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Chapter 57 – Mayhem of the Past -First Half- (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3251 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1688 words
Editor(s): Fire

Gojima is the only one with a good conscience. I’m definitely the type to lose, moreover the bet is all about me. I really can’t feel enthusiastic about it. Still, what’ll happen in case everyone is wrong?

「By the way, if none of us get it right, the one buying the pajama will get it all.」

I feel like Mizuki has the best chance of winning. If she does, I should get her to treat me to something. As reparation. Still, she might dress me up if we meet in private, so I’m scared.

「Maybe I should call the others.」
「Don’t. It’s embarrassing. Rather, we won’t fit here in the living room.」

Why do I have to expose myself wearing some weird outfit to the others? They’re absolutely going to laugh and take pictures of me. And to begin with, the living room won’t be able to hold three more people.

「We can just have them stay outside.」
「It’ll be a nuisance to the neighbors, so don’t.」

We’re already making a ruckus in the house, our neighbors will hear everything if we have the windows left open. In the first place, there’s no telling when this ruckus will ever end.

「Kotone. The bath is hot now, why don’t you go inside?」
「I don’t even have a change of clothes yet, and you’re asking me to go in now? Besides, I’m not comfortable with using the bath before the actual residents do.」

Master is obviously trying to momentarily have me leave the living room. What are they planning this time? Don’t tell me they actually plan to call the guys.

「Then take a bath with Isami.」
「I humbly decline.」

Absolutely no. I can’t even have a bath with women. Besides, the standard household’s tub is too small for two people. I won’t be able to enjoy the bathtub.

「Ehh, I don’t really mind it though.」
I mind it. Besides, the change of clothes issue hasn’t been solved yet.」

I’d rather not have a bath and wear the clothes I’ve already worn. Mizuki just left, so the clothes definitely won’t make it in time.

「She’s going to be out for some time. From what I’ve heard, Mizuki spends a long time shopping.」
「I kind of get that feeling.」

Based on our chat interactions. In that case, it’ll take a while before I take a bath. I don’t plan on bathing with someone either. Even if it’s step-mom, I’d rather not.

「The guys said they’re coming.」
「When did you-!?」

I took my eyes off for a moment and she already contacted them. Still, as usual, they’re quick to join. It’s obon, spend your time with your families. They’re probably at their family’s homes anyways.

「While I’m at it, I’ll try to call the manager too. She said that she doesn’t feel like going home since her family home is far away.」
「We seriously won’t fit. Do you really intend to have them stay outside?」
「I mean, since there’s not enough space.」

Can’t one of our neighbors come to complain? Come to think of it, something similar happened before. We called everyone, but had them outside since we can’t fit, and as we made a ruckus outside, a scary old man from next door came scolding us. This is clearly going to be a rerun of that.

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「With that settled, let’s make one, Koto-chan.」
「Make what?」
「A slapping fan.」

I guess so. To crush them before they get too loud, I’ll surely need a weapon. Still, what about the necessary materials…… she probably has some, since it’s her idea.

「With that said, to my room!」

Why are there materials for making a slapping fan in Isami’s room? There shouldn’t be anyone except for me that uses one. Master uses whatever’s close enough to reach, after all. Which becomes absolutely deadly in her hands.

「Well, I was thinking of making the manager one, so I got the materials.」
「It’ll be too late if the smacking happens after the ruckus though.」
「It might be impossible for her personality-wise. She’s not the type to lead and pull people along. We’re the ones dragging her along, you see.」

That’s terrible. It might be fine if her personality changes when given a slapping fan though. Unlike me, doing this with people you haven’t known for long enough is impossible.

And so, I quickly finished making the slapping fan in Isami’s room. It’s not really that time consuming of a task.

「You seemed pretty used to it.」
「Anyone can do something like this, you know.」
「No no, Koto-chan. You’re a rich lady, right? Why is someone like you so familiar with making a slapping fan?」
「There’s a lot to life, even mine.」

I’m not elaborating on it though. I guess I could say that I learned it previously for prop making. Though I already imagine that it isn’t really used in theater. Rather, it’s definitely funny if Kotone had experience with stand-up comedy in the past.

