Chapter 32 – Defeat and Struggle for Supremacy [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2138 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1127 words
Editor(s): Fire

If we’re making a manly pork miso soup, then there’s no need to put too much thought on it. I can’t guarantee the taste, though. As a consequence when making a large portion, it’s easy to get a bit sloppy with the taste but that’s where cooking skill comes in. And I’m curious about Kishita’s cooking skill as well.

「Then I suppose we’ll go with that. I’m glad we didn’t have to scrap the idea.」
「Actually, please don’t add any more than this. The burden is honestly starting to get out of hand.」

I completely agree. The one shouldering the most burden here is Kishita and I. I honestly feel that the others haven’t really done much. They did cooperate with the photoshoot, yeah, but that was practically a betrayal.

「With that settled then, I’m going home now. I have plans for today.」
「For Kotone to have something planned, that’s unusual.」

You really don’t hesitate on the casual insults, Kishita. While it’s true that I usually never have any plans, and I understand the surprise, but you shouldn’t have said that. It cuts really deep emotionally, you know.

「I’ve planned to have a special dinner with my neighbour today, so I need procure ingredients and such.」
「Is that so? If you don’t mind, may I ask what’s on tonight’s menu?」
「Korean barbecue.」

The student council room was then filled with an awkward air of silence. What’s wrong with Korean barbecue, huh! We don’t have the financial leeway to eat beef everyday, you know! Why the painful silence over me talking about my occasional spurging…1

「…… Ah, the student council’s share of the photo collection is already printed, so take your copies home. Also, keep it a secret to the other students.」
「Understood. I’ll refrain from asking about the initial long pause.」

After all, I feel like I’ll be digging my own grave if I comment about that. Besides, I’ve received enough psychic damage. Korean barbecue counts as spurging, doesn’t it? It should count in regards to your average family.2

「Now then, I’ll be excusing myself. Please call me for when there are meetings regarding the ball games.」
「I’ll make sure to contact you. After all, it would be best that we keep in contact to discuss about the additional prize.」

The most reasonable choice probably would be pork miso. Curry is fine too, but if we start from mixing the spices, there’d be no end to it, so it’s not really viable. Using commercial curry roux wouldn’t be that interesting either. And maybe Kishita wouldn’t be willing to compromise as well.

「I suppose we’ll have to settle on this before making other moves. But first, the problem at hand. 」

I might have rushed myself a bit. After all, I arrived at the shopping district earlier than I expected. From my path, the first shop would be the greengrocer. While roughly recalling the contents of the fridge, I check on the ingredients I need.

「Excuse me. Are there carrots and onions in stock? Also, pumpkins and shiitake mushrooms?」

Season-wise, pumpkins might be a bit tight. The sweetness of grilled pumpkins are delicious but they tend to turn into coal before you notice it. Mostly as the consequence of focusing too much on the meat.

「We don’t have any pumpkins stocked. Still, you’re buying so much today.」
「It’s for a barbecue.」
「I see. No cabbages for today?」
「I still have half a head left, so it’s alright.」

The lady briskly filling my bag with produce is a good person. After all, she casually slips a fruit into my bag. Naturally, I use an eco bag. It doesn’t take much space as long as I fold it in my school bag.

「Thank you for everything.」
「You’re a regular after all and I’ve gotten some cheer from your smile myself.」
「You’re flattering me.」

I only smile before leaving because I’m always given a freebie, though. The same goes for today. Now, next up is the butcher’s. I wonder if the usual guy is in.

「Umm, seasoned kalpi, sirloin, tongue, and this and that please.」

As always, he doesn’t speak at all. Still, he manages to run the business despite being so silent, so I guess no one really questions it. Otherwise, maybe those that come here are past acquaintances.

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「Huh? I don’t remember asking for sausages, though?」

The thumbs up probably means that it’s a freebie. Seriously, this happens every time and really I can’t be thankful enough. While this all started because I helped out in chasing off some thugs3, is it really alright for me to get freebies all the time? But I guess there’s no point worrying about it.

「Thank you for everything.」

Next, the fishmonger’s. Akane already gave me the funds and she did say that she wanted to eat prawns. She’s shouldering the expenses, so I need to meet her expectations.

「Excuse me, I’d like to order 5 prawns, please.」
「Sure thing! Heavy stuff got there today.」
「I’m planning to have a barbecue today, so I’ve been buying here and there.」
「Pretty rare for you to spend a lot. Are we having rain tomorrow?」
「If that happens, I’ll go back to saving. I might stop coming here as often, you know?」
「Well that’d be a pickle. Here, I added some freebies, so make sure to come back again.」
「Thank you for everything.」

I hope he doesn’t get scolded by his wife later. I saw her scolding him first hand when he gave me too much the first time, so I do feel terribly sorry for him. Still, even his wife gives me the occasional freebies, so I don’t really get it.

「Now then, I guess this should be enough.」

This is probably enough. Now, I just have to go home and prepare the grill plate. I have the sauce I use on my other dishes, so it should be fine. And there should be enough beer too. It’s not really something I can buy anyways. Well, time to go home.

「She didn’t come to my place……」

It was at a later date when I learned that the grandpa at the Japanese confectionery was downcast from me not passing by him. I mean, it would be bad to eat sweet snacks before having dinner, you know? But I really should’ve at least greeted him.

「I brought a guest today!」
「That’s pretty sudden.」


  1. Lyly: Lol, poor Kotone… In more than one way, though she’s probably just over-thrifty
  2. Lyly: Have you forgotten? They don’t exactly have the “average” family
  3. Lyly: Excuse me Kotone? What have you been doing off screen?

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