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Chapter 58 – Mayhem of the Past -Second Half- (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2427 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1221 words
Editor(s): Fire

The more I think about it, the stronger the feeling that I’m being cornered into a messy situation. As to whose fault this is, I know full well. It was my mistake for acting rashly.

「And just thinking about what’ll happen after leaving this tub, I feel even worse.」

It’s also worrying how I have no idea what the heck Mizuki bought. This is the first time I’ve felt increasingly stressed even after soaking in the tub. Normally, this should be more relaxing. As expected of master, the way she does things is just nasty.

「Ughhaa, I don’t want to think anymore.」

Sinking into the tub, I continue grumbling. It’s been a while since I’ve been like this. In the past I would occasionally be like this after coming home from work. To think that I’d experience this as a high schooler. You really can never tell how things go in life.

「Kotone. I’ll leave the pajama out here.」

After about ten minutes of relaxing, it looks like Mizuki is back. Regardless of that, I don’t feel like getting out of the bath right now. I still haven’t washed my hair, after all. I’ve already resigned myself, alright. Somebody’s likely going to come barging in anyways the longer I take here anyways.

「It’s still going to take long anyway.」

I chose a random bottle of shampoo to use. I don’t know who owns which, so it’s not like I can ask permission. To begin with, it’s the Kondou family who orchestrated this situation. So no need to be reserved. Washing my hair took up a lot of time and now I go back in the tub and use up even more time. Who cares about the people waiting in the living room?

「So long!」
「Shut up! Don’t just randomly barge in!」

And as anticipated, Isami came charging. Impatient fool. Since I was expecting it, I’m not as shocked as I was with master. Besides, I was thinking of getting out soon.

「Everyone’s already tired of waiting for you.」
「That’s your problem, not mine. In the first place, I’ve got long hair, so it’s normal that I take a long time.」
「That’s not true. There are people that bathe fast even with long hair.」

Well, I mean, it’s not really fair to compare me with those people. It’s been half a year since I had long hair, but I’m still not used to it. I kept my hair short in the past, after all.

「If you don’t finish up soon, I’ll get in the tub.」
「Well perfect timing, then. I was just about to leave.」

Please, take your time bathing. If you do that, there’ll be one less rowdy fool to deal with. That’ll lighten my burden by a lot.

「Then I’ll go back to the living room. Follow soon, okay!」

As I thought, she doesn’t intend to take my place bathing. Still, why the heck does this family just barge in, no questions asked, while someone’s bathing? There’s basically zero privacy. If Mr. Kondou comes in next, I’ll have master smack him.

「I guess it’s time to brace myself and leave.」

I’ll just get dizzy staying here for too long anyways. First, wipe my hair dry and then use the hair dryer. Actually, I’m taking my sweet time here, but no one’s coming to call me this time. Well, with the number of people in the living room, it’s probably chaotic there. And they probably have some alcohol in their system by now.

「The underwear is normal, huh. That by itself makes me feel better. And I guess this is the thing……」

I’m impressed that Mizuki bought this as asked. It’s really hot in this season, and yet you bought this absolutely sweltering thing. Wearing this right after a bath, is this some kind of punishment? What did I do to deserve this?

「Besides, how do I put this on? Wearing just this on top of underwear, it’s going to absorb a lot of sweat.」

There is a t-shirt left alongside it, so I guess I’ll wear this too. It’s going to make me feel even hotter, but just to be sure. With this, it should be no problem for me to take off the pajamas. Rather, I don’t want to wear it.

「Still, if I don’t do this, I’ll likely get a bashing not only from Isami but from master as well.」

Having no right to refuse is such a bother. Step-mom can’t be relied on in these situations either. After all, in this household, master is the strongest. Now, time to try it on.

「So hottt…」

It’s so stuffy in here. This is seriously a punishment. Anyways, I’ll bear it up until I get to the living room. Why do I have to be working up a sweat right after taking a bath? Besides, what do we do about this pajama afterwards? Do we just give it to Isami?

「Well, enough thinking. Time to go.」

For some reason, the living room is pretty noisy. Did Hajime and their manager arrive? I feel bad for the manager. She’s probably overwhelmed by her first exposure to the atmosphere here. If not taken aback.

「I’m wearing it~」
「「「I lost!」」」

Yup, everyone guessed wrong. It’s only the Kondous making a ruckus, step-mom didn’t react that much. Rather, it seems like she’s holding back laughter. Well yeah, seeing how I look now and imagining how I was a man before, it’s probably hilarious.

「Kotone, you’re so lovely!」

Mizuki, you’re not drunk, are you? Her excessive excitement is probably due to the fact that she got to dress me up. I should absolutely never go shopping with her. It’ll likely whittle down my soul.

「Fox, huh. Somehow, that does fit your image.」

Don’t give some serious commentary, Hajime. And you right next to him, Ms. Manager, don’t stare with those sparkling eyes! You’ve gotten pretty influenced by them, huh!

「It’s hot, I want to take it off.」
「True, that is quite hard to wear in the middle of summer. And since we have the windows open, we turned the aircon off. Completely forgot about that.」

You definitely did this on purpose didn’t you, master? Even though I tend to wear long sleeves no matter how hot it is, there’s still a limit to my tolerance. And it’s right now.

「Is there a change of clothes?」
「Ah, that’s a serious tone. Just a minute. Let me take some pictures first.」

Around me, I hear the shutter sound effect coming from their smartphones, but I have no reaction. I’ve already anticipated this to happen and it’s seriously stuffy in here, so I don’t have the energy to react. This is getting really exhausting here.

「If you’re fine with Sou’s clothes, I can lend some. Hatsune kept them safe, so the clothes should be in good condition.」

Thanks, step-mom. I’ll ignore the fact that master seriously carried you there. I just want to get out of these clothes. It might be perfect as autumn or winter wear, but summer? Nope.

「Ehh? You’re changing already? Then, to finish it off, take a pose while making a fox sound, please!」
「Who’d do that!?」


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