「Oh, they’re here.」
「They’re just in the neighborhood, so it’s quick.」
「Huh? Did we ever talk about where everyone lives at?」
「I heard it from Ms. Sayoko. From her stories about Souji.」

That lie came out so easily. Actually, it was me who told her stories. Still, I’ve been letting my guard down too much ever since I came here.

「Hoho, for Ms. Sayoko to talk about that. I suppose Ms. Sayoko has let go as well.」
「She’s beyond enthusiastic about work that it’s basically a sickness, right?」
「As expected, it’s easy to tell. Besides, the other year and the year before, she immediately went home after having dinner. So as not to leave him alone, she says.」

Step-mom also had it rough, huh. In reality, she hasn’t really let things go. It’s just that with me appearing before her, step-mom is probably treating it as if I never died in the first place.

「Rather, is it fine to ignore the guys below?」
「Mom is there to deal with them, so isn’t that fine?」

One vote towards them recieving iron first discipline. Probably will be due to Shinpachi. Things will probably escalate if we don’t go now and take control of the situation. Gojima, who isn’t experienced with this, is there too after all.

「To test, I guess I’ll smack Shinpachi.」
「Agreed. I’m looking forward to a good sound.」

Anyways, with the freshly made slapping fan, we went down the stairs. From the voices I hear, Shinpachi is here. Saitou doesn’t talk much, so I can’t be sure. But Hajime is definitely not around.

「Maybe he’s picking up the manager.」
「Don’t get her involved.」

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Why are you dragging other people into this chaos? Moreover, someone who you already cause trouble for daily. Let her have the occasional spiritual and mental healing.

「It’s more fun when there’s more people.」
「You mean, it makes things go out of control!」

While chatting with Isami, I landed a clean hit to the back of Shinpachi’s head. A pleasant sound echoed in the room. My reason for hitting him? Nothing in particular.

「Why’d you do that all of the sudden? Is it some replacement for a greeting?」
「So you do get it.」

That’s basically the reason. Also, to try the slapping fan out. It’s been a while since I made one, so there was a chance that it’s a failure. From how it felt, it’s a success. This should be usable for 5 more hits.

「So, Isami. You said we can see something interesting so we came here, but that is?」

From how he’s just having a normal conversation after being hit by the slapping fan, Shinpachi seems pretty used to it. Though I do find it weird that he doesn’t mind it at all. Also, the interesting thing is clearly me, isn’t it?

「It’s still not ready yet, so I guess just wait for now. Also, it’s going to be cramped inside, so get out.」
「After calling us here, that’s harsh.」

It’s just as Saitou said. Opening the living room window fully, she kicked the two out.1 Does she plan on having the other two who still haven’t arrived outside too? As someone who invited guests in, it’s a terrible treatment.

「At least give us some chairs.」
「They’re kept in the usual place we keep them, so feel free.」

The said usual place is the storage shed outside. Naturally, it’s locked, so they can’t just take the chairs on their own. Until the old man threw them the key, that is.

「I’ve got a message from Mizuki. She’s done shopping, so she’s heading back.」
「That’s fast.」
「She’s pretty good with that sort of information gathering, after all. And these days, you can search up in your smartphone too.」
「Well, that is true. Incidentally, did she report about what she bought?」
「Not really.」

I don’t really need the suspense though. Had there been a report, I could have escaped. At worst, I’ve even thought of wearing my clothes from three years ago. Step-mom shouldn’t be against it.

「Now, Koto-chan, enter the bath in a while, okay?」
「Of course, to prevent your escape.」

I knew it. If I enter the bath, the clothes I’ve worn would be washed and I’d have no choice but to wear the provided clothes. I really don’t plan on loitering around in my underwear, after all. Come to think of it, she also bought underwear, will it be normal? That’s worrying too.

「With that said, one customer coming right up~!」
「You don’t have to push me in! To begin with, didn’t you say “in a while”!?」
「Things always change depending on the circumstances.」

I guess it’s because they’re acting only on impulse, Isami and the others are quick to assess situations. What’s worse is that, because they’re uselessly capable, they can mostly just power through. Sometimes, rather than improving the situation, they make it worse.

「Well then, take your time~」

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  1. Lyly: I think it’s the type of living room connected to garden through big windows kind of thing
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