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Chapter 51 – The Bodyguards’ Hope [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2641 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1316 words
Editor(s): Fire

I changed. Yup, as usual, I was dragged by my feet because of my reluctance and shoved into the changing room. Presently, I’m wearing a swimsuit with a parka on top. I bought it along with the swimsuit.

「You really don’t know when to give up.」

Kaori’s telling me off again. I hear this a lot these days. For me, it’s my final resistance.

「I mean, c’mon…」
「Why are you so sensitive about these stuff when you’re usually indifferent?」

Shuddap. Even I didn’t expect this sort of influence on me. When I was a man, merely wearing a swimsuit would never embarrass me. Rather, it’s the proper attire when at the beach.

「Look, look, they’re staring at you.」
「And you too.」

I don’t think people are only staring at me in particular. Kaori looks pretty great too. Ignoring the fact that her chest is somewhat lacking, she stands out a lot here at the beach. Also, the people following behind us stand out a lot as well.

「Akira. We can talk now.」
「Then if I may.」

She’s wearing a black bikini that should make her look sexy, but strangely it doesn’t give me that impression at all. However, it’s different for the other people around. Akira is gathering a lot of eyes.

「My bodyguard. They’re the ones behind us.」

They probably saw me getting dragged away too. And probably laughed seeing it happen. Also, there’s another mature lady next to Akira. She’s one of the night shift people, isn’t she?

「Are you alright from last night’s?」
「It’s fine, I got some sleep in the bus.」

That doesn’t sound very fine to me though. Sleeping in a noisy morning bus likely wouldn’t feel too restful anyways. What is driving her to go this far? I stupidly wonder to myself.

「So, what is with that mess?」
「Who knows?」

What do you mean “who knows”? It’s fine that they’re helping out the old man and the others. But why are you lot setting up your space next to us? You don’t have any intention to hide, do you? Not a single bit.

「Oi, come now, spit out the details.」

For starters, I smacked Kyousuke on the head. He’s definitely the cause of this. Even if he didn’t expect this result.

「Damn, that stings, Akira…… Why was it Kotone who hit me?」

He mistook me for Akira, huh. Since normally I don’t really smack people. Still, this time the scope of things is different. I’ll have him explain why he brought this many people along.

「Enough already, give me an explanation. And kneel.」
「Eh? On the sand? It’s hot though.」
「…… Okay.」

He lost to my pressure, huh. A part of him probably thinks he’s in the wrong too. By the way old man, don’t look at me with so much fear.

「So, why is there this many of you?」
「Because they had spare time. In this season, we have a bit less work, you see.」
「Why is that?」
「I mean, the rich folks go overseas during summer, right? So in most cases, they hire bodyguards on site. Those brought along from here would only be the minimum necessary. That’s also why it’s easy to apply for a leave.」

I see. If they bring more security than necessary, it’ll add to the travel expenses. Whether it’s the client or the company who foots it, I don’t know but its additional expenses still. In that case, they probably figured that it’d be better to use up their paid leave right now.

「How many are my bodyguards?」
「Four people, including me and Akira.」

So the seven others are on vacation, huh. Looking their way, they waved at me. They seem kind of familiar but not at the same time. In that case, they probably guarded me once, I guess.

「By the way, the actual bodyguards are three. The remaining others are office staff.」

So there are people I haven’t met at all. The ratio is seven men, four women. Still, just to ask, why do the male office staff have great bodies too? Also, several of them look scary.

「I understand the circumstances now. Also, Akira seems to be losing the fight against the beer’s temptations.」
「You’re on duty, you know!」

Standing up to stop her, Kyousuke tripped instead. To think his feet get numb after kneeling for only a short while, how disappointing. The others are laughing at him too. The old man and his wife are completely flustered. Yup, it’s gone chaotic now.

「What happened while we weren’t around?」
「I don’t know either.」

Properly explain it to Harumi, Kaori. You’ve been here from the start, so you should be able to roughly guess the situation. I practically dragged you into this, though.

「Ah, I guess I’ll introduce them then. These are my bodyguards.」
「Come to think of it, Kotone is a daughter of high class. I keep on forgetting that backstory lately.」

Harumi, don’t call it a backstory. I understand full well that it’s mainly my fault for not doing any wealthy daughter things. That doesn’t mean I’m planning on doing any of them after all this time, though.

「Anyways, you can ignore these people. Just think of them as any other beachgoer.」
「Right. We just came here to have a vacation. So, it’s fine for me to drink beer too!」

That’s too much of a stretch in logic, Akira. Look, Kyousuke just clenched his fist. Also, an unfamiliar person is coming here with a scary smile. Probably their superior, if I have to say.

「Well, we just provisioned your summer bonus but I wonder what could happen to your winter bonus? Eh, Akira?」
「S-supervisor. I was joking! It was just a joke!!」

Absolute desperation. Still, even the supervisor took a leave? No, probably here to keep an eye on them. This many people came with a protection target. I guess she’s here to prevent things that’d lead to a filing of complaints.

「May I have your name?」
「I’m Sawatari Honami, direct superior of Akira and Kyousuke.」
「You have my sympathies. You must have had great trouble.」
「So much, really!」

Uwah, there’s so much feeling behind her voice. The two in question turned not only their gaze away, but also their whole face. What have they done in the past?

「I wonder why Kotone can just have a calm exchange older people like that.」
「Isn’t it because of her working with us? Wait, but I kind of remember her being like that from the start.」

Well yeah, I’ve had experience as a working adult, after all. If you can’t properly interact because you’re talking to a senior, discussions won’t go anywhere. Though I’d be nervous when it’s the company president and so.

「Let’s put work matters aside, but keep things proper.」
「Right. That would make it easier for me as well.」

Those on duty should do their job and those on leave should have their fun. So with that, drinking beer while on duty is inexcusable, Akira.

「To begin with, you two are always having it easy, so it’s only proper that you work more than the others.」
「Supervisor. We had done a proper job regardless.」
「It’s as Kyousuke says. We haven’t had any customer complaints, unlike how we do usually, you know?」
「That’s only because of Kotone!」

The supervisor really said it straight up, huh. Regarding complaints, I’m honestly not dissatisfied with them so far. And regarding them having it easy, I’ve seen them relaxing at the café, so I do agree.

「Come to think of it, it’s about time to renew the job contract.」
「That’s right. The contract period initially lasts for half a year. We’ve received a request for renewal, so we will continue to work for you.」


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