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Chapter 57 – Mayhem of the Past -First Half- (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3396 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: Unknown words
Editor(s): Fire

Contacting Mizuki, I asked them to be at the front door. It went like this.

「You know where I’m at right now, right?」
「Yes, why are you asking though?」
「The people residing have been kind enough to offer a light meal, so could you wait by the doorstep? With Gojima as well.」
「Great timing. We were about to discuss what we’ll eat tonight.」

Really terrible timing. Now you can’t use the “We’ve already eaten” excuse. Still, Mr. Kondou doesn’t know this, so I guess this could work. Well, they can’t really decline either way.

And at present time.

「Good job, you two.」

They didn’t know where their boss lived, huh. They’re absolutely shocked out of their wits. Though I guess this time I’m also complicit in this crime.

「Oi oi, aren’t you two overreacting now?」

He says that, but he has a wide grin on his face. As for me, I somehow kept an expressionless look. After all, if I don’t do this, I might just break into laughter. Just as I thought, this is how a surprise should be. Still, I do have a question.

「I’m impressed you remember someone with presence as weak as his.」

Gojima was blatantly surprised, but he’s a guy that you can lose track of even when he’s close by, you know? The type that you can completely forget about having met, so I really wonder how they know about him.

「W-we’ve saw a picture of him before.」
「I see.」

Mizuki’s answer is convincing enough. After all, there’s no way his weak presence would affect even pictures. Rather, if it did, that’d be a paranormal phenomenon.

「The chief started from on-site duties, so he’s really considerate of us. Never really see him much, though.」
「That’s right. The chief has done a lot for us on-site people. I’ve never caught sight of him, though.」
「Old man, at least have a stronger presence at your job.」
「I’ll be given work to do, so no.」

He’s considerate of his subordinates while brilliantly avoiding stray fire from reaching him. Impressive work. It’s a mystery how he managed to persuade the higher ups though.

「I’m amazed you got promoted.」
「I was offered a promotion from my on-site work. And I had to start thinking about my age, after all.」
「Rather, isn’t it the money that baited you?」
「Can’t deny that.」

It should be a tough job, but you can’t really complain as long as you get proper compensation. My previous job, after all, wasn’t really worth the wage.

「How can you talk so candidly like that…..」
「Come to think of it, this is our first time meeting. I somehow forgot.」
「I didn’t really think about that much either.」

For the Kondou family, whether it’s Kotone or me doesn’t seem to matter that much. To begin with, inviting someone you just met to eat dinner in your house is already crazy enough. Normally, people would be more cautious.

「I’ll just say that it’s because you’re a close friend of my daughter, I guess.」
「Please leave it like that. Though I do think it’s been just less than a month since we met.」

Being considered a close friend in this short period of time sounds really weird. Well, it does make sense when observing how we talk and behave with each other. Since it’s clearly beyond the usual friends’ banter.

「Anyway, you two, come in.」
「「No no no-」」
「So you really are inviting them in?」
「I just thought of something to ask them, you see. And we can’t really keep talking here at the door forever either.」

Right, it might seem weird from an outsider’s perspective, huh. In the past, because of Isami and I, we were well-known for being neighbors that never ran out of things to talk about. Even though it’s mostly just me getting dragged into it.

「My condolences for the two of you.」
「Well, my opinions aside, it’ll depend on whether Mizuki agrees or not.」
「Have you perhaps worked on-site with the chief before or something?」
「You could say that. He is a senior at the job, after all. Never imagined that he’d become a chief, though.」
「This is my first time ever meeting him. I’ll have to make sure I don’t come out as being rude since he’s my superior.」
「「Nah, no need to be too uptight.」」

Gojima and I perfectly harmonized. He’s not the type to hold grudges for that sort of stuff, after all. Rather, he’d probably find it amusing. Moreover, this is his house. There’s no doubt that it’ll get lively tonight.

「Well, eat up.」
「「Thank you for the meal.」」
「Here’s some tea.」

Anyhow, after the two were led to the living room, I served them tea. It’s a mystery why Isami is unusually quiet though. I guess she somehow sensed it. That her father is in work mode. Not that it’s actually true, though.

