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Chapter 50 – Sympathizers [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2267 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1150 words
Editor(s): Fire

They picked me up in front of my apartment. And in normal circumstances, I wouldn’t be riding on this van. Since the correct choice for safety purposes would be for the family to prepare a dedicated transport vehicle.

「Please consider this an informal matter. There is not the slightest necessity to be particularly considerate of me.」

I’d end up weary from that. Also, take care to not get into an accident. I won’t be able to cover for that. So it’ll only be a problem if you’re too nervous.

「I-I see. I’m just giving a ride to Harumi’s friends. It’s just her friends.」

He’s trying to convince himself, huh. Seeing this, the three of us had a strained smile. The wife and Miyako are fast asleep.

「Still, this is my first time going to the beach.」

It’s Kotone’s first time, for me it’s been years since my last. When I started working, I couldn’t make time, so I couldn’t go at all. Being unable to swim, though, I was in charge of guarding stuff.

「Kotone’s sphere of activity seems pretty small, after all.」
「Honestly, I’ve never stepped outside that neighbourhood.」

As I replied to Kaori, who knows my activities the most, everyone was shocked. But it’s actually true. People usually think wealthy people obviously go overseas for vacations, but Kotone has never even experienced that. To begin with, it was because she couldn’t speak English back then. Did they forget that Kotone doesn’t study much?

「Aren’t you pretty knowledgeable considering that?」

I have my past knowledge, after all. I’ve even traveled outside the prefecture, so I have a decent grasp of the land. But that was three years ago, so there might be slight differences now.

「Some of my acquaintances are pretty well-informed, you see.」
「From EXIST?」
「Something like that.」

They’re convenient for situations like this. Perfect camouflage. You can say that being with those guys is why I got knowledgeable about the outside in the first place. We’ve done stupid things out of the prefecture, you see. Like unplanned road trips. In hindsight, we haven’t had any normal decent trips, huh.

「Ha? Why did EXIST just pop out in this topic?」

Come to think of it, I haven’t told anyone except Kaori. It’s not like they’re people I’d boast about, so explaining shouldn’t be necessary. Still, I guess they are celebrities, after all.

「I’m acquainted-, or rather we’re actually friends.」
「You even contact them frequently, after all. At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Kotone yelled at her smartphone.」

It’s because they’re still trying to recruit me. Even after I’ve told them I’m absolutely not joining. Also, they’re saying some nonsense like holding a live concert in the café, I don’t get it. It’s impossible space-wise.

「How did you get to know them?」
「They just came to the café to eat. Then they took a liking to me.」
「Wait, don’t you have, like, more episodes building up to that? Like, aren’t you a fan or something?」
「I wasn’t particularly interested in them. I guess it’s because I’m similar to an old friend of theirs.」

That’s likely the reason why they took a liking to me. Since I unwittingly snapped at them at our first meeting. On the other hand, you can say that they broke the limits of my patience.

After that, we continued the idle chat as the van headed to our destination. The old man was sweating a ton while driving, and I have nothing but sympathy for him. I’ll be counting on you on the way back as well.

「It’s the beach~!」

Harumi exited the car with those cliché words and I followed behind. Kaori is waking up the still sleeping Miyako. It’s amazing that she didn’t wake up in the middle of all that noise.

「So the bus behind us really were heading to the same place as we were.」

They’re my bodyguards, after all. Seeing the people exiting the bus, I found some familiar faces. Even the night shift people joined in? What about your jobs?

「With those numbers, can their leave applications be all accepted?」
「Hm? Did you say something?」
「It’s nothing.」

Well, I plan on asking Kyousuke later anyway, so I guess its fine. I can get a snack at that time, right? I hope this doesn’t end up being a messy situation.

「Mn~n, that was a good nap.」
「You’ve overslept, after all. Didn’t have much sleep last night?」
「Ohh, Kisaragi is so friendly. Did something special happen?」
「Nothing, really. If I had to say, I had a bit of a talk with Harumi.」

The trigger for change is always the small things, after all.

「Then, can I call you by Kotone too?」
「You’re asking me now? Despite how I look, I’m really grateful, you know. You were the first person to call out to me, after all.」

Back then, I was prepared to be all alone. Since I do understand how hated Kotone was. Even without anyone wanting to talk to me, I still intended to improve my relations. After all, wouldn’t it be boring to spend your high school life all by yourself? That’s why I’m grateful to Miyako and Teacher Kondou.

「I just did it because Teacher Kondou told me, though.」
「Even so. To begin with, it must’ve took you a lot of courage to accept despite knowing me from last year.」

There was a possibility that she’d receive insults the moment she talked to me. And Teacher Kondou was somehow sure that that wouldn’t be the case, so he asked this of Miyako. He trusted me after only two conversations, teachers really amaze me.

「I mean, the one who should have had it worse with last year’s Kotone was Teacher Kondou. Since he was the homeroom teacher, he was left dealing with the aftermath.」

The reason why he didn’t get punished was probably thanks to the principal’s help. Teacher Kondou really went through a lot. I should whisper some nice rumors to Teacher Cathy sometime.

「Teacher Kondou asked me to interact with you even after all that. Even I can tell something must have happened for this.」
「I see.」

My first sympathizers might have been the Tachibana family, but Kondou was the second. I’ll give him my thanks after summer break. I can’t wait to see his reaction.


Oi, you lot. Why are you bodyguards cheering when I just smiled? Our people over here are finding you questionable now. I do plan on explaining the situation later though.

And now that we’re all off the van, Harumi raised her voice.

「Let’s play ‘til we drop!」

Kaori and Miyako are in high spirits, but my spirits are low. The swimsuit, I can’t not wear it, can I?


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