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Chapter 51 – The Bodyguards’ Hope [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2549 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1297 words
Editor(s): Fire

Now that she mentioned it, Kotone’s observation period was 6 months, right? Then I can assume that I cleared it. Rather, if I haven’t, there’s really nothing much else I can do.

「Supervisor, you’re not saying that to remove us from the assignment, are you?」
「Of course not. As long as protectee doesn’t demand for it, that is.」

The two are staring right at me, does that mean the final say goes to me? I imagine that the supervisor can make decisions on everything, though.

「Ya~y! I nominate myself!」
「Me, me too!」
「Ah, me too!」
「Aren’t you an office staff!」

As expected, an office staff would be a bit unqualified. I heard that the competition was strong, but to think it’s this much. Maybe they even took a leave with this as the actual target. But maybe I’m suspecting too much.

「It’s your decision, Kotone. The client has also told us to comply with your wishes, you see.」
「Then I’d like to keep things unchanged. Ah, can I request for the night shift people to be occasionally assigned for morning duty?」
「It’s possible, but may I ask the reasons why?」
「It’s a bit unfortunate that they’re always up at night, after all.」

Living with reversed day and night cycles is tough. Besides, whenever this carries on to your holidays, it sometimes ruins the whole break. Sleeping your whole day off away is fine occasionally, but it’s upsetting when it happens every time.

「Ah, geez! I love you, Kotone! I’m Mizuki. Nice meeting you!」

Well she’s in high spirits, this night shift lady. Also, please stop hugging me. My three friends are grinning seeing me turn beet red from a woman hugging me. Enough already, go and play!

「Then I suppose I’ll introduce myself. I’m Gojima. To be frank, that proposal is really helpful.」

The night pair seems to have a pretty wide age gap. Mizuki seems to be in her late twenties but in contrast, Gojima seems about 50. He also has a pretty stern look, so he’s a bit hard to approach.

「My drinking time will lessen……」
「Give it up. It’s better than getting removed, isn’t it?」

While the night pair is happy, Akira on the other hand is disheartened. Kyousuke doesn’t seem to be that much affected, though. It’s best to share the comfort, you know.

「Damn, I wasn’t chosen.」
「Don’t give up, there’ll be some other chance.」
「I guess I’ll try going there on my next break.」

The men are hanging their heads, but the office staff ladies seem to have plans to go to the café. I’m really curious about how it’s talked about in their company though. I’d be glad if it makes the café more known. Since if the sales increase, that’d give justice to their choice of employing me.

「Still, you’re really different from the preliminary reports.」
「As expected, I was investigated, huh?」
「Investigating the protectee is an absolute necessity, after all. The places they prefer to go to, the people who they socialize with, their personality, and so.」

I guess that’s only natural. Unlike those whose bodyguards are always in contact with them, mine aren’t meant to come into contact with me. In cases where they have to guard in secret, it’d be necessary to predict the next moves. Moreover, I only have a few assigned to me.

「Though most of the results have been useless.」
「I’ve changed too much, after all. I’m aware of it myself.」
「It is fortunate that you’re easy to work with.」

It’s precisely because they investigated Kotone that they experienced so much whiplash from me. Besides, in addition to the fact that my field of activity barely ever changes, I never go anywhere dangerous. Also, how I contact the bodyguards in advance probably plays a part.

「Though in exchange, there’s been a flood of people hoping to be assigned to you.」
「Can this actually affect the assignments?」
「In general, it doesn’t. Unless there’s been a major failure or a request from the protectee.」

I see, so that’s what they meant by chance. And this also connects with the complaint talk. Still, what warrants the filing of complaints? Well, an overly prideful young lady would probably smack them with complaints from something as little as a caution.

「Personally, I haven’t had any issues at all. Since they don’t excessively interact with me either.」
「That doesn’t seem to be the case based on the reports, though.」

I guess she’s talking about when they took me home. Still, they didn’t act wrongly as bodyguards in my opinion. Though I won’t deny that it was partly so they could have an easier time. Still, they don’t talk to me at the café.

「Generally, as long as I don’t initiate contact, they don’t interact with me, you see.」

They do occasionally send mails though. I have no idea why I have to listen to other people’s gripes. They probably don’t write this on the reports. In what world does a bodyguard let out their gripes to their protectee.

「I’m absolutely diligent in my work!」
「I’ll have you read all of the past reports, Akira.」
「I’m sorry!」

Even if she’s your superior, aren’t you swayed too easily, Akira? She probably can’t push strongly against her for some reason. Seeing Kyousuke with a wry smile looking at them, he’s had his own share of troubles before.

「Stop talking about work already, let’s play, Kotone.」
「I told you, don’t drag me! They’re going to slip off!」

Running out of patience, Kaori took my arm and just dragged me to the direction of the sea. And as if to join in, Harumi positioned herself on the opposite arm. At least let me take the parka off!

「The swimsuit looks good on you, Kotone. Sexy.」
「Do you really have to say that now?!」

As I was being dragged off, I snapped at Miyako who’s walking beside me. Wait a minute, they don’t intend to throw me into the ocean do they? I haven’t even done my warm up exercises. You, bodyguards, don’t just smile there staring at me, help!

「You don’t need to help her?」
「It’s usually like that, supervisor.」
「I see.」

Don’t agree with him! I know it doesn’t seem like a dangerous situation at first glance, but I can’t swim! The pool and the ocean are completely different!

「Let’s go, Kaori!」
「I know, Harumi!」
「Fight on, you two.」

As if for a last spurt, they started running. While still dragging me along. And after that they even dragged me into the sea. I’m glad that my swimsuit didn’t slip off, but I have something I want to say.

「I already told you I can’t swim, didn’t I!」
「You did, but you can still stand, so it’s fine.」
「I haven’t heard that before though.」

That’s right, Kaori is in a different class, so she wasn’t there to hear it. Besides, it’s not an issue of whether I can stand or not. You guys were dragging me until the sea reached waist deep, so I got completely soaked up to my head.

「The parka’s going to get wet too.」
「It’ll be fine as long as it dries off!」

Miyako, you’re saying that knowing what I mean, don’t you? That it’s not fine to let it dry off. Haa, got to separate the laundry later.

「C’mon, let’s play!」
「Okay, okay. We’re already this far away, I’m not going to run anymore.」

I nodded in reply to Kaori but, play? What are we even going to do? We don’t even have a beach ball with us. Anyways, I’ll just go along with them. I’m already here, so why not have some fun.


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