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Chapter 3 – New Home [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3143 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1684 words
Editor(s): Fire

As I lowered my head one last time as thanks for great kindness before going home, I was scolded. Mrs. Saori said that I was being too reserved and Mr. Takato told me that I should rely on others more. Kaori didn’t say anything, but she seemed to be somewhat displeased.

Hmmm, I was thinking about how not to bother them but it looks like that wasn’t good. As usual, life is really complicated, huh. With that in mind, I was walking around and eventually reached the place where I was to live.

Ugh, this is why rich people are just…」

It’s a high-grade apartment complex that’d clearly eat up not only my allowance but my earnings just from the rent, isn’t it now? I mean, how many floors are there even. I’ve never lived in a high-rise apartment before. Moreover, from the spaces between the windows, the rooms are pretty big, aren’t they?

Isn’t this like an apartment for families? It’s clearly not a place for living alone, that’s for sure.

「This isn’t the time to blank out. It’s already gotten late, I need to hurry and give my greetings.」

If I’m not wrong, the manager should be living in room 1. They should be done with dinner by now, so I should give the gift before it gets too late. Ring the intercom and…

『Who might it be?』
「I’m sorry to disturb this late in the night. I’m moving in today, my name is Kisaragi Kotone.」
『Give me a moment, I’ll open the door.』

A gentle-looking lady came out from the door. From how she spoke, this person should be the manager of this apartment. She seems pretty young but she’s got a child, right? Raising a kid while managing an apartment this large must be hard.

「I’m Itou Kyouko, I’m the manager responsible for this apartment.」
「I’ve introduced myself earlier, but I’m Kisaragi Kotone. Pleased to meet you. Ah, it’s not much but please accept these.」
「Why thank you. Nonetheless, contrary to what I’ve been told, you’re quite a courteous one.」
「Aah, so you have heard about me. Incidentally, would you mind if I asked what exactly you’ve been told?」
「Let’s see… I was told that you were quite egoistic and to feel free to throw you out if you cause trouble to the other residents. That’s why I had my guard up, but it seems that it’s unneeded.」
「I might be acting, you know?」
「If that was the case, then you wouldn’t ask that yourself. Despite how it seems, I’m quite confident in my eye for people. Ah, I’ll be giving you the key to your room, so wait here for a moment, okay?」

I can’t betray her trust now, can I? Besides, if Kotone was the one that met her, I’m definitely sure that this manager would kick her out. Kotone’s the type that doesn’t know a lick of modesty and prudence, so she’d just brute force conversations.

Yet despite that, she’d get irritated since the conversations would go nowhere, she’s frankly beyond saving.

「Alright, here it is. Your room will be room number 35 on the 3rd floor. It’s the very last room, so don’t be confused. Also, tell me if there’s something bothering you, I’ll hear you out.」
「I’ll rely on you at that opportunity. Now then, I’ll be excusing myself.」

Just as my first impression of her, she seems to be a kind person. Now then, time to go to the room. Still, from the room numbering, there are 5 rooms per floor. Just how big are the rooms.

「Ah, I need to greet the person next door.」

The person at room 34, right? I hope it’s not some scary guy or something. This is an apartment under the management of the Kisaragi family, so I’m sure that there aren’t any scary people here but still, there are people that just look scary too.

Hm? No one’s coming even after I rang the intercom. Being out of the house this late, I wonder what this person’s job is. If there’s no one then no choice, I’ll try coming again tomorrow.

「Yeah, just no.」

The moment I entered, those were my first words. From a regular person’s perspective, with there being a toilet separate from the bath, a kitchen-dining room, a bedroom, and a separate guest room; isn’t this just a whole house? This is clearly not a room for someone living alone. Ugh, I don’t even want to think about the rent.

「Still, I expected there to be a pile of cardboard boxes, but there’s not even one. It’s going to be impossible if I have to buy clothes too. Ah, there it is.」

Opening a random closet, I see various clothes inside. However, they’re basically only either black or white, most of them dress shirts, what the heck. And only jeans for the bottoms, couldn’t they have thought of this just a bit more?

