Chapter 3 – New Home [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3213 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1673 words
Editor(s): Fire

I’m just doing a light jog to sweat out, why are my legs already trembling in this short amount of time! Just walking normally would give you enough stamina to keep up with this though. My physical strength-related specs are too low…

I’ll have to assess my other specs eventually. I guess I should go to a batting center sometime.

「Hey, what are you doing there?」

While I was resting on a nearby park bench, someone spoke to me. I just heard this same voice yesterday though, so I immediately recognized who it was.

「Let me ask you the same, what are you doing Kaori?」
「My morning training. I’ll tell you since you probably don’t know, but I’m in the track club.」
「Is that so? I’m building stamina. After all, if I’m going to work, I’ll just cause trouble if I can’t move around because of exhaustion.」
「It’s really hard to believe that you’re the same Kisaragi. I have no idea whether something happened to change you though.」
「Ah, come to think of it, I still have the watch. I’ll have to return it later.」
「Don’t mind, mom said that it’s yours now. Besides, you plan on applying for a part-time job approval from the school, right?」
「That’s right. If I don’t get the proper permissions in advance, it might cause problems later and cause trouble for a lot of people.」
「Then contact me once you get to school. You probably wouldn’t be trusted anyway.」
「Are you really sure?」

Come to think of it, it’ll take time for the teachers to trust me even if I explain myself but I don’t understand why Kaori wants to help out. There just isn’t any merit to helping the school’s well-hated Kotone.

On the contrary, there’s probably nothing but demerits. Maybe she’s helping out for her parent’s sake.

「It’s fine. With how you are right now, there’s no one at school that would know that you’re Kisaragi at first glance.」
「Ah, because of the makeup, right. Thinking back on that, it was pretty terrible.」
「It’s not just that though. You’re pretty enough with no makeup, people wouldn’t normally make themselves look worse. Or rather, you didn’t have makeup on yesterday too?」
「Makeup is annoying, so I’ve had enough of it. I don’t know how to apply nice makeup well too, so I’ll just fight on without any.」
「With your looks, that might be good enough but are you really fine like that as a woman?」
「I don’t have much money, so I don’t have the leeway to buy cosmetics. So I’d rather choose just not to use any to begin with,」
「I really can’t believe that you’re a rich kid. Then I’ll be going now, make sure to contact me, okay!」
「Of course, I’ll be relying on you then. See you later.」

After seeing Kaori jog off, I began walking back home. I’m obviously out of energy after the jog, so I’m just walking now. With how the season is, the blowing winds are chilly but it’s perfect to cool down my body.

Now then, what’ll I have for breakfast? I haven’t washed the rice yet, so it’s off the menu. I guess I’ll toast some bread. Also a sunny side up, that’d be nice with a salad and consomme soup. At any rate, I’ll have to prioritize eating the ones that are quick to spoil.

「Ah, my neighbor’s back home. Or rather, that person is……」

As I reached the third floor, I happened to see the person in the room next to mine just about to pass through their doorway. For some reason, I’m meeting people I’ve met yesterday this morning. Anyway, I should get the housewarming present from my room and greet my neighbor.

She seems to have been from work, so I’ll have to greet her before she falls asleep. And a ding-dong.

『What is it?』
「Pardon for the early disturbance. I just moved in next door yesterday. It’s not much, there’s something I’d like to give as a gift.」
『Eh? This voice…』

The reaction seemed to me that she was rushing to the door, but I hear absolutely nothing from the outside. The soundproofing in this apartment is abnormally good. It’s probably good enough that even if you hold a party and make a ruckus, it won’t be heard from the next door.

「It really is you, Kotone!」
「Thank you for yesterday, Miss nurse. I never imagined that we would be neighbors.」
「What an amazing coincidence. Ah, now that you mentioned it, I haven’t given my name. I’m Satou Akane.」
「Ms. Satou, is it? Pleased to meet you.」
「Call me Akane. So Kotone, have you already eaten breakfast?」
「No, but I’ll be making some after this.」

Ah, I think I just saw Ms. Akane’s eyes glint. It’s pretty obvious that she’s planning on sponging off a meal though. Hmm, what should I do? Honestly, my finances aren’t so generous that I could give away to other people. Well, I guess one time is fine.
There are still the ingredients from my starting inventory anyway, and I’ll have to dispose of these unless I use them all up either way.

