

「It won’t happen again, so please don’t worry.」
「Rather, looking at you now, I could never imagine you doing it again. Besides, thanks to you there’s been so many applicants to substitute for the two for their breaks.」
「And so the additional personnel?」

Those applicants are clearly aiming for the cafe rest time. Then, when they arrive, they’re actually made to work for the cafe. That’d be a big win for Akira and Kyousuke.

「Naturally, the workers are going to be Akira and Kyousuke.」
「Of course, right…」

Saying that, Akira collapses to the table. But now that I think about it, wouldn’t that affect our sales a lot? I’m here practically the whole day during holidays, so the two of them would be munching down here the whole time. Even the owner was taken aback every time they bill out.

「Yup, Akira. It’s only natural that they’re mad at you two.」
「I’ll reflect on it. But I won’t stop.」

Humans always take the easy path whenever given the choice. Still, that isn’t the best remark to say out loud in front of your superior, you know. I can kind of see veins popping out from someone’s head. Probably just an illusion though.

「O~i, don’t just mingle with the adults over there, why don’t we have some student-like conversations?」
「You were so silent I thought you already went home, president.」

I completely forgot their existence. Miyako has already billed out and went home, why is the president and Kishita still here? Well, I know that Kishita is just keeping the president company, but still.

「How rude. I was even being considerate since it sounded like a serious discussion.」
「I’d like to ask what exactly sounded serious in that conversation, to be honest.」

It was mostly just us teasing Akira, though. As I was mulling over it for a bit, the president and Kishita shot me a somewhat exasperated look. Why?

「You’re really indifferent when it concerns yourself.」
「It would be best that you be a bit more self-conscious when talking. I honestly felt anxious overhearing it.」

Come to think of it, Kishita knows about my wrist. Still, the people who don’t know wouldn’t understand what we were talking about. And as the supervisor said, as I am right now, it’s hard to associate me with suicidal thoughts.

「So, as for student-like conversations…」
「I’m still on shift, so let’s save those for the student council room.」

I feel a bit bad, but a customer just came in, you see. Talking to my personal acquaintances too much wouldn’t be a good look for an employee. Though the regulars likely wouldn’t mind it at all.

「Welcome. A table for how many?」

Leave the future matters aside, now is the time for work. I’ll also ignore how Kyousuke immediately took Akira’s place as she was dragged away by their supervisor.


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