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Chapter 2 – When One Door Closes, Another Opens [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3338 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1770 words
Editor(s): Fire

What I ate earlier didn’t quite fill me up, you know? Besides, if I take every chance I have to eat, I can save up on the food expenses! The road to saving starts on these sorts of little things.

When I get home, first of all, I’ll unplug everything from the outlets.

「Now then, let’s move over to our house. Our place is right next door, so we’ll be there in no time.」
「I’ll be intruding then.」

And so, I followed them to their home and as we arrived, a girl was already there waiting by the dinner table. She’s probably their daughter. She looks like the energetic type, with her clothing suiting her personality.

Her glare at me is pretty intense. Well yeah, usually anyone would stare like that if a random stranger suddenly came to your family’s dining room with your mother.

「Kaori. This girl here is someone we hired for part-time.」
「I’m Kisaragi Kotone. Please treat me well.」
「Hah!? Eh Kisaragi Kotone, you mean that rich girl!? Why are you hiring that kind of person, Mom!」

Woah, she absolutely hates me. Well, that’s only natural but if she knows about Kotone, then she’s likely a schoolmate. Either the same year or a year older. Yeah, probably not older.

「Well, she’s pretty level-headed, unlike what the rumors say. And she doesn’t really feel like some rich kid at all.」
「I’m currently just part of the common folk after all.」
「Eh? What does that even mean?」
「I’ve been kicked out of home and I’m living alone starting today. Also, I’ve reflected on my past actions and I’m in the middle of renewing myself.」

While I say that, the renewing part is already done but explaining that is going to be complicated and there’s no way that she’d believe what I’d say anyway. First of all, I’ll have to change other people’s image of me.

Although this is definitely the most difficult part.

「I really can’t trust you though.」
「I wouldn’t trust anyone I meet for the first time myself. I won’t cause any trouble to your family’s cafe, so would you please allow me to work here?」

In these situations, the best thing would be to have people judge you after an extended observation period. If she had trusted me at first glance, I’d be the one to be suspicious instead. Still, there’s probably no one that would talk to me once the classes start and I really can’t think of any good way to improve my image.

At any rate, a show of sincerity is important. Like honestly lowering your head, as I’m doing right now.

「No, you’re definitely someone else. You don’t have that thick gaudy makeup on and you’re completely different from how that girl acts at school.」

Yeah, her thick makeup is terrible. She already looks good without anything but because of her makeup, it really gives the worst impression. What even made her think that looked good on her is a mystery. Well, I do know why though.

Incidentally, I don’t have any makeup on right now. Part of it is because I don’t know how to put makeup on but I can’t really apply makeup in the hospital. I don’t have any plans on using makeup from now on though.

「And she’s annoyingly arrogant too, she doesn’t think of other people, and she talks weird.」
「I’m really sorry.」

I’ve done none of what she’s talking about, but I have to accept and answer to everything the owner of this body has done. That’s the least I can do as respect for being given this body.

Or rather, if I don’t at least earn the trust of the whole family, it’s going to make me feel absolutely guilty. Besides, since there are people like Saori who would trust me, I need to keep their reputation from being sullied.

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「Haah, let’s just end it there. Dinner’s getting cold.」
「But dad!」
「Then let me say this as the cafe owner. It was my decision to hire Kotone. With that, I’ll take responsibility for what happens!」
「No, it’s meaningless if I don’t take responsibility.」
「The owner takes responsibility for his subordinates. That’s the rule of society.」
「That might be true, but that’s a completely different matter-」
「Argh! Enough, let’s just eat already! Saori, plates!」

What a great guy. I can’t even imagine how happy I’d be if I had a guy like him as my boss before I died. But I guess there’s no point pondering that. Come to think of it, I still need to think about the future. Like finding a full-time job or going to college.
I might even just stay kicked out of the family forever, so I really need to think about this.

「Come on, stop thinking too much and just eat.」
「Ah, I’m sorry. Well then, thank you for the meal.」

Hearing Takato’s words, I returned to reality. Before I even noticed it, there’s a plate of curry and rice before me. I guess I really was thinking a bit too much. Rather, the stare from right next to me is intense.

Shifting my attention from the gaze, I took a bite. Ooh, it’s medium-spicy but the spices really hit good. Well yeah, they do operate a cafe, so I guess it’s only natural that the food is good.