「If you don’t mind, could you make breakfast for me too? I just don’t have the strength and energy to cook.」
「Sure, but I’m going to shower first. Right now, I reek of sweat after all.」
「Then I’ll take a shower too. That aside, why are you so sweaty?」
「Early morning physical training.」

Ms. Akane’s eyes narrowed. Ah, come to think of it, I just got out of the hospital yesterday. Yeah, I guess she’d be worried that I’m already running around the day after being discharged. I’m feeling extremely good though.

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「Geez, be careful with your body.」
「I’m sorry for making you worry.」
「Take care of yourself more. If you ever feel bad, tell me immediately.」
「I understand. Now let me excuse myself a moment.」

For now, I should take a quick shower. I don’t have much time to dry myself, so I guess I’ll just wear a towel and make breakfast while being careful not to leave too many droplets on the floor. Still, it’s not going to be that much work.

First, the consomme soup. Ingredients are onions and carrots. While I have that heating up, I fry the eggs sunny side up and prepare the salad and toast. Upon finishing, I set them on the table. The condiments are salt, pepper, and soy sauce. I don’t know which Ms. Akane prefers after all.

All of this only costs me zero in expenses, so all hail the starting inventory.

「Kotone! At least lock your door!」
「I was thinking that you’d be here soon, so…」
「So…? You’re a girl living all by yourself, be more careful! These days, you never know what could happen. Also, dry your hair properly!」

I got scolded. She got my brush and hairdryer and helped me dry out, but repeatedly warned me in the middle of it all. What she’s saying is painfully true but please give me a break, I was a man just recently. It’s still early in the morning, so it’s mentally exhausting.

「Ah, Ms. Akane. The food is getting cold, so we should eat now.」
「Geez, you’re like a sibling that needs a lot of attention. Ooh, breakfast looks good. Well then, thanks for the meal~!」
「Thanks for the meal.」

Hmm, the soup is a bit thin in taste. Or rather, that’s the only thing that has enough flavor to judge by. The other food only needed heating or chopping to prepare after all. The eggs were perfectly half-cooked, so it’s acceptable.

「Man, you’re really good at cooking, Kotone. With this, you shouldn’t have any problems with being a bride.」
「I think anyone can make this much though.」

Um, Ms. Akane. Why are you silently averting your eyes? Don’t tell me, she can’t cook? Still, nurses typically have pretty irregular working times, so she probably eats out or settles with side dishes in general. In this case, let me try suggesting something.

「Would you like me to make breakfast again whenever our times coincide? On the condition that we’ll split the expenses for the ingredients, that is.」
「Really!? Then please do!」

Okay, with this I can save up a bit on the food expenses. I’ll allocate the saved money on coffee and other luxury items. I’m not going to last with only water as my drink. That was the case even before I died, but my friends called me a caffeine addict back then. Which I won’t deny.

「Ms. Akane, would you prefer coffee more? Or tea? Also, do you have anything you can’t eat?」
「I guess coffee. There’s not much I particularly can’t eat, so I’ll go with your choices, Kotone.」
「Understood. Would you like coffee now?」
「Hmmm, maybe not right now. After all, I’m sleeping right after this.」

Am I the only one that can still sleep immediately after drinking coffee? I don’t really think that it’s that different from any other drinks though. Oh well, for now, I need to clean up and change into the school uniform.

「Isn’t it still spring break at school?」
「I have to apply for written permission for my part-time job. And I really don’t feel like entering the faculty room in casual clothes.」
「A well-off girl working part-time, huh. Come to think of it, this is the first time you’ve ever cooked, right? And yet, I’m a lot worse……」

Sorry, I cooked my own food all the time before I died, so I have abnormally high girl power. And thanks to that, I can live even with low finances. Ah, the skirt’s length returned. I seriously don’t want to wear a skirt short enough to see the underwear, so I’m really glad.

Now then, let me relax a bit before heading to school. Aah, coffee tastes good.


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