Chapter 32 – Defeat and Struggle for Supremacy [3]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2124 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1097 words
Editor(s): Fire

With the preparations done, all that’s left was to wait for Akane and the instant she arrived, that’s what she said. First of all, who’s this guest? If it’s Teacher Saeki, then I’d rather not. If she joins, things will get out of hand quickly.

「Thank you for always looking after my wife.」

It’s the husband!? Today’s a weekday though. Is it fine with his bar and stuff?

「My wife begged me to come, you see? So I closed my shop for today.」
「To that, I share my sympathies.」

Akane really pushed this time, huh. I do remember her saying that she’ll introduce her husband when the opportunity comes, but I didn’t expect it to be this time. Maybe the barbecue was for this to begin with. No, she probably did this on a whim.

「Would you mind if I have your name?」
「I’m Shizuo. I’ve heard a lot about you from my wife, Kisaragi Kotone.」

Now then, how exactly was I talked about? I really hope that she didn’t tell her husband that I’m her wife. After all, they are married, so I’m sure he’d know when Akane isn’t joking.

「I was really surprised to hear that our neighbour was of the Kisaragis. I’ve previously heard that there was a problematic member in the family, so I was honestly uneasy at first.」
「Pardon my rudeness, but may I ask for your former family name?」

Common people knowing the situation of the Kisaragi family would be strange. In other words, he should be someone who’s a part of the twelve families. Why is someone like him married to a regular person? Normally, his family would’ve been against it.

「It’s Shimotsuki. You might have some questions in mind, so I’ll say it in advance. The people in our family are generally free spirited.」
「Don’t you think it’s a bit too free?」
「It’s a family that even has a singer among them. Though I can’t deny that I might be part of the reason.」

Oi, this is my first time hearing about a singer in the twelve families. That’s beyond being free spirited if you ask me. Moreover, it’s a mystery how their family hasn’t been discontinued yet. Wouldn’t everyone just leave the family?

「Enough of that talk, let’s eat already.」

Akane cut our conversation short, beating her own drum as usual. Shizuo and I smiled at each other, as we sat down surrounding the grill plate. I do somewhat understand what part of Akane charmed him though. But I’m still not entirely convinced.

「Are you going to eat wearing that apron?」
「Things tend to fly around after all. Considering the effort I’ll have for laundry time, this is the best option.」

Oil and sauce stains on shirts take time to wash off. And sometimes the stain doesn’t completely go away. If that happens, I’ll have one less shirt to wear outside.

「Akane doesn’t really think about things like that after all.」
「I’m sloppy anyway, I knowww.」
「Mr. Shizuo, are you alright with beer? Actually, beer is the only drink we have around.」

I poured cold tea in my cup. The tea is something I received from Akane. I personally don’t mind just having water, but she said that it would ruin the mood.

「Well then, cheers!」

With a clang, our dinner begins. I’m mainly the one doing the cooking but Shizuo is being considerate and helping out too. As for Akane, she’s just drinking and eating.

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「It’s a really weird sight. Seeing someone from the twelve families to eat barbecue like this.」
「Are you really in the position to say that?」
「I just run a private business, I don’t really have connections with the Shimotsuki family anymore. They just call me back home sometimes.」
「They really are too free spirited. Unlike our family.」

Marrying just some normal person is something I’m sure that father of mine would never allow. It’s beyond doubt that he’ll only treat me as a tool in service of the family. Even if mother opposes it, I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t change. On the other hand, what the heck is with the Shimotsuki family?

「Those of the twelve families are most likely to have some sort of flaw after all. In our family’s case, you could say that our carefreeness is that said flaw.」

It increases the chance of the family line discontinuing after all. And on that note, the Kisaragi family, who have too strong of an affection to their own kin, also have a high chance of getting discontinued. It’s really amazing that the twelve families have lasted this long.

「Rather, aren’t I pretty amazing for having this many connections with the twelve families?」
「Well, that is true. Having both your husband and wife come from the twelve families, maybe there’s just some magnetic pull from you?」
「Come on, Akane. You’re eating too much meat. Have some vegetables too.」
「Judging how you didn’t react to what I said, you’ve been stained by Akane too, huh.」

I’ve already anticipated that Akane would tell him that I’m her wife after all. More importantly, the real problem here is the fact she’s eating every piece of cooked meat. Lemme eat too!

「It’s fine, there’s still a lot left. Besides, Shizu, you’re so rude. What’s the problem with me dyeing her in my colours?」
「That’s exactly the problem. Remember my parents’ face when I introduced you to them? They were frozen in shock.」
「I was just showing off my cheerfulness and amiability though.」

The fact that Akane did that without any hesitation is honestly amazing. Normally, it’d be absolutely crucial to show off how ladylike and well-mannered you are, I think. Like, with the high society debut in mind, but she probably didn’t have any of that.

「We were allowed to marry on the condition that I left the family, you see.」
「You definitely would’ve gotten smacked if you show Akane off in high society events.」
「That sort of formal stuff is impossible for me.」

I know. While Akane and Shizuo are talking, I secure myself the meat. It’d be a waste not to have some.

「Wait, Kotone, you’re getting so much too!」
「Oi! Leave some for me as well!」

As I thought. Rather than eating by myself alone, eating noisily with other people like this is what I like more. Eventually, it turned into a struggle for supremacy, but that’s part of the fun. Also, eat the vegetables!


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