「So, what do you want to ask of us?」
「No, I only have a request for her. Gojima, continue your guard duties as is.」
「For me?」

A request only for Mizuki, I wonder what that is? If it’s job-related, then Gojima should be included, so by elimination it should be related to me, but maybe I’m wrong?

「Buy Kotone a pair of underwear and pajamas. I’ll shoulder the expense.」
「Come to think of it, Koto-chan doesn’t have a change of clothes. Nice one, dad.」
「Don’t you get ahead of yourselves!」

Since when did the conversation turn into one about me staying here? Moreover, don’t give me that “Why though?” face. I’m the one who wants to ask that!

「No no, you can’t say you’re going home this late now.」
「I can still catch the train.」
「You’re not escaping!」

This also happened at the Kisaragi mansion, but why does it end with me having to stay over every time? And everyone’s definitely on board with me staying over. After all, my escape routes are blocked.

「Ms. Sayoko.」
「I agree with Isami this time. Since you’re already here, stay for the night. If anything happens, I’ll take responsibility.」
「No, it’s the old man who’s going to take responsibility. Is it really alright to have one of my bodyguards leave her post?」
「I’ll take charge in her place. You’re fine with that, right? Gojima?」
「Well, sure, I can attest to your capability. But, isn’t this abuse of authority?」

That’s right, tell him off more. In the first place, the Kondou family has too much momentum. They just don’t stop unless there’s people actively stopping them, just why?

「I agree! Koto-chan, would you prefer sexy ones? Or maybe lovely ones?」

Crap. I completely forgot about this one who’s starting to rev up. I recall Mizuki wanting to dress me up from our previous chat interactions. I guess the only salvation here is the fact that I’m not coming with her. Otherwise I can imagine her dressing me up like a doll until the shop closes.

「A standard one, please. Specifically, a jersey would be best.」

Since it’s already decided that I’m staying anyways, resistance is futile. In that case, I’ll just limit the damage to the minimum. Mainly on the mental side of things.

「But that’s not interesting! I’ll go with my personal recommendations, then!」

You’re getting too excited. Still, what does she mean exactly? A sexy one would be a negligee, I guess? And what the heck does lovely mean?

「How about a costume pajama?1 Naturally, the animal ones.2

Oi, Master. What insanity are you talking about? That’s absolutely not going to suit me.

「Understood! I’ll be off now!」

Before I could stop her, she left.

「R-right. If I contact her phone…」
「When she’s like that, you really can’t stop her.」
「N-no way……」

Gojima’s reply was the nail in the coffin. Why do I have to wear an animal costume pajama? I hate that grin on Master’s face. Not that I’ll say this out loud.

「Ms. Hatsune, why did you say such a thing?」
「Doesn’t it sound amusing?」

I can’t take any more of this family. You can really tell she’s Isami’s parent. After all, she finds amusement in sacrificing others. This time, I’m clearly the victim here.

「Let’s make it even more interesting. What animal do you think she’ll go with?」
「It’ll be 5,000 yen per bet.」

The Kondou couple has started organizing a bet. C’mon you guys, cut it out already.

「Well, since I suggested it, I’ll go first. Perhaps the usual, a cat. I bet one.」
「I’ll go with a dog, then. One bet.」

You’re joining too, step-mom? I guess she’s getting carried away because of the alcohol in her system. That’s disheartening.

「I’ll go with a dark horse, the raccoon dog! One bet.」

Isami’s making the least sense, huh. At this point, she’s probably not even thinking, she’s just being random. How she’s still betting on it regardless is just on brand for her, though.

「A two on cow.」
「Old man, that’s sexual harassment.」
「Like it isss-!?」

He’s obviously saying that with a certain part of my body in mind. And with a smile, Master smacked him full force with a slipper. The resulting hit sounded sharp and painful, so it should be full force. I’m amazed that the slipper is still in one piece.

「I’m not joining. Gambling related to my protectee is a bit…」
「I’m not joining either. Even if it’s limited to animals, there’s too many choices. Besides, gambling wouldn’t be good for a minor.」



  1. Lyly: Kigurumi Pajama, to be exact
  2. Lyly:
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