Chapter 33 – Increasing Enthusiasm [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2346 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1186 words
Editor(s): Fire

The day of the event. Without attending the class morning assembly, the student council and the executive committee set up the venues. If it had rained, the venue would have been limited to the auditorium, making the preparations easy, but unfortunately it’s clear skies today. Frankly, it’s hot.

「Don’t worry, it’s only ardorous at the start, we’re mainly only here to assist.」
「That’s relieving to hear.」

If what Kishita said is true, then we won’t be running around in the middle of this heat. That’s a real relief but are the executive committee people going to be alright? While this does reflect on the unofficial records, it’s still amazing.

「In that case, what will we actually be doing, specifically?」
「Tallying the scores from the game venues. It is quite tough for the executive committee to run around all the venues by themselves, after all.」
「I see.」

This academy is seriously wide, I wonder if they’d lend us a bicycle. It’ll take a lot of time to go around on foot and running is sure to get you drenched in sweat.

「Kotone, if you have some time, why don’t you root for your class?」
「I can join the games too, right?」
「As long as it’s not for a long time. In particular, you won’t have time to be in the baseball game for the whole event.」

I’ll need to leave the team if an emergency situation happens. And in that case, I’ll cause trouble to the class, so as long as they don’t ask me for help, I likely won’t be joining anything.

「Yamada is probably going to be asked to help out non-stop.」
「Actually, that’s practically sure to happen.」

Asking about it, it seems like he played a pretty active part last year. For example, he played both baseball and soccer and resolved both with pure strength. In short, you could say that he’s just as he looks.

「How about you, Kishita?」
「I’m not very good at sports, you see. The same goes for Kozue.」
「I can imagine her fainting from anemia.」

「Actually, that’s exactly what’ll happen.」

Don’t sound so confident about it. Well, sure, she’s unlikely to be asked to help out. If she collapses after asking her for help, that’d be really awkward.

「Have you thought about being more physically active?」
「I’m an indoor person. Changing class to an outdoors is not possible.」
「Kotone, are you good at sports?」
「Rather than good, I actually just like moving my body around.」

If I didn’t like it, there’s no way I would continue my early morning training after all. I’m pretty active at P.E., so there’s a high chance that I’d be called to help. There’s no one left that’s reserved with me in that class too. Still, they call me, I’m going to go with all I have.

「The opening ceremony is starting soon. Shall we split up for now, then?」

Momentarily, we went back to our classes and joined the opening ceremony. The principal, who was half-dead from a hangover, is now back to normal and is speaking without any issues. Come to think of it, I haven’t asked how things went. The principal probably doesn’t remember anything, though..

「Kisaragi, we’ll call you later, okay?」
「I’ll be sure to join if I have the time, Minagawa.」

I was wondering if it’s fine for basketball club members to join the interclass basketball game but it seems like they’re allowed to join with added restrictions to the number of people. In other words, it’s highly probable that the opposing teams have basketball club members too. Going in between that kind of court, does an amatuer like me even have a chance?

「Once we finish cleaning up after the ceremony, we’ll be free for a while, yes?」
「You can cheer for your class and so during your free time. Honestly speaking, we really don’t have a lot of things to do.」

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President, can you really say that out loud? Still, it’s probably true. While putting away the chairs and tables, I think about where to go first. I guess I’ll go with baseball.

「Then I’ll be heading to the 2nd year’s baseball venue.」
「In that case, after the round ends, get the scores and return here. That’ll save us time and effort.」

The venues are divided by year. That’s exactly why moving around and recording the scores in this awfully wide place needs a lot of people. A large portion of the executive committee is running around to collect the scores.

「Ah, please use this bicycle.」

It seems like, for this day only, the student council and the executive committee are allowed to use bicycles inside the academy premises. I’m honestly grateful. Even I don’t have the stamina to run all over this wide space.

「Now then, the game has probably started already and the clean up did take a lot of time, so it should be about done now.」

And so, my class is on its first match. Who was our opponent again? I didn’t really try to memorize that much. As I arrived, it’s on the ninth inning, 2-0 with us disadvantaged.

「Oh. We’re losing.」

Done with defense, it’s our class’ time to go on offense. At this rate, we’ll probably lose. The team is plenty motivated, but unfortunately the opposing pitcher is too good. We immediately got two outs.

「Kisaragi~! Pinch-hit for us, please!」

While I was focused on spectating on my bike, a classmate called me. I don’t really mind, but the opposition showed a clearly displeased look. They’re probably thinking that I’m planning on arguing if we lose. I’m not going to do that, okay.

「We’ve already half-way given up, so no need to worry about winning.」
「Then it’s alright even if I miss, right? I’ll send the ball flying.」

Leaving that contradiction, I stand on the batter’s box and hear the cheers from my classmates. The opposing team was surprised, but that’s just the normal reaction.

「Please follow the spirit of sportsmanship.」
「You don’t have to tell me that.」

While getting a meaningless warning from the umpire, I stare at the pitcher. He’s most likely someone from the baseball club. I seriously don’t think an amatuer can hit his throws. Even if curve balls are forbidden.


For now, I let the first ball pass by. It’s pretty fast. And seeing me ignoring that, it looks like the opponent arbitrarily decided that I can’t hit it. He’s looking really relaxed now.

「Stay focused or she’ll land a clean hit!」

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Hearing a familiar voice from somewhere, I turned my gaze towards its source and it looked like it’s from someone outside the court. That’s… Sachiko. In that case, the next match will be against Kotori’s class, huh. Well, nevermind, for now…


I just have to hit the ball! I haven’t batted 140 kmph balls at the batting center for nothing. I might not be able to hit a curveball but straight throws are no problem.



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