I’d say no to gaudy clothes myself, but this is extreme. Though I’m glad that there’s a jersey too.

「Rather, there are only clothes for this season, huh. So I’ll have to buy summer and winter clothes myself. Yeah, this would be an easy checkmate if I don’t get a part-time job. Also, there’s a PC, a portable audio player, and the fridge is loaded with foodstuff. Do they really have the intention of making me live alone?」

It’s too complete for a starting inventory. Also, for the smaller stuff. I’ll have to buy a bookshelf, a calendar, an apron, some cooking utensils, things to tie my hair with, and so on.

I guess I’ll be going to a hundred-yen store tomorrow. I should be able to procure these to some extent. A store specializing in those would work too, but I don’t have a lot of time and I can’t run the risk of me impulse buying.

「For now, I guess I’ll unplug the TV and the other things I won’t be using. After that, shower and sleep.」

Rather than physical exhaustion, I’m more tired mentally. Taking the body of a girl that just killed herself is too shocking. And then the part about suddenly living alone or being the daughter of a well-off family, just what is this situation?

For the laundry, I guess I’ll go with a once every three days frequency. Matching that, I’ll take a bath at the same time, reusing and decreasing the use of water, saving up on electricity. I really have a lot to think about.

「Still, she’s got a good figure.」

I was pretty panicked at the hospital so I didn’t notice but on closer inspection, Kotone’s got the curves going in and out. She’s living her life so lazily, how was she able to maintain this figure?

She’s really got breasts though. How big is this? Err, her underwear is…… E, huh.

「I shouldn’t get too conscious. I feel like I’d hate myself if I started thinking weird stuff.」

In reality, if I make a move, it probably won’t just end with self-loathing. My consciousness is still a guy’s, so I need to control myself. Or rather, washing this hair is annoying! How much shampoo do I use!? I’ll need the same amount of conditioner, right?

When I was a man, I only needed a single push’s amount, moreover, I’ll have to use a lot of water to wash all of this off now. Should I cut my hair to save up? But the nurse said it’d be better to grow it longer.

Besides, people would probably find it weird if I cut my hair short before advancing to the second year. If I do something conspicuous, it’ll likely cause strange rumors.

「Like maybe I’m just plotting something again. The worse one’s image is, the harder it’ll be to clean up. Or rather, my hair isn’t drying.」

I’m using a hairdryer but alas, the length of the hair makes it time-consuming. There’s surprisingly a lot of negatives. Rather, it’s amazing how women can do this every day. When I was still a man, my hair just dried out naturally, so I really didn’t think about it too much but with how a woman’s hair is, it’s this annoying huh.

「Okay, sleep time. The longer I stay awake, the more electricity I waste.」

I turned off all the lights and crawled into the futon bed. Aah, the smell of brand new bedding. Still, this living-alone thing should have been for prompting self-reflection, but what is this sense of thoroughness? Well, if I didn’t have my sensibilities as a commoner, this might have been hell. Let’s see, set the alarm to 5 in the morning and, done. Goodnight.

Aah, it’s an unfamiliar ceiling. Thinking about the old cliche, I stop the ringing alarm. As expected, it’s still dark at this time. After drinking a glass of water, I comb my hair, tie it back, and change into a jersey. Preparations done.

「Now then, I guess I’ll start by jogging.」

Honestly, I already have muscle aches from yesterday’s activities but I’ll need more stamina in my job and so for the future, so body strengthening is necessary. The goal is to build this body to be as mobile as mine did.

Today’s the first day, so I guess I’ll just sweat out a bit. I understood yesterday that I have no stamina, so I probably won’t push this body too much.

「For now, I’ll just go run enough to break a sweat and go home.」

Let’s go with a random route. I fell asleep immediately, so I couldn’t even search for a map on the net, so I have absolutely no grasp of the area. Even in Kotone’s memories, she’s not really too familiar with this district.

Well, this is because she practically only travels by car and only goes to the expensive stores. Really, what did she plan on achieving?

「Really though, out of stamina in just ten minutes, are you serious?」


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