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Chapter 58 – Mayhem of the Past -Second Half- (Part 3)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2495 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1217 words
Editor(s): Fire

Why do I have to do something like that! To begin with, Isami, haven’t you gotten a lot of pictures already? Do you plan on using that to tease me later? C’mon, quiet down you lot!

「Besides, what kind of sound does a fox make?」
「Isn’t, like, “kon” the usual?」

Like I know! I’ve never seen a fox before, so how would I know how it sounds? Besides, for the pose, what kind of pose? The one like that of a dog howling? I don’t want to do that!

「C’mon, c’mon, get on all fours and do it.」
「You think I would?」
「If you don’t do it with all these eyes on you, you’d be a disgrace of an entertainer.」
「I’m no entertainer in the first place!」

It’s scary how, after being told that, for a moment I felt like I have to do it and meet their expectations. I’m not going with the flow, though.

「All this ruckus is making me feel hotter.」
「To think you really wouldn’t do it. Disappointing.」
「So what. No matter what you say Isami, it won’t affect me at all.」

Not with how much we’ve been frank and candid with each other. We were even so upfront that people thought we were fighting. Usually, it would end with both of us laughing though.

「Then, for the ace in the hole! Mom, orders, please!」
「You don’t really have to do it.」

Ah, Isami slipped. The other guys also fell to their knees. For some reason, I feel bad for Ms. Manager who has no idea what’s happening right now. It’s pretty much the usual, so don’t worry about it.

「I’m already content just seeing you wear that, you see. Come on, Sayoko. Help her change now.」
「Right. At this rate, Koto-chan is going to get cooked as she stays pinned here.」

They were just quietly spectating until now, I guess they’ve had enough already. And with master, she also lost her bet. In the end, Mizuki gets everything.

「Well then, let’s go.」
「Eh? In this outfit?」
「Obviously. Besides, it’s just next door, so it’s not much of a distance.」

Well, yeah. Still, I’m reluctant to go outside looking like this. I mean, it’ll be embarrassing if someone sees me. At this time, there’s still some people out and about. It’s really impossible.

「Now now, time to brace yourself.」
「Alright! Alright already, so stop pulling my hand!」

Probably because of alcohol, she’s a bit forceful. It’s likely been a long time since she last behaved like this. After all, from what master said, she doesn’t seem to stay long when visiting the Kondou house. It’s probably something the family was troubled about.

「Now, pick whichever you like.」
「Well, there were originally mine, so I’ll pick freely.」

As expected of master. She likely washed these clothes regularly. Even though the owner of these clothes is already dead, she still did it for step-mom’s sake.

「Still, why didn’t you throw them away?」

It’s weird how my room is exactly how it was prior to my death. Isn’t the usual practice to organize the dead’s belongings and dispose of what’s unneeded? It’s really strange how nothing changed at all.

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「For my own self-satisfaction. I probably would have accepted it if your death was due to illness, but murder… I couldn’t take it.」

Still, it wasn’t really something that anyone could prepare for. There was no warning sign at all. Like, if I had felt something wrong, I would’ve at least been more alert.

「When I first heard everything from Isami, I honestly got close to condemning her. Even though she’s also a victim herself.」

I’ve got nothing but admiration for how you held yourself back. After all, I’m sure that she told step-mom everything knowing that there might be a violent reaction. I wonder what Isami was feeling during that time.

「Isami, cried a lot. Well, I did too.」
「Sou, it’s not something for you to apologize for. If there’s anyone to blame, it’s the killer and no one else.」

That’s true, if that co-worker didn’t make his move, I might have still been alive right now. In the same vein, I shouldn’t have eaten the food back then. Still, I can only think this way since I already know that it was poisoned. Back then, I didn’t really think about it.

「What should we do with the room now? Now I know you’re alive, I don’t have any lingering attachments to it. You can decide, Sou.」
「No, it should be you who gets the final say. Since, in the end, Souji is no longer in this world.」

After all, I’m already dead. Any decision I have would be that of Kotone’s. I’m not in the position to decide as Souji anymore.

「Then I’ll leave things as they are. After all, for me, while you are Koto-chan, you’re simultaneously still Sou.」
「I guess you can’t accept it, huh.」
「That’s impossible. After all, my former child is right before my eyes. There’s no arguing that at this point.」

Well, yeah. But isn’t it also about time for you to let go of me now? Still, I guess step-mom’s thought process is that she wants me to have a place to come home to. Even if I’m already someone else’s child now.

「I’ll make sure to come back occasionally.」
「Yes, please do so. I might visit the café sometime, though.」

Just a thought, but I don’t think it’s a good idea for mother and step-mom to meet each other. While they are undoubtedly parents of mine, I have a hunch that there’ll be some sparks flying between them.

「Yeah. I’d appreciate it if you contact me beforehand. Since, like, I might not be there in those times.」
「I don’t really mind either way. Since I also have to see Saori as well.」

Just as I tried to set up precautions, she cut it down. I don’t care anymore, I’ll just leave it to fate. I can’t think of any other defensive measure anyways.

「Well, got to go back.」
「That’s true. It’s not good to make the bodyguard people wait outside for so long.」

I actually didn’t think about it. They could’ve just waited for me inside the Kondou house. I guess they couldn’t do that since this is their job. Well, it’s pretty chilly now that it’s night, so it shouldn’t be as tough as it was in the morning.

「Rather, they’re pretty noisy next door.」
「It’s not an issue for our side, but we might just get a complaint from the other neighbors.」

Seriously that. I don’t want to see Master and step-mom apologizing to the neighbors. And we’re already adults, after all. We’re not students anymore, so the ones who should apologize should be us. Actually, I’m still a student, huh.

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「Here, the slapping fan.」
「Why’d you bring that here?」
「Shut them up with a preemptive attack.」

Step-mom is pretty merciless. The sacrifice is, as always, Shinpachi though. Well I admit that he’s the rowdiest of them all. I hope the manager won’t be too weirded out by this. It looks like the night is still far from over.


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