「It’s delicious. The same goes for the sandwich earlier, but Mrs. Saori, you’re really good at cooking.」
「Thank you. By the way, this curry was made by Kaori.」
「Oh, it’s good enough to put out on the cafe menu.」
「Flattery won’t get you anywhere with me. There’s enough for seconds, so just say if you want more.」

She’s a tsundere. Thanks for the meal. She’s trying her best not to smile, but it’s obvious that she’s forcing it. A kid raised by these two definitely won’t end up bad.
Man, this is nice. I’ve wanted a sister like her.

「I was just thinking that you’re so cute.」
「That’s right, Kaori is so cute. Might be because of her being a tsundere.」
「Not you too, mom!」
「Kaori is cute. That’s justice!」
「You too dad, stop saying weird stuff!」

She’s the type to get easily teased, huh. Still, I guess with this sort of family, it’s natural that she’d have that sort of personality.

「Ah, seconds please.」
「Read the mood!」

Kaori’s retort was ignored. Got to eat a lot of this delicious stuff, you know? I have no idea when I’ll be able to eat again after all. Aah, thinking about saving is making me depressed.

「What are you looking all melancholic for?」
「There’s a lot of things I have to think about since I’ll have to save up while cooking my own food, you see? At worst, I might have to bear with nothing but udon in plain broth.」
「Hey, were you really rich before? Somehow, the more I hear from you, the more your image of being one crumbles. Here, seconds.」

Well yeah, the one inside is just a normal guy after all. I’d honestly pull away if I was suddenly told to return to that sort of extravagant life. Instead, I probably won’t be able to relax, so I’d rather not.

「Thank you. That’s roughly how my life is going to go from now on. With only 50,000 yen to spend on expenses, I’m going to run out quickly if I spend carelessly.」
「Eh? 50,000 yen should be a lot though.」
「If I’m careless, water and electricity bills can go around 10,000 to 20,000, and if I only eat out, I’d spend roughly the same, plus there’s the phone bill. The silver lining is that I don’t have to worry about the rent.」
「Ugh, it’s absolutely not enough. So that explains the part-time job, huh. I really wanted to try living alone too, but it’s pretty tough.」
「Or rather, that’s weirdly detailed. You haven’t had any experience living alone, right Kotone?」
「I’ve researched a bit.」

Crap, because of my previous living experience I ended up being a bit too detailed. Still, even just careless electricity usage would already cost a ton, so that really needs a lot of consideration.

Summer is hell. And aircon are luxury items. I should get an electric fan before summer hits.

「Come to think about it, you seem great with housework too. Though all I’ve seen are you washing the plates and putting stuff away, you seem unusually experienced with it.」
「Y-you too, Saori?」

S̲h̲i̲t̲, I almost slipped up. Still, it would probably be more suspicious if I cut corners to make it look like I’m not used to washing and that would’ve risked my chances of being hired. In that case, there’s no need to hide my domestic skills.

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People have even told me that I had high girl power during my lifetime. Ah, that’s a bit depressing.

「Well, isn’t that fine? On our part, it really helps after all.」
「Wait, you’re the one that caused things to end up like this to begin with, owner.」
「That reminds me, it’s getting late. If you’re fine with it, do you want to stay over?」
「I’m very grateful for the offer Mrs. Saori but it’s likely that the apartment manager has been already told that I’ll be coming today.」
「Ahh, then there’s no arguing with that. Well, I guess next time then.」
「Dad, are you serious?」
「Completely serious. These kinds of events are going to be really important for bonding with employees.」
「Ah, come to think of it, I haven’t given my number. Umm, do you have any paper or so?」
「You don’t have to write it down. I’ll enter it on my smartphone, so tell me your number.」
「Eh? Are you sure? Wouldn’t it be troublesome if it gets known that you know my number?」
「It’s fine. It’s my own decision after all. Come on, tell me already.」

Ooh, getting the first step to self-renewal on the first day, things are going well. And now the once blank phone book finally has an entry! And after Kaori, the two parents gave their numbers, increasing the entries more!

For some reason, this feels really moving.

「What are you looking so happy about?」
「I’m happy about going from a blank slate to three entries.」

Please don’t look at me with so much pity in your eyes. Though I was a loner, sure, so I really can’t rebuke that. Mrs. Saori, and Mr. Takato too, please don’t just smile at me like that!


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