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Chapter 56 – Dinner with the Past (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2857 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1426 words
Editor(s): Fire

Self-restraint? If I do that, I’m never gonna eat my fill. If there’s something I want to eat, I won’t be able to savor it unless I fight for it. Also, I’ll have to keep watch on Mr. Kondou.1 You can never let your guard down with him.

「Our eating habits isn’t exactly normal, but you seem used to it.」
「Your husband and Koto-chan really don’t show mercy. They really have their eyes on the prize.」

This should be my first time meeting them as Kotone, but I have absolutely no plans on holding back. I’ve already lost a few pieces of food stolen right in front of my outstretched chopsticks. Just to ask, aren’t I a guest here?

「Sayoko, I’m really sorry, but this reminds me a lot of when Souji was still with us.」
「I don’t mind that at all. After all, I feel the same way as you do.」
「Wha-. Mr. Kondou!? Don’t take what’s already on someone’s plate!」
「Then me too!」
「You think you can steal it after yelling out loud!?」
「…… It really is like those days.」

I feel like it’s been a long time since I had a meal this rowdy. The most recent one would probably be the three-way barbecue struggle with Akane and Shizuo. My carefree adaptability was fostered here in the Kondou family. That’s why, step-mom, I haven’t changed at all.

「Koto-chan, you understand that you’re a lady from a well-off family, don’t you?」
「Munch, munch. I haven’t forgotten. I’m just putting it aside for now. If I concern myself with that here, I won’t have anything left to eat.」

It’s more of stanching food rather than eating food here, so the title of a well-off lady is nothing but a hindrance. Blending in and joining in the fun is the best choice.

「Come to think of it, Koto-chan is from a rich family. Hey, what kind of delicious stuff have you been eating?」
「I haven’t really thought about it much.」

There’s no way I can remember every meal I’ve eaten. Also, as I am right now, I have eaten at the Kisaragi manor only once. It’s true that the food then was good. But the volume was lacking.

「All I know is that the costs of ingredients are really high compared to a normal household’s.」
「No, telling me to imagine just from that is impossible, you know?」
「Hmm, if I say the food is at least three-star restaurant level, would you get it?」
「I can’t imagine the taste since I haven’t eaten from one, but I get that it’s expensive.」

We have an exclusive chef, after all. Even I can’t begin to guess how much they pay for the wages. And we also have servants employed. Considering all of this, Kotone’s family really is wealthy.

「In that case, my cooking might not satisfy your tastes.」
「Hatsune. At this point she’s scrambling to eat more food, so that’d be impossible.」

It’s just as step-mom says. While it’s true that the food at home is good, Master’s cooking isn’t any inferior. They both have their own strengths. In the first place, if I ever say the food tastes bad, there’s no telling what sort of end I’ll meet.

「Phew, thank you for the meal. It was extremely delicious.」
「I’m glad you enjoyed it. Nonetheless, you eat really well. When was the last time my husband ever failed to eat his fill?」

They probably increased the food they cooked ever since I, as Souji, came into their life. After all, I’m confident I can eat twice the normal person’s capacity. Mr. Kondou will probably have some cup noodles to eat later on. Which is the usual pattern.

「I’ll clean the dishes, so Ms. Hatsune, please relax alongside Ms. Sayoko.」
「I appreciate the gesture, but I can’t just leave it all to you. And so, my husband will help out.」
「Sure thing.」

He finally spoke. Even when stealing from someone’s plate, he’ll show a smug look but never say a single thing. It always ticks me off.

「I guess I’ll cook something while we’re at it. I can still eat about 6 portions.」
「Why are you talking about cooking when we’re supposed to clean up?」

As usual, I can’t anticipate his actions at all. He definitely plans on using the plates right after washing it. Definitely.

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「And while we’re at it, I guess I should cook some for the bunch outside. They are my subordinates, after all.」

I do remember him saying that he works at a security firm. I suppose he was referring to the one my bodyguards work at. If that’s true, then the world is so damn small.

「Timewise, they should be swapping out with the evening people, but by “subordinates” you mean…」
「Exactly what I said. I never could have imagined that the protectee from the Kisaragi family would come visit us.」
「Well that’s understandable. Actually, wouldn’t the people outside be even more surprised?」
「If your boss comes out a house together with your protectee, that’s sure to surprise, yeah.」

As for me, I’d rather not witness that happen. It’s definitely going to be awkward, I’m sure of it. Come to think of it, what’s Mr. Kondou’s post? I didn’t really ask him too much about it before.

「And your position is?」
「Section Chief.」

I want to let them get away, but it’s impossible. Akira would probably run with all her might, but unfortunately it’s not her shift now. It would have had the most interesting result too.

「Rather, I should invite them in soon. I can’t really offer them alcohol though.」
「They’re on duty, after all. Rather, please don’t. It’s going to be the most awkward thing.」

Being invited inside your boss’ home, what kind of novel harassment is that? They’re going to feel so uncomfortable, I already feel bad for them. Even I would decline if I was them, but it’s difficult to refuse when he’s right in front of you. Moreover, they can’t even use the “I’m still busy with work” excuse.

「I guess cold tea and a light meal should do it. I’ll call them when we finish tidying up.」
「I’ll contact them, so please leave it for later.」
「How do you know their contacts? Are you guys that close?」

There should have been reports about me interacting with them, but I suppose they didn’t report that we exchanged contact info. I haven’t exchanged contacts with Gojima, but I have with Mizuki. My phonebook contents are clearly partial to working adults.

「We exchanged contacts for emergency use. We don’t really contact each other privately.」

It’s a lie. Mail with them like normal while sharing information with them. For Akira, it’s either grumblings or gossip. For Mizuki, it’s delicious shops and clothes that would suit me. For Kyousuke, it’s stories of Akira’s absurdness.

「That’s probably a lie, but alright. It’s not good to be too close with the protectee, but I’m not really the one to speak about that.」

We’ve gotten close enough to eat together and even steal each other’s food, after all. Moreover, it should be our first time meeting as Kotone, and we’re already like this.

「Still, talking without your hands stopping, you’re pretty used to this.」
「After cooking for half a year, you’d get used to it whether you like it or not.」

If I just focused on talking, it’d be inefficient. Doing both isn’t that hard anyways. Washing dishes doesn’t really need any brain work. It just needs a bit of attentiveness. So you don’t drop anything.

「Well, I’m done here. How about you?」
「I’m done on my side too. Rather, you practically finished all the cleaning, Kotone.」

Wipe the plates that’s finished cleaning, which are then to be used by Mr. Kondou, incomprehensible. Moreover, there’s a ton of dishes to wash. As expected of the Kondou-family.

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「Now then, time to contact them.」
「Understood. Please don’t tease your subordinates too much.」
「I don’t plan on doing that though.」

Even if you don’t, it’s already building up to be uncomfortable for the people in question. This part of him really shows that he’s Isami’s father. Now then, what kind of reaction will they show? Naturally, I don’t intend to tell them who invited them in.

After all, it’s more interesting that way.


  1. Silva: Mr. Kondou, Teacher Kondou, how confusing!
    Lyly: Good thing he’s not a Tanaka, there’s so many Tanaka’s in Japan
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