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Chapter 58 – Mayhem of the Past -Second Half- (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2494 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1289 words
Editor(s): Fire

I was pushed into the bathroom, but what the heck do they expect from me? Well, yeah, they want me to take a bath, that I know. And their excitement for after I’m done bathing as well. I really don’t understand why me changing clothes is causing this much of a fuss though.

「Well, anyway. Pondering about it here won’t really change much. For now, I’ll just take my time.」

At the very least, I’m going to enjoy my alone time right now. While it’s true that a part of me wanted this interaction, it’s a bit too mentally taxing this time around. I never would have imagined for step-mom to see through me instantly.

「Fuu~, that’s some nice heat.」
「I’ll put your clothes in the laundry, alright?」
「Why are you here!?」

How did you sense that I was here, Master? If she was waiting outside, I should have heard her making some sounds. Seriously, their family is really capable in weird ways. Please make use of those for some other things instead.

「That’s a trade secret. Change of topic, but I really can’t thank you enough, Koton-chan.」
「For what?」
「For Sayoko. Ever since you came, she seemed to have completely moved on concerning Souji. Did you do something?」
「I only chatted with her a bit earlier. At most, I just asked about stories of Souji’s past, that’s all.」

Actually, it’s the opposite, I was the one telling her about what happened ever since I became Kotone. Still, it’s not like I can frankly confess everything to Master. It wouldn’t be a problem to tell her, but it might affect my relationship with Isami. Besides, I don’t think I should tell too many people about it. It’s just a hunch, though.

「We’ll leave it at that, then. Still, thinking about it more, it’s a bit different from moving on. It’s more like she’s gone back to the past.」
「You really pay close attention to her.」
「If I leave her alone, who knows where she’ll wander about. We’ve been together for a long time, so I can’t help being concerned about her.」

Honestly, my step-mom has constantly been in her care. Since I died, Master was likely the one who kept the house and my room organised and clean. I guess even from her eyes, step-mom hasn’t been herself ever since. Step-mom, who drowned herself in work so she wouldn’t be constantly reminded of me.

「Still, with this, it’ll lighten the weight on my shoulders. Whether she’s moved on or reverted to her past self doesn’t make much difference either way.」
「I think it makes a significant difference, though.」
「In the end, that’s her problem to wrestle with, so I don’t really have much of a say about it. Isami’s a different story though.」

Well, of course how you handle your daughter and your neighbour would be different, huh. Still, I wonder how Isami was after I died. Master doesn’t really proactively intervene with Isami that much, after all.

「By the way, there’s one thing I forgot to say.」
「What is it?」
「Welcome home, Souji.」

I was so surprised, I nearly sank into the bathtub. Still, to think that even Master saw through me. Well, with some contemplation, there’d be a lot of points that would match up, I guess.

「It’s the same with step-mom, but how can you accept this kind of absurd situation so easily?」
「I already had somewhat of a hunch at first. But after seeing Sayoko, I was certain. I said it, didn’t I? “Gone back to the past.”」

So with Kotone as me being a hint, she figured it out based on step-mom’s behaviour. At this rate, maybe even Mr. Kondou already knows the truth about me.

「To begin with, I practically raised you, didn’t I? A parent mistaking her child would be so wrong, you know.」
「I’m really grateful for your care back then. If not for your teachings, our household would’ve been a complete disaster.」
「With how Sayoko is, right?」

I learned cleaning, cooking, and laundry from Master during my childhood. After all, step-mom is how she is. This is the reason that I started calling Ms. Hatsune Master. It would’ve been confusing if I called her Teacher like the school teachers, after all.

「Nonetheless, I would have never imagined you coming home as a girl. I’m just barely holding back my laughter.」
「Step-mom told me the same thing. Even I don’t know why things ended like this, so I can’t really help it.」
「I would never believe you if you insisted otherwise. Still, that’s a shame. Now no one’s going to take Isami anymore.」
「I had no intention of doing that at all. Even back in the days.」
「You two weren’t really conscious about each other, after all. Still, I thought that it was only a question of when. Since even if you two married ever, your relationship itself likely wouldn’t change.」
「I seriously can’t imagine Isami and I living the married life.」

To begin with, I don’t even know how a husband and wife are supposed to be. After all, I thought that we would stay together as best friends forever. My death ruined all of this, though.1

「Master, I have a favour to ask.」
「Keep this a secret to Isami, right? I know. Since if we don’t make it so you and Souji are different people, that girl might start acting up.」

Good to see you understand. She’s finally moved on from my passing, there’s no reason to return the status quo. Though there’s a high chance that she already knows the truth. After all, even Master found me out.

「Thank you.」
「With that settled, I’ll be taking my reward.」

Immediately after saying that, the bathroom door slammed wide open. Why are you coming inside! It doesn’t seem like she’s planning to bathe with me though. Since she still has her clothes on.

「How nice it is to be young. Such youthful skin. Also, what’s with that perfect figure of yours?」
「Why are you staring so much!」
「I said it, didn’t I? As a reward. I’m just checking on my daughter’s growth.」
「Your daughter is Isami! If I had to say, I’d be more of a son!」
「But you’re a girl now.」

That’s true and all, but that doesn’t mean I agree with that. To begin with, what’s with seeing my naked body as a reward? And checking on my growth? This is the first time you’ve seen me. I seriously don’t get it.

「Yup, that was a nice view. Well now, take your time!」

Saying only that, she then left. What exactly did she come here for? Just when I thought I could relax in the bathtub, this really wore me out. I really can’t predict how this family would act. It’s precisely why I get dragged into their shenanigans.

「Am I glad to be back or am I not? I honestly can’t decide. I can’t change what’s already done though.」

Seriously, I’ve been exposed one too many times. Am I really that similar to how I was in the past? Even when I’m so different appearance-wise? Or are step-mom and Master just special?

「Also, how do I associate with them from now on.」

I can’t come back here frequently, so I guess I’ll get their numbers and call them occasionally. Besides, if I meet with them too much, the Kisaragi family might start finding it suspicious. That’s something I have to avoid no matter what.

「It’s getting really bothersome now.」



  1. Lyly: Geez, this hurts as a “childhood friend romance” enjoyer
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