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Chapter 60 – Second Semester Start (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3043 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1511 words
Editor(s): Fire

The opening ceremony has ended and we’re chatting as we return to the classroom, but honestly I don’t need to show up. Still, I’d rather not risk being reprimanded later. I haven’t heard if we have any activities today either.

「How diligent as usual. I have my club for me. Miyako?」
「I have nothing else to do, so I’m going home. It’s most likely the same case for the others.」

Aside from the students who are in clubs, unless you have a unique situation like mine, you’d probably either just go straight home or drop by some places while going home. Our cafe has recently become one of those said places though.

「In that case, see you again tomorrow.」
「See ya~」

Exchanging our goodbyes, I then headed to the student council room. I probably can go without greeting the principal. If I carelessly meet with him and we get seen, there’s a high chance that it’ll start weird rumors. Still, I should probably see Teacher Saeki.

「Excuse me.」
「Kotone, it’s been a while. We haven’t met even once during summer break, after all.」
「Rather, had we met, wouldn’t it cause quite the noise in high society?」
「It’s giving me extreme anxiety, so could you not paint that image for me? 」

Seeing how seriously weary he looks, it was probably easy for him to imagine. The president’s just as ever, huh. Kishita’s also present, as well as Kozue. The only ones absent are the treasurer and the general affairs officer.

「You can choose one box from the souvenirs at the table.」

The pile of boxes there are souvenirs, huh. I completely thought we were about to have another weird project. Still, one box? That’s pretty generous of him. From the writings on the wrapping, I guess these are from overseas?

「The usual summer break practice, is it.」
「I’d rather this practice, or I guess style of showing off, be put at rest already though.」

Knowing his circumstances, I wholly agree. Within high society, having long vacation trips overseas has become a symbol of status. Before it stopped at simply bragging about where you went but these days it’s escalated to boasting how many countries you’ve visited.

「Incidentally, how many countries did you visit?」
「Three. More than that is impossible schedule-wise. Honestly, just one country is enough for having a vacation.」
「Well, it’s the bare minimum, isn’t it. Though I do also believe that one country is plenty enough.」

While it might be alright for people that like travelling, for those that aren’t really interested, it’s a form of torture. The language and cultures are different, reflecting the difference in environment. That can cause stress. In that case, it’s natural to think that it’d be better to just relax in this country instead.

「By the way, I have never gone overseas.」
「You don’t seem to be the type to go along with those sorts of practices or trends, after all.」

I’ve also never left the country before. I wasn’t as smart as Kotone, so it was agonizing to study English. In that situation, like I’d ever have the guts to travel overseas. Fooling around with my friends would be more comfortable.

「How do I say this, the world you two live in are really different from ours.」
「I completely agree with Kishita. As long as I can go online with my PC, I’d be fine anywhere.」

For people who live a standard life, traveling abroad, to multiple countries no less, is probably unthinkable. Moreover, it’s just to show off. Just spend your money domestically.

「I personally wanted to go at the cafe you’re working at, though.」
「Then why don’t you just come? Kishita and Kozue came by, you know?」
「Even Kozue!?」

Why’d that surprise you? Though being first and foremost an indoor-type, she does seem like one to never leave her air-conditioned room. Kishita invited her and she came looking so reluctant.

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「Since it was the middle of summer break, it was quite crowded.」
「I think those were people who heard of the rumors. Though Kotone looked so normal, it was boring.」

I don’t fuss about my clothing at all. Who’d even wear that waitress outfit? If I had to, then wearing a butler outfit would be more mentally easier for me.

「Like, it must be related and all.」
「I don’t think it’s related. My mother, Fumidzuki’s parents, and Shizuku came to such a popular place, so it gained more attention.」

Frankly, even if people of that sort come, the owner and I won’t change our behavior at all. We don’t give special treatment, and neither do we have the mind to gain higher ratings.

「She went? Was it alright?」
「She was keeping her mask on, so there was no problem whatsoever. I was in a constant state of nervousness though.」

Since she was keeping her facade up in a place with so many eyes, she didn’t start any sort of trouble. Though in mail, she did complain about my outfit. Next time, she said, she’ll bring an outfit, so I declined with all my might.

「There weren’t any odd harassments in particular, that was relieving.」
「Well, yeah, I don’t think there’d be any idiot who’d harass you in that sort of public place.」

Well, yeah. Just making an enemy of one family is crazy enough, but at the very least you’d antagonize three. If it was harassment done as a company, you’d be lucky to go bankrupt. I don’t want to imagine the worst case scenario.

「Pardon my lateness.」

Just when I started getting confused on whether we’re talking about summer vacation or something wholly unrelated, the remaining two arrived at the student council room. With this, we’re all here. Still, we don’t really have anything to do, do we?

「Well then, since we’re all here, allow me to talk for a bit.」

Everyone probably has the same thought. What sort of unreasonable thing is he going to say this time? As we all held our breaths staring at the president, every one of us probably wanted to run.

「Our activities will only be until the cultural festival. After that, it will be time for the student council to pass the baton. In other words, we’ll be working as a group only for a few more times. Honestly speaking, I have zero expectations for the major candidate for next student council president…」

That, I agree with. The others nodded, so it seems like they also agree.

「However, we won’t be able to get a word in. It’s just my hunch, but no one among us here is probably going to be in the next student council.」

The third year members are automatically not included. Kozue and I are probably not among his choice of members. In this case, the next student council will really be a whole new team.

「Precisely because of that, why don’t we do our best? To make a grand culture festival!」
「Huh? Isn’t this supposed to be the hypest part?」

In addition to us cheering in monotone, none of us even bothered to raise our hands. There’s clearly no enthusiasm to be felt, but thinking back on the president’s actions up until now, I can’t even anticipate what the heck he’s going to do.

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「We will simply do what we ought to do. Mainly following your absurd plans.」

Kishita speaks in our stead, but it seems like she is willing to keep up even with the absurd demands. Whatever the case, he’s going to make it a situation we can’t refuse, so that doesn’t change anything that we ought to do.

「I’m overjoyed to have such understanding subordinates.」
「Please be aware that this sort of boss is such a displeasure to have.」

In a sense, it’s the usual sight. As expected of the one who’s held back the president on her own before I came. Besides, while it is a displeasure, the fact that it’s hard to hate the president, I guess, speaks of his charisma.

「But rest assured. I still haven’t decided on a concrete thing to do.」
「To begin with, the student council has work to do regarding the class’ planned events, the budgeting, the outside commissions, and many other things, so we don’t have the leeway to do anything on that day.」

Ah, I feel an approaching battlefield. I don’t imagine that the student council will do everything, but we’ll probably be quite occupied. Things might be busier than when I was first brought here.

「It’s fine. I’ll properly set the schedule.」
「Alright everyone, disperse.」
「「「Thank you very much.」」」

Let’s put it bluntly. It’s scram time! Hearing Kishita’s command. All of us left the student council room. The only ones left are Kishita and the president. It’s going to be lecture time. We don’t even have any leeway to plan a schedule, what is he even thinking? I do have a bad feeling about this